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Suma Aqualife Park

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Suma Aqualife Park, located in Suma Seaside Park, is one of the biggest aquariums in Japan. It displays 13,000 of fishes and animals. You can see sharks and rays swimming in a huge tank and enjoy walking through an underwater tunnel with Pirarucu from the Amazon River in South America. You can also see their dolphin show and feeding shows of Archerfish, electric eel, and sea otter.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00 - 17:00 (October - June)
  • 9:00 - 20:00 (July - September)


  • Wednesdays (December - February) *except national holidays

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 1,300 yen (General, Adult)
  • 800 yen (Senior high student)
  • 500 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from JR Suma-kaihinkoen Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-3-5, Wakamiyacho, Suma-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 654-0049


Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2019-02-22

#きょうのどうぶつ #animaloftheday
#明日花様 #miladyAsuka
#須磨海浜水族園 Suma Aqualife Park
#神戸市 Kobe City https://t.co/njVgHANboN
Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2019-02-01
Say #happy20thbirthday to Asuka at Suma Aqualife Park! Her other (otter) buddy of 7 years, Lucky, will also be ther… https://t.co/sENSZps4We
Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2019-01-15
Welcome Hayato, the newest sea lion friend at Suma Aqualife Park! Come say hello!! https://t.co/r6OPOiWpXl
HyogoJapan.com @projectkobe - 2019-01-09
News, events & more from Hyogo Prefecture

Kobe Suma Aqualife Park (aquarium) and the park running down to and incl… https://t.co/Imq0ie5AJZ
Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2018-12-14
Let’s stay toasty warm all winter!

Dec 8 – Feb 26
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Suma Aqualife Park
1-3-5 Wakamiy… https://t.co/m0Dwh8IrUC
Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2018-12-14
Relaxing in Winter: Watching Fish from a Kotatsu

In the winter, most people don’t want to stare at fish swimming i… https://t.co/uGmozEOuXJ
Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2018-12-06
Do you like aquariums? How about kotatsu (the table with the heater and blanket underneath)? This winter, from Dec.… https://t.co/YuZWvxl5ub
Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2018-12-06
Make your own mini Christmas tree or wreath with an aquatic theme at the Suma Aqualife Park this Sunday, December 9… https://t.co/vrQaOTpuJx
Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2018-11-27
Did you know? Yesterday was Good Bath Day because 1126 can be pronounced 'i i fu ro' --> 'ii furo' = good bath

The… https://t.co/g9zWcq0wHJ
Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2018-11-06
Do you like drawing marine animals? The Suma Aqualife Park is running an artsy Twitter campaign! Draw one of the an… https://t.co/kOXcIH0vSH
Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2018-11-02
(A ways away, but fyi)

'Fading Light, New Moon' Dolphin & Taiko Co-Performance at Suma Aqualife Park

The new Mats… https://t.co/o3jiFtca36
Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2018-10-16
October 19
7:30 - 9:20 (Doors open 5:30)

Suma Aqualife Park, Jellyfish Corner on 2F of the Main Build… https://t.co/fiZv7Sdgpu
Kobe_City @kobecityPR - 2018-09-18
【Suma Aqualife Park】 Now displaying the Beni Kurage 'Immortal Jellyfish' (9/14~10/21)

With a diameter of about 1 c… https://t.co/FihRnYZLBn
Ando san @Andosan3000 - 2018-08-10
If there's such a thing as a handsome fish, it's this guy! My favourite sea creature in the whole park.
#pufferfish… https://t.co/SylvCRx82H
らっこちゃんねる @SeaOtterChannel - 2018-07-07
An article about current situation of #seaotters in captivity in Japan written by a care staff at Suma Aqualife Par… https://t.co/Dec16S7Y9T
IEEE OES @IEEE_OES - 2018-05-30
Adorable sea #otters welcome #OCEANS18 #OTO18 attendees to Japan Night and Student Poster Awards at the
SUMA AQUAL… https://t.co/wkixEnX2xz
吉秒 匠 @Yoshinogi - 2018-05-25
new blog posted. < Spanking Electric eel in othertime SUMA AQUALIFE PARK in KOBE。 > : https://t.co/Rs7Qkr4EtV
NavigateWS @NavigateWell - 2018-05-05
#FridayFunFact In an effort to prevent turtle fatalities, the Suma Aqualife Park and West Japan Railway Company bui… https://t.co/8j5GkNpOAf
ISTS Symposium @ISTS38_Kobe - 2018-02-19
Buses for the #ISTS38_Kobe welcome social go from the convention center to Suma Aqualife Park every 10mins btw 5.00… https://t.co/YBO3dSDUFJ
Gregor Schmidt @gregorspeaks - 2017-12-21
This light display at Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe runs until Feb 12. It includes projection mapping showing dolphins… https://t.co/IKO6OU2v7R
H&R Group Japan @HRGroupJapan - 2017-07-29
Suma Aqualife Park: A Full Day of Fun at