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*Closed on March 31, 2017

Sony Building is located at the Sukiyabashi intersection in Ginza. The building contains the Sony showroom, Japan’s leading electric manufacturer, as well as restaurants and an event space.
The showroom from the first floor to the fourth floor offers a hands-on experience of the new products, such as TV, PC, tablet, digital camera, PlayStation, etc. Some pre-release products are also exhibited.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • January 1

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (G09), Hibiya Line (H08) or Marunouchi Line (M16)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 5-3-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061


Noble Brown - Sociopathletic 🗡 @Sociopathlete - 2020-04-07
@Mr_B_OB Exactly

It's like Sony created an office building
Agent P @agentperrya - 2020-04-06
So hmmm our old smart tv is running the old Samsung Smart TV OS and it doesn't support Spotify now.

Thinking of:… https://t.co/wBrzgabgKS
Cellular Kenya @CellularKenya - 2020-04-06
Sony Tz 140 Home Theatre System @Ksh 15,999
>Free Delivery
Shop at Old Mutual Building 3rd Floor Room 3… https://t.co/1gH1zNuBDo
JacobW @JacobWineberg - 2020-04-05
@lazyhockeyguy2 @matthewisakow1 Rumour has it that Sony is building towards this with the into the spider verse sequel 👀
Joe Armstrong @JoeArmstrongC4s - 2020-04-05
@Xbox and @PlayStation have seemingly switched places from their previous-gen launches, with @Sony seriously bungli… https://t.co/XOXCR8cbGg
@XboxJuan4K @XBot448 @Puertorock77_ @Nick_Marseil your listening to a fraud. listen sony would of tested this ages… https://t.co/bAhpfaY9iQ
Bibzz #StayAtHome @BibinAlexander_ - 2020-04-04
@gagan_response @memorable_90s @THEMURTUZA @sanchitabhartiy @chotifataakdi @PravinrajLR @shruttitandon @rgrocks50… https://t.co/c876oG12sY
CRAIG "RDNA 2" TECH GUY @CraigHarris456 - 2020-04-04
@Orig1NewTChalla @The_CrapGamer @XboxJuan4K Look Sony's devs will start building games off SSD speeds this cannot b… https://t.co/IE0UNZEGsH
Elyda Quinn @ElydaQuinn - 2020-04-04
@MCU_Direct @TheDirect It's gonna be Baxter Building as F4 will be more MCU than Spidey in future. Sony will want Oscorp in their universe.
JoePS5⚡Exotic😎 @NivekDatadin - 2020-04-04
@FATALENIGMA Rickel obviously. Everyone know Sony is building a blazing fast console. There will be a fantastic coo… https://t.co/pskUsSnfet
John @JpOuterHaven - 2020-04-04
@darlingNiki5920 @ZachariahTowns3 @RachelLeishman @BrandonDavisBD I hope its Osborn cause hes my favorite 🙏 but leg… https://t.co/XOae7rTkZt
JohnSnow117 @Xbox_SUPERFAN - 2020-04-04
@ThotsuneMiku @Michael27900896 @ProfessorPluto @MayorOfMidgar @IdleSloth1984 If only Sony had actually made any mon… https://t.co/uu6MmvDxfP
Luis Miro @Luis_Miro_CEO - 2020-04-04
@TheSpyderkid @BrandonDavisBD I don't think it will be Osborne because of Sony. Sony has rights to Spidey and I can… https://t.co/tAVtRSMzl5
Novice Skiier @onebadxo - 2020-04-04
@William411960 The roof of Sony's photo studio's in NYC. Uptown a little near the Empire State Building.
Puertorock77 @Puertorock77_ - 2020-04-04
@LarryLongLegs04 @JayDubcity16 Well that’s what we’re taking about. Main line consumer gaming. Sony is. It building games for NASA.
