Sengoku-hara Plateau

Sengoku-hara Plateau


Sengoku-hara Plateau is another enjoyable spot in Hakone. It is the only place where you can enjoy walking in a spacious field in the mountainous Hakone area. In the autumn, the plateau has a vast inclined plane covered with golden-colored Japanese pampas grass at the foot of Mt. Daigatake which is worth seeing. A mountain-burning event called "Yamayaki" is held here in March so that other grasses can't grow up in the field.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / RatePrice / Rate

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 33 minutes from Hakone-Yumoto Station on the Hakone Tozan Line or Odakyu Line by the bus bound for Kojiri / Togen-dai. Get off at Sengokuhara-kogen Bus stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, 250-0631



Taquesha Mordaunt  @gizigobicisu - 2014-10-22
Simply beautiful Japanese scenes, Rainy day in Hakone http://t,co/OMeBx7haNa via @muzachan #Japan
♡Nia♡  @magicalchica - 2014-10-22
@CyberGirlMind Hakone's Most Beautiful Flyer
ConstructionChat  @ConstructChat - 2014-10-22
Stained Glass Staircase, Hakone Outdoor Museum, Kanagawa, Japan #architecture
ö  @makkomakorin - 2014-10-22
i wish i couldve gotten one of the hakone sweaters before it sold out sob
Chowmenow  @ChowVancouver - 2014-10-22
Craving #sushi? Check out Hakone Sushi Bar for a great selection of tasty rolls and cones under $5! #cheapeats #yvr
mihoko  @mihoko_ts - 2014-10-22
Blog updated! "Hakone Hot Spring trip, 1st day, Dinner at Tokino Shizuku" Check it out!
Jonathan Bing  @ThingofBing - 2014-10-22
My favorite gif taken by my favorite daughter of my favorite son in one of my favorite places: #WoodsOfNet #Hakone
Muza-chan 「ムザちゃん」  @Muzachan - 2014-10-22
New 'Allegra' train offers better views of Hakone landcape
Tikka  @thegourmetchic - 2014-10-22
After more than 8 hour to get here. Its relax time ^^ with hakone instant hot spring #vscocam @…
Daphne Khoo  @deekhoo - 2014-10-22
6 years later... @ The Prince Hotel - Hakone
♡ Carly ♡  @carlycarbonate - 2014-10-22
I got the best birthday party invitation ever. It involves hot springs in the mountains of Hakone, pizza and beer.
Yuki Murai  @kiki_murai - 2014-10-22
Celebrating the birthday early in #Hakone 🎉
Japan Plus Touristik  @JapanPlusAT - 2014-10-22
@Travelletics If you have time make sure to do side trips to Nikko and Hakone from Tokyo! Both should also have amazing autumn leaves!
Teshima Junta  @teshima_en - 2014-10-22
There are 20 more kilometers to the second day's finish line. Can they catch Kyoto Fushimi and Hakone Academy?
Sudapim Bodhipakti  @jahsudapim - 2014-10-22
Bye bye Japan. See you again soon! #hakone #japan #familytrip @ Tokyo Narita International Airport…
- Future Railcar -  @sakura_tajo - 2014-10-22
New ‘Allegra’ train offers better views of Hakone landcape
Ⓡⓐⓘ ⓘⓝ Ⓑⓘⓚⓔ Ⓗⓔⓛⓛ 雷  @Raishiteru - 2014-10-22
@rinhasrumplings nyOOMS IN, WHO ARE YOU IN HAKONE?? I feel like you'd make a good Imaizumi, to be honest. .o.
Crys ๑' Wisp  @baemsnake - 2014-10-22
i really oughta catch up to the manga bc i wanna see the new hakone kids so so bad they look so cute
Ishigakiyama Ichiyajo Historical Park:A 40-minute walk from JR Hayakawa Station or a 50-minute walk from Hakone Tozan Line Iriuda Station  @llumage - 2014-10-22
Free photo stock: river crane bird staring in hakone-yumot #animals #naturefreephoto
Rosie☆NEWS10VE♡  @rosiedolly314 - 2014-10-22
Last saturday went to Hakone with my japanese friends and a classmate from bangkok :) Thank you for…
A C Car  @acablecar - 2014-10-22
And another photo of me!! Thanks for taking my photo! #cablecar #hakone #station
The Miss Cat Lady  @YoshikoLR - 2014-10-22
EHH looks like Hakone won day 2 GUESS I'LL FIND OUT NEXT WEEK
gian ♔  @ceriene - 2014-10-22
@yamakomas WAHH, thanks min. let's be hakone together sometime = v=
Hiruma Yoichi  @DevilBatQB - 2014-10-22
@yuutochann Bicycles, huh...? *shrugs* Hakone's far enough. Glad the word's spread to schools that don't care for American Football!!
新開 悠人  @yuutochann - 2014-10-22
@DevilBatQB I attend Hakone Academy, which, we're known for our bicycle club. We're a team of aces, actually.
Prin.C  @dragoprince - 2014-10-22
Ready for Backpack Day at Hakone & Kawaguchiko Lake by Romance Train ^^ @ Odakyu Line Express From…
(`σ▽σ)(ㅎ.ㅎ*)  @mabufula - 2014-10-22
i can't wait for mila to meet the love of my life manamikun and the boyband he is part of also known as hakone gakuen
Anchor  @AnchorBot - 2014-10-22
I really really really look up to Hakone Shima, He's a really really good utau and is also multipitched and VCV!!! Thats really cooool
Kanzaki Tooji  @toojisan - 2014-10-21
@real_arakita Oh than you mean the Hakone Bicycle Racing Club.