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The 147.2 meters tall Sapporo TV Tower stands at the east side of Odori Park. It was built in 1957 as a radio tower to begin TV broadcasts in Sapporo. The tower is now also used as a sightseeing spot that houses an observatory, souvenir shops and restaurants. At the observatory, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Sapporo from 90 meters above the ground.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:30 - 21:30


  • Irregular

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Observatory: 720 yen (General, Adult)
  • Observatory: 600 - 400 yen (Student)
  • Observatory: 300 - 100 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 3 minutes walk from Odori Station on the Sapporo Municipal Subway Namboku Line (N07), Tozai Line (T09), or Toho Line (H08)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1, Odorinishi, Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 060-0042


Preeyada @LittleBearCool - 2019-02-23
Snowing day #rfgangsinsapporotrip @ Sapporo TV Tower https://t.co/8IVhg8dRKl
m.kernel @m_krnl - 2019-02-22
View from the Sapporo TV Tower🗼 https://t.co/DqBrooYkop
m.kernel @m_krnl - 2019-02-22
View from the Sapporo TV Tower🗼 https://t.co/DqBrooYkop
☘️セントパトリックスデー 札幌 2019☘️ 3/23 @sapporo_patrick - 2019-02-22
☘️Event info part 2☘️

Don't you think it would be great if the Sapporo TV tower lit up in green as well?
Well, gue… https://t.co/4J2BlebzVk
Mimi // Japan, Sapporo @MimiGrimminnell - 2019-02-21
Made it to Sapporo. Observationdeck of JR Tower, Sapporo TV Tower, Gyoza. The 1972 Winter Olympic Games were held i… https://t.co/a1bKpVmyL9
CHYJ @crystarlia - 2019-02-19
Sapporo TV Tower (II)

I was slightly annoyed with the many beams as they prevent me from taking a nice panoramic s… https://t.co/HqpUfBvyin
CHYJ @crystarlia - 2019-02-19
We went to visit the Sapporo TV Tower since free and easy till 2pm.

Sapporo TV Tower (I)

No photos of lunch but i… https://t.co/r9Qaz4R3QO
Carole @lugiastrikes - 2019-02-16
The first night in Sapporo I went up the Sapporo TV Tower without knowing it was a landmark. Well that was fun. https://t.co/9e4t4QKJFA
Noor Hasmiza A @mieza_capri - 2019-02-14
Day 2 Sapporo
Park, Shop, Eat, Shop, Shop, Eat, Shop
📆 04/02/19
📍 Odori Park, Sapporo TV Tower, Marui Imai, LV 🙈,… https://t.co/0UnF1dJIid
Diary Of The Working Tourist @dworkingtourist - 2019-02-11
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Lau 🦖 @neverasleep - 2019-02-10
Sapporo TV Tower
If only I can paint the city in any colours I like.

#photography #japan #hokkaido #写真の広場… https://t.co/OedOSxZqNd
What if Bot but too much? @WhatIfPlotBot - 2019-02-10
What if Sapporo TV Tower but too much? https://t.co/ni46HQEF6J
𝕱𝖎𝖓𝖓 @finn_story - 2019-02-09
Sapporo TV tower on Feb 2019 #sapporo #hokkaido #japan https://t.co/l0gjTKYwN2
Cat Weakley @catweakley - 2019-02-06
From ice sculptures and the TV Tower observation deck at Sapporo Snow Festival to hotel with a view at Lake Toya, l… https://t.co/CdvUx48Lx0
Tanachu_English @Hiroyukinglish - 2019-02-05
Scenery of snow festival venue from the highest place of Sapporo TV tower. https://t.co/fCI3wNFhZ0
Jerry Suppan @tokyojerry - 2019-01-28
We are now at the top of the Sapporo TV Tower in central Sapporo pretty much at the front end of the 大通公園 (odoori… https://t.co/HHauM5JWvA
Masao Sakuraba @Masao_Sakuraba - 2019-01-21
I took pictures of Sapporo TV Tower, Hokkaido, Japan. https://t.co/LYTBEpCQR8
it's not jackie chan @CaptainTabouli - 2019-01-11
@TJthefakeDJ That's true! Top row middle is the former hokkaido government office and 2nd row middle is from the ob… https://t.co/lcSOFmsjrW
호빵🥰 @Wwwwwwwww218 - 2019-01-10
Sapporo TV Tower & Sapporo Clock Tower https://t.co/YHh2pvbSAG
โกโกเก้ง @gogogength - 2019-01-05
View from Sapporo TV Tower..

#reviewjapan… https://t.co/abNFpc0Up4
CPE の タナーノン (´w`) @ThananonTH - 2019-01-02
[2018 Nov 28] Sapporo TV Tower Observatory Deck (Night View)


#SoloTravel #Hokkaido… https://t.co/5yypPpdcgS
Kenneth Kasilag @kenweknot - 2019-01-02
@GABRILLOSAURUS It's Sapporo's TV Tower though 👌🏿
Kenneth Kasilag @kenweknot - 2019-01-02
@GABRILLOSAURUS It's Sapporo's TV Tower though 👌🏿
ZombieHass @Mercurytoomuch - 2018-12-30
TV Tower Sapporo, built in 1957 is a repeater tower to Tokyo Tower, it's got am amazing view of the city and surrou… https://t.co/xDIfQ0AhfT
Dan Castellano @ninja_padrino - 2018-12-29
Took refuge from minus -4℃ chill to check out this view of Odori Park @ Sapporo TV Tower https://t.co/ZueDNnG4eq
Daniel Jasmine @husmarried - 2018-12-28
We took so long at the Sapporo Clock Tower that the sun had already set by the time we got to the Sapporo tv.tower.… https://t.co/HdQEsvyFTs
Masao Sakuraba @Masao_Sakuraba - 2018-12-28
I took pictures of Sapporo TV Tower, Hokkaido, Japan. https://t.co/LYTBEpCQR8
YuriFineart @YuriFineart - 2018-12-28
The iconic Sapporo TV tower. The tower is standing in a medium sized town called 'Sapporo', on the northern island… https://t.co/K2SwrwQN9P
Paul Dymond @PaulDymond - 2018-12-26
One of my must-do recommendations whilst in Sapporo is a trip up TV Tower. Towering above the city at one end of th… https://t.co/oosCdh9r25
Ar-jay Abellera @rjdexplorer - 2018-12-25
Of course, a travel to Sapporo is incomplete without dropping by the famous Sapporo TV Tower situated in one end of… https://t.co/Oq4s1Jx4YK


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