ShadowsCreed @tanerlconaway - 2020-04-04
https://t.co/z6ki0KfEIz PlayStation 5 is not in trouble.I believe they have time to make the PS5 even more powerful… https://t.co/CJi3b0mskn
T'Challa @Orig1NewTChalla - 2020-04-04
@CraigHarris456 @The_CrapGamer @XboxJuan4K lol look MS devs will start building games based off ssd speeds. And i a… https://t.co/DkfOoUI0yi
jakedge317@yahoo.com @johnBtims - 2020-04-04
@badfurday757 @Dari0u0 @romuald4400 @Sony The early part is really the best because there are several different por… https://t.co/w6atK8tyhO
jakedge317@yahoo.com @johnBtims - 2020-04-04
@badfurday757 @Dari0u0 @romuald4400 @Sony the hospital is a lot more in-depth, it's a series of winding corridors w… https://t.co/i9brall0kD
✝ James_Brown_Is_Dead ✝ @JamesBrownsDead - 2020-04-04
@LeviathanGamer2 @JustAnLED @madzgamingpl It's not about how it looks, it's how it performs. That's the main probl… https://t.co/5phmEldkyO
A. Vandalay @NRadd730 - 2020-04-03
@BrandonDavisBD As much as I can’t wait to see the F4 and Baxter, all signs point to Norman. 1. the building (and s… https://t.co/Cfb8jiMlQV
Collin Burko @CollinBurko1 - 2020-04-03
@BrandonDavisBD I think their plan is for it to be oscorp but it depends on the sony situation. Which I think then… https://t.co/0wDpZ2UfBW
JasonRobert1686 @JRobert1686 - 2020-04-03
@Daniel_Rubino I’ve always been a PlayStation player because I love single-player, cinematic games which they alway… https://t.co/xnmzrx84Ka
SenjutsuSage @SenninSage - 2020-04-03
39 - more so once the engines start being designed around zen 2 CPUs instead of jaguars. Both companies chose diffe… https://t.co/deqWjzFZ5H
Stark @looCsIyerT - 2020-04-03
@BrandonDavisBD According to Sony it's the Baxter building but I don't know how canon flashes Instagram is
claytalian 🇺🇸⛪ @claytalian - 2020-04-03
@SamParkerMetal I mean, itll probably become the Baxter Building for the F4 unless Sony gives Disney the go ahead f… https://t.co/o00oJit7FA
✴Shiny Hunter Ace✴ @Ace8924 - 2020-04-03
First Escape (Bronze)
Escape from Jill's apartment building. #RE3Remake #Iloveit #Sony #PS4share https://t.co/5A1TeJ2YL0
🐍 MAMBA_MENTALITY 🐍 @Darth_Nigga_ - 2020-04-03
@xTHAFINESTx Sony has been building consoles for 25 years led by one of the smartest men on the planet. This brought mw tears 😂😂😂😂😂
Backlogger @DanaliMusik - 2020-04-02
@Lewis84325677 @ObiWanFTW My pc is overclocked, as is my laptop. You dont overclock with proper ventilation, cooli… https://t.co/DklIqZVmEm
Ian @Snap_Ambush711 - 2020-04-02
@HeyLookBrian @OrificeThruster @Daggard @pushsquare I love Halo and Forza but everything else Xbox has is just less… https://t.co/Zfqa0uNiVQ
Nitrous INEX @InexNitrous - 2020-04-02
@Hadesr66 @weaver_be @The_CrapGamer @sonysteve1 That partnership is more sinister to Sony. They have limited knowle… https://t.co/3YfJF6QHCl
Pop Cultured-emic✖🇦🇺 @PopCultured4 - 2020-04-02
@SnoopyG7 All this talk about the games but they're forgetting one thing: Sony exclusives games aren't really games… https://t.co/r9DA3u8xpL
Sebastian Wecker @SebastianWecker - 2020-04-02
Hidden beauty #frühling #spring #müllheim #blume #blüte #flower #blue #sky #blau #himmel #hof #hidden #building… https://t.co/9SlY35LIHj


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