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During the Edo Period (1603 – 1868), this district of inns on the historical Tokaido Road was a popular rest place, both for feudal processions and for pilgrims journeying to Ise. Now restored, the old part of town includes two hundred historical buildings. As the only remaining historical inn district on the Tokaido, it has been designed a national historical district.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 10 minutes walk from JR Seki Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Sekicho Kozaki, Kameyama-shi, Mie, 519-1107


@xzjps - 2021-04-07
Head north from JR Seki Station, and on the highway where townscape remains
First go to 'Higashi no Oiwak… https://t.co/u6me3KeBK6
Nicki Yoshihara @Tokiotours - 2021-03-20
📍Kameyama,Mie Prefecture

If you are coming to Jpn, https://t.co/grDWlNhMoW
#mie_prefecture… https://t.co/UPhPor0OMn
Inbound Three-Way Satisfaction Japan @iTWSjapan - 2021-03-12
#sekijuku #Tokaido_Line #sekisho
Sekijuku is one of 53 stations of Tokaido Line. It was an important station for s… https://t.co/H2DJtXT6Qz
Chime Whistle Publishing @ChimeWhistle - 2021-03-02
@sekijuku Historic pictures. Thanks for posting. Do you know why freight finished?
たくみん @sekijuku - 2021-03-02
@ChimeWhistle Hi,thanks for your comment.
I suppose it was to carry the cargo more economically.
たくみん @sekijuku - 2020-12-24
Have a merry Christmas🎄
#クリスマスに向けて赤色の乗り物の画像貼ろう https://t.co/OCPmEFWwxK
たくみん @sekijuku - 2020-11-29
Me too♪ https://t.co/UzK2lNECs6
TOKO @tokoatarun - 2017-01-26
I was driving to #Mie in #Japan to visit #Sekijuku where was used to be one of 53 checkpoi… https://t.co/B42hrJ4dwo https://t.co/jFMRFKuArA
Kumako365jp @Kumako365jp - 2016-06-13
📷 I visited 関宿(Sekijuku)the other day. It’s an amazingly well preserved genuine old street from Edo... https://t.co/LPYAF2YWwz


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