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Shiki-an is the house in which the poet Masaoka Shiki convalesced during his later years, after sending for his mother and sister from his hometown in Matsuyama, Shikoku. His sickroom also served as his study, and he continued to work on revolutionizing Haiku and Tanka poems, being supported by numerous friends and pupils.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 10:30 -12:00, 13:00 - 16:00


  • Mondays (or the following day when it falls on a national holiday)

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 500 yen (General, Adult)
  • Admission Free (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from JR Uguisudani Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 2-5-11, Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0003


Arthur Pendragon (Training Event) @ProtoSaberArtie - 2020-07-13
@ShikiVolvic 'Hey. That's what best friends to right. We look out for each other.'

[Arthur would smile as he nodde… https://t.co/b2uw47wYsv
B L A C K = R A S C A L @ G E N S O K Y O @EOblivion96 - 2020-07-13
@DDT_Shiki @JDxImpetus The only time you'll see him wild out if it isn't a selective waifu of his choice.
B L A C K = R A S C A L @ G E N S O K Y O @EOblivion96 - 2020-07-13
@DDT_Shiki Shoot the original poster not the quote poster. https://t.co/ZfIdDYrbSk
F😽ix Me @amabe_shiki - 2020-07-13
Me: Okay, gotta act hetero
Me: Akira, you look so hot in your uniform
Me: Bro
Me: Nailed it
Haley 🌟♎TERU IS HOME @Theiampinaylove - 2020-07-13
if the next rank in msute is Shiki, goodbye my jellies
Jay @justjay_n64 - 2020-07-13
@SumiyoMatsumoto @MustyKetchup @ReadTsukihime Did someone say SHIKI moment? https://t.co/Y770qzmbmA
Lil Lily Bot @LilLilyBot - 2020-07-13
Shiki has the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, but can he see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?
Marcel @FVNERVL - 2020-07-13
@chimmy42069 Watch Kara No Kyoukai instead it’s the best in the type moon series and Ryougi Shiki owns.
Pabul @Pabul_ - 2020-07-13
@Theivansito_CR @Shiki_Kitsune asies
Rin 【リン】🍋💛TARORI SOLO DEBUT!!!!🍋💛 @rin_ricchan - 2020-07-13
Today on rin's mind

Hearing these tweets in egu and souma's shiki and tsubasa voices https://t.co/bnO7e7uPa3
Shiki Mineko @ShikiMineko - 2020-07-13
Hi there~I'm Shiki Mineko~
Shiki Misaki @shiki_en_bot - 2020-07-13
Let's start by hunting down some memes.
Shiki Misaki @shiki_en_bot - 2020-07-13
No...Rhyme's gone...for good?
Shiki Misaki @shiki_en_bot - 2020-07-13
What, are you going commando?
Totoki Airi @totokin_eboobs - 2020-07-13
shiki scares me sometimes
WZEW_DDT @DDT_Shiki - 2020-07-13
@EOblivion96 ITS TOO EARLY FOR THIS. https://t.co/yfOpX4kQzi
WZEW_DDT @DDT_Shiki - 2020-07-13
@PneumaR4 Man reading this reminded me of that throw back conversation regarding....holes.
WZEW_DDT @DDT_Shiki - 2020-07-13
Good morning https://t.co/cnGBb9FEND
adult snow is hot campaign @figayro - 2020-07-13
wow theres no shiki i want an evo ver of so my evo amulets r just gna sit here
ame *̣̩⋆̩☽⋆゜ @saitosomaa - 2020-07-13
im gonna forever bully shiki and tsubasa for this line https://t.co/f4h7EDLxCH
jeidocchi @magillanica - 2020-07-13
drunkwatching sidem was fun bc i kept imitating pierre's YAHOO/shiki's YAY/rui's english over call to the point was… https://t.co/CVG4LJQG7C
liria @ replaying ffxv! @lunocts - 2020-07-13
do people realize shiki spent his whole life LONELY? he has been abandoned at such a young age and ziggy adopted hi… https://t.co/lvOU6OXHSt
meg @ fuuka t1000 @inorinohane - 2020-07-13
thinking abt shiki ichinose tiny hands
noahbot @woke_teen_ebook - 2020-07-13
when shiki grabs you, and she has her knife in steam store
tsubasa loves you 💛✨ @tsubasalovesyou - 2020-07-13
@nanairomosaic @LovesShiki .. i won't argue with shiki's weird lyric choices, but that doesn't mean i don't have an… https://t.co/XPSbczYwGw
こなん⇂ @9JuV4iAM2GPCdLf - 2020-07-13
@cUzvYMGcOT70A5u I dont have just ultimate jutu (Shiki gami no mai)
@Shiki_ch_cas - 2020-07-13
Baby Sniper
#𝟗𝟕 { CEO of Mind-Melting } @UnleashingLust - 2020-07-12
Shiki is especially bimbo this morning.

