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Shiretoko-hanto Peninsula

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Shiretoko-hanto Peninsula is located in north-east part of Hokkaido. The peninsula with rich natural environment is the first place which its nature with the ocean was designated as a World Heritage Site in Japan. There is a mountain range of the Chishima volcanic belt including the 1,660 meters high Mt. Rausu-yama in the middle of the peninsula. In addition to salmons and brown bears, this is a home for many endangered wildlife species, such as Blakiston's Fish Owl and Viola kitamiana.
Its outstanding nature of waterfalls, lakes and mountains also attract visitors all over the world. There are many hiking courses for exploring this area. Sightseeing cruises around the peninsula are available all year round. Watching drift ice floating on the ocean around the peninsula in winter is also a popular attraction.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • To Utoro from Shari: 60 minutes from JR Shiretoko-Shari Station (Shari Bus Terminal) by the bus bound for Shiretoko Five Lakes. Get off at Utoro-Onsen Bus Terminal.
  • To Utoro from Sapporo: 7 hours from Sapporo Chuo Bus Terminal by the bus bound for Shari (Eagle Liner). Get off at Utoro-Onsen Bus Terminal (Booking required).
  • To Utoro from Memanbetsu Airport: 130 minutes from Memanbetsu Airport by the bus bound for Utoro-Onsen. Get off at Utoro-Onsen Bus Terminal.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 170, Utoronishi, Shari-cho Shari-gun, Hokkaido, 099-4354


渡辺満 @dubianman - 2020-09-22
@fukuoka_ryoko I don't faintly know Shiretoko peninsula. It's located near the Abashiri prison. That's it. Let call… https://t.co/1TDhuZ6MGf
福岡良子(気象予報士/防災士) @fukuoka_ryoko - 2020-09-22
The Shiretoko Peninsula is located in the east of Hokkaido.
It is registered as a World Natu… https://t.co/o24yrQAe7m
Love & Wander @love_and_wander - 2020-09-12
Japan Day 177 - Rausu:

Our last tour item was to be a boat trip along the western coast of Shiretoko Peninsula, ho… https://t.co/LLsUUnFb6e
shukei🇯🇵 @shu_vlog - 2020-09-12
Have you guys ever seen a wild bear?

I’ve seen it only once in my life when I traveled in Shiretoko Peninsula, whi… https://t.co/INLVriHEFr
Love & Wander @love_and_wander - 2020-09-11
Japan Day 176 - Rausu:

Another amazing day exploring the Shiretoko Peninsula region. More bears, many deer, foxes… https://t.co/Qd4ssLajk9
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Japan Day 175 - Rausu:

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Japan Day 174 - Rausu:

4 hours on a train +3 in a car from Sapporo will bring you to Shiretoko Peninsula where you… https://t.co/PrVKGAcNZi
Nat Geo WILD @natgeowild - 2020-08-26
An adult female brown bear with one of her cubs. Shiretoko Peninsula. #ViewersChoiceVacation https://t.co/7DHPEX3Nf4
Dave Jackson @craniac15 - 2020-08-17
Come any closer matey and I'll have you up against the beak! Steller's Sea Eagles on the Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokka… https://t.co/l47sYlawtF
InsideJapan Tours @InsideJapan - 2020-08-11
Hokkaido without snow?! The Shiretoko peninsula is quite breath-taking.

https://t.co/ehNkgHVP1N https://t.co/CtFyjSTNgZ
att.JAPAN @attjapan - 2020-08-03
Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido
Thank you @yusuke3078 for this beautiful picture!

#attjapan #japan #tokyo #summer… https://t.co/P9NCuuIfRU
att.JAPAN @attjapan - 2020-08-03
Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido
Thank you @yusuke3078 for this beautiful picture!

#attjapan #japan #tokyo #summer… https://t.co/ovf0oXgD7j
InsideJapan Tours @InsideJapan - 2020-08-02
A Shiretoko peninsula in the summer....not a drop of snow in sight
#japan #travel #hokkaido https://t.co/FP9CQi5u5Q
InsideJapan Tours @InsideJapan - 2020-08-02
The Hokkaido most people see is in snow....but it's worth seeing. This is drift ice and Stellars Sea Eagles off the… https://t.co/HZCQfOnIuk
GaijinPot @GaijinPot - 2020-07-30
Shiretoko Peninsula: Journey to the “end of the world” in Hokkaido’s far north for camping, trekking, and more. https://t.co/U2UtrhupEJ
Sapporu @SapporoSapporu - 2020-07-30
Shiretoko Peninsula
Journey to the “end of the world” in Hokkaido’s far north for camping, trekking, and more.

JP🌸Sightseeing @bitcom_eng - 2020-07-24
Hello everyone! 
This time we would like to introduce a world natural heritage, and it is 
Shiretoko! We hope you w… https://t.co/WvF7zO92mh
JP🌸Sightseeing @bitcom_eng - 2020-07-24
Second we would like to recommend the northwest of Shiretoko Peninsula. From there 
you can ride on cruise from Uto… https://t.co/FBs3VAylfg
Natú Partridge @NatuPartridge - 2020-07-21
I took a Japanese translation class when I was an undergrad. One memory that sticks out was my translation of a pie… https://t.co/5tGrWhCvvp
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InsideJapan Tours @InsideJapan - 2020-07-16
Shiretoko peninsula, Hokkaido in summer....most people see it when in snow. Both beautiful. https://t.co/f3EEIo1nrA
Furedo 6502 @FrederickKilner - 2020-07-09
@YosemiteNPS On the Shiretoko Peninsula park in Hokkaido, Japan the rangers told us to wear bells walking in the fo… https://t.co/UTRA3Jdjfl
東京外国語大学写真部 TUFS Photo Club @tufsphoto - 2020-06-19
【No.10】Today's photo
Title: Blakiston's fish owl
Place: Shiretoko Peninsula
Pictured by: a 1st-year member of Russi… https://t.co/Mlbj22w12e
らいちょう🇮🇳 @EzJm05q - 2020-06-06
@imRaja_ The world of Pokemon is based on the motif of real country and region. Japan's Kanto region, Kinki region,… https://t.co/fYpNKi8OOG
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🤿📷Underwater photographer Katsunori Seki has been diving among the ice floes of the remote Shiretoko Peninsula in H… https://t.co/sXgBujblZ8
Wild Japan @Wild_Japan_ - 2020-05-30
Shiretoko Peninsula is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Hokkaido. Largely covered in inaccesible old-growth… https://t.co/SCDvhpxrP3
Sandro Bernardinello @SanchiPhoto - 2020-05-28
JAPAN - Hokkaido - Shiretoko Peninsula - This is officially the area with the highest number of bears in all Japan.… https://t.co/BpZZGzMHpy
Wild Japan @Wild_Japan_ - 2020-05-28
#SpeciesOfTheDay - Ussuri brown bear (Ursus arctos lasiotus): Found on Hokkaido. Weighing as much as 250kg, nothing… https://t.co/VUP1hvB9CN
allrite @allrite - 2020-05-26
We had hired a car at Abashiri to explore the Shiretoko Peninsula, but a passing typhoon scotched that plan. Instea… https://t.co/aPEWfBECUW
susanna minaheili @FeluciSusanna - 2020-05-24
Shiretoko Peninsula's plastic waste said luring Hokkaido bears closer to humans | The Japan Times https://t.co/l7EpVvruRP


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