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*Closed on March 31, 2017

Sony Building is located at the Sukiyabashi intersection in Ginza. The building contains the Sony showroom, Japan’s leading electric manufacturer, as well as restaurants and an event space.
The showroom from the first floor to the fourth floor offers a hands-on experience of the new products, such as TV, PC, tablet, digital camera, PlayStation, etc. Some pre-release products are also exhibited.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • January 1

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (G09), Hibiya Line (H08) or Marunouchi Line (M16)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 5-3-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061


AdmYr @yr_adm - 2018-05-20
@t8styham You do realize Sony has their own build studios? They also are building a new studio in San Diego right now lol
Alish @alishrezaie - 2018-05-20
@t8styham You know Sony has their own studios too, when was the last time Sony bought a studio, they're actually bu… https://t.co/2FpYSFOJTY
Andre Mayo @AndreMayo8 - 2018-05-20
@CNN when i finally sign this deal with sony -i will give most of the money to building free mental health & gourme… https://t.co/jipC5qTx6E
Ben @lookinginsus - 2018-05-20
@janetremixed exactly. and the professional videos are somewhere else in Sony's building https://t.co/m9bkF5guFn
Kevin MacLeod @AfterPad - 2018-05-20
@wondroushippo I didn’t even realize they supported remote play on Android at all. So they went to all the work of… https://t.co/BL490H3MFn
Students Jobs 🇰🇪 @campusbizKE - 2018-05-20
Call for Applications: Sony Sugar Company Apprenticeship Programme in Engineering , Building & Construction & Surve… https://t.co/Qqy69D5FYH
YaketyMac @YaketyMac - 2018-05-20
This was one of my all time favorite psx games as a kid. I sunk so many hours into collecting various cards, buildi… https://t.co/TQ4TFx2DF2
Elmer Lux @yaboiiluxx - 2018-05-19
@davidrocknyc I’m Elmer Lux. But most people know me by Lux. 😎 I’m right now working a 7-3 job at @apple to invest… https://t.co/HikPkuwWrk
InfiniWolf @InfiniVid - 2018-05-19
if you are editing in sony vegas, don't save the project while its building peaks

you can't do anything
MessiTheGOAT @InspiredByMessi - 2018-05-19
Never stop taking risks.
Never stop crafting compelling stories.
Never stop building fleshed out worlds.
Never sto… https://t.co/RB5HNy1hon
Samantha V @svaughanesq - 2018-05-19
@LaurynnGorski @nbc @Sony I get chills every time I'm near that building in Greenwich Village... So many significa… https://t.co/kPAxFA7jJq
Arc Hound @Arc_Hound - 2018-05-18
This shot of the Konami Omni Building in Snatcher features references to the developers. We can see the kanji for K… https://t.co/aUr7tfJsF4
COGconnected @COGconnected - 2018-05-18
Spider-Man Swings Over LA in a Building-Sized PS4 Poster https://t.co/jOkeJVNQgO

#Spiderman #SpidermanPS4 #E32018… https://t.co/DUtNk28SAR
Playstation World @PlaystationWrld - 2018-05-18
Spider-Man Swings Over LA in a Building-Sized #PS4 Poster https://t.co/8gQxhDqKgp
Robert Stevens @captaingamepad - 2018-05-18
Seeing NPD numbers, Sony deserve it imo. TBH Xbox is my favourite but I do like Playstation & Nintendo a lot too.I… https://t.co/ARebHihJXw
Robert Stevens @captaingamepad - 2018-05-18
Seeing NPD numbers, Sony deserve it imo. TBH Xbox is my favourite but I do like Playstation & Nintendo a lot too.I… https://t.co/ARebHihJXw
Shawn Heckert @Hecks20 - 2018-05-18
@nbc I understand building drama and suspense but this commercial break waiting on the announcement about… https://t.co/PI48sInNHH
Sight and Sound {K} @SightSoundKE - 2018-05-18
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Tiger Tail Digital @T_T_Digital - 2018-05-18
A 50 foot shrine to celebrate the new #GodofWar is pretty cool on its own. Even better, the mural uses #tech called… https://t.co/30axTcCUGf
themusiccombine @themusiccombine - 2018-05-18
#NewMusicFriday The Who's Who of #UpstateNY Music Industry, Music Producers, Video Directors, Industry Tastemakers… https://t.co/aegbBFsGmK
Фотография @Fotografiya - 2018-05-18
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Autumn L. @Fall_85 - 2018-05-17
I just can't imagine @nbc canceling @NBCTimeless after they've made us wait this long. Please just renew it already… https://t.co/uUuvgabild
Clicktale @Clicktale - 2018-05-17
This is how we helped Sony Network Communications boost @adobe Analytics to improve their customer experience  … https://t.co/fidQ2wbvZX
KH3 HYPE! @WarriorOfLightz - 2018-05-17
Sony And MS Are like Marvel And DC

One company had a bad gen and past 4 years been building their ips into greatn… https://t.co/dzevS9zyBf
MF_Brown @ Earth @MF_Brown - 2018-05-17
#E32016 (left) #E32017 (mid) #E32018 (right) @E3.

Sony basically owns that building every Summer. My favorite time… https://t.co/WeAtsRaOwr
Richard Hoeg @HoegLaw - 2018-05-17
@MichaelPHuber I suspect this will ultimately be fine (which is more than I can say for FFVIIR). That said, the in… https://t.co/wv6aERx29e
Todd Brunsvold @ToddREAtlanta - 2018-05-17
Goodnight Atlanta. Midtown really is one of the best neighborhoods in the country. I will miss this view.
.… https://t.co/HPme1r5hoU
bella curcio @bellasolveig - 2018-05-17
In the Sony lot there’s a really tall building called the “Scenic Painting Building” and I just really hope it exis… https://t.co/mZIhNzijW4
Фотография @Fotografiya - 2018-05-17
M E M O R I A L by Daniel_Fnfstck #City and Architecture monochrome,concrete,cement,tunnel,dark,architecture,urban,… https://t.co/k9eokHatIw
Briefing'em @BriefingEmNews - 2018-05-16
Sony commissioned a 50-foot shrine to God of War on the side of a building... https://t.co/6Pje2oEh95
Donovan The Gamer @Donny_Ray12 - 2018-05-16
@OhNoItsAlexx I think it's safe to say that Sony, Bethesda, CD Projekt Red, Nintendo & Sega are the only AAA game p… https://t.co/y4N174C3QM
Easy Breezy DF🚀 @EasyBreezyLive - 2018-05-16
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/YeSwq0FqT9 Sony Vegas Pro 12/13/14: Peak Building Crash Fix (SUPER EASY FIX)
Luis @LuisUnleashed - 2018-05-16
Sleepless nights, working like a slave building a pyramid in 50degree heat, doing 2 interviews a day, applying for… https://t.co/k2iwjPTytf
Sujith Selvan Photography @sujithselvanpy - 2018-05-16
Smoky clouds..
#sujithselvanphotography #photography #camera #nikon #sony #hx200v #sonyhx200v #building #trees… https://t.co/YuZMIOX5C4
marcos @marcos27pr - 2018-05-16
@geoffkeighley @E3 Insane line up?
*Microsoft got there owned E3 bilding
*Sony and Nintendo making a video

So E3 w… https://t.co/d2UWPPIvTt
Фотография @Fotografiya - 2018-05-16
F U T U R I U M by Daniel_Fnfstck #City and Architecture futurium,berlin,germany,architecture,architectural,art,bla… https://t.co/YtJQmY25Bn
LaGoje @LaGoje1 - 2018-05-15
Reposting @fennecmedia: - via @Crowdfire
#city #manchester #building #sony6300 #skyline #like #photography… https://t.co/oRwWlY77BY
Moira, The Almighty @Eren_Yaehger - 2018-05-15
@etdragonpunch I dreamt I was walking up to a Sony building to work but then I was confused because I didn't rememb… https://t.co/vnDZ27Ew50
TVWriterCom @TVWriterCom - 2018-05-15
On today's TVWriter™ Writing * Showbiz News Feed: Snoopy & Charlie Brown head to Sony; Building Your Social Brand;… https://t.co/kAcCw8opot
Those Guys @ThoseGuysRadio - 2018-05-15
#TGP @Matt_M_over9000 Rants & gives 5 Tips on building #GameCollection https://t.co/NLHEW26i9U #Nintendo #Sega… https://t.co/jZzjfNxtbS
Tish @flipflops8853 - 2018-05-15
@aprilqueen84 @angellwings See @NBC? #Timeless is building its fanbase every single day. You give us a season 3 and… https://t.co/7RXYHNYJix


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