One of them at least.
Asagami Fujino @BendingEyes - 2020-07-12
Fujino looked at the woman with awe. This was a king's words. To see Fujino as part of a group, to be something gre… https://t.co/ZPPEQpckJ3
Aza Chopstick 生 @Hwangarden - 2020-07-12
I'm just... I'm just sitting here waiting for vanitas no shiki and shadow house to updates.. https://t.co/81iviKeHQq
Big "Nut Of Grisaia" T @ Saving for Archer Jeanne @EreshLover - 2020-07-12
@Artickitten Maybe you should just use that NP7 Shiki that you have
Blightpawed @blightpawed - 2020-07-12
@TheAnimeTrainer @JaxBladeFitness Plus shiki in general has her mystic eyes, so she is able to kill anything by tra… https://t.co/eaWjh9O8tm
Blightpawed @blightpawed - 2020-07-12
@TheAnimeTrainer @JaxBladeFitness Root Shiki, just imagines him away or 'Gramps' the Grand Assassin (or the other G… https://t.co/AEPMrdQhIM
CHENG-GE HBD // (⊙v⊙) 我想一个眼神就到老 @mikocchiii - 2020-07-12
i also ship ame/warashi and za/shiki/warashi btw
Childs Shikieiki @TinyYamaxanadu - 2020-07-12
pls stop drawing big shiki as a bitter tsundere
Deltricity @deltrickjr - 2020-07-12
@naija_prince_ @kikicheea Forcing them to listen to shiki no uta>>>
Erika @Obscure_Zone - 2020-07-12
She felt like a different character during the event to me

She just didn't really feel like the Shiki I know from… https://t.co/bPAHX8pBoR
F😽ix Me @amabe_shiki - 2020-07-12
Do you want to see me wearing something other than my work clothes?
F😽ix Me @amabe_shiki - 2020-07-12
Little Kitten, I will become an idol for your sake so I'm counting on you.
F😽ix Me @amabe_shiki - 2020-07-12
My little sister once put a seashell to her ear and told me that the ocean thinks I’m a nerd.
KTH1📍yeonbin au @taehyung80s - 2020-07-12
@ttaefernet • akame ga kill
• sirius de jaeger
• shiki
• fairy tail
• ao no exorcist
• owari no seraph
• darling in the franxx
KYUU @ THE CAT'S WHISKERS LET'S GO. SIMPING FOR 48 @sensdprvty - 2020-07-12

I change my hair to Shiki colour but- I have reddish hair to begin with so let'… https://t.co/JDt9LKwAYb
Kev @KevinNyaa - 2020-07-12
@Yeagerashi I think a certain shiki avi is coming for you soon
Legionaire @LegionCharli - 2020-07-12
I’m gonna take a last good look at Shiki before I go to bed, and hope I manage to summon her into my dreams https://t.co/xDNCQqKz10
MangotheDangioh @Mangoofmecha - 2020-07-12
@YungChoclateBar Nah im tryin to hop in with shiki
Punished Joseph @Miikyn - 2020-07-12
@Kizuchis hi guys today i will announce that i also love shiki
Punished Joseph @Miikyn - 2020-07-12
@Kizuchis mari w shiki pfp is perfect
Rafael @ I GOT SKADI!!!! @RRIVERA992011 - 2020-07-12
@YungChoclateBar Shower with Shiki
Shiki @Shiki_Chris - 2020-07-12
@KingFahad360 Hopefully it's not, take care and be cautious! ✨
Shiki Batazaki!🔞~ @ShikiBatazaki - 2020-07-12
Sorry if the blog has been boring..What do think of it so far?
#sexy #r34 #shiki #lewd
Shiki Misaki @shiki_en_bot - 2020-07-12
Rhyme said she didn't know what dreams are like. And now she never will...
Shiki Misaki @shiki_en_bot - 2020-07-12
That's inhuman... You're inhuman, Neku.
Shiki Misaki @shiki_en_bot - 2020-07-12
The truth is, I'm scared!
Shiki Misaki @shiki_en_bot - 2020-07-12
Woo hoo! Go me!
Shiki Owo @Shiki_owo - 2020-07-12
@nervousjpeg I want to hold hands w her 👀
Starling @ ฅ( >ω<)ฅ nya! @starlitcosmo - 2020-07-12
...I did it again.

Another Terrible Day using SQ and ALIVE (feat. Shiki yelling at his n̶e̶p̶h̶e̶w̶ Ichiru)… https://t.co/IS0xLi35hk
Starling @ ฅ( >ω<)ฅ nya! @starlitcosmo - 2020-07-12
Don't worry you don't need context to understand the song.

Shiki will tell you all you need to know :3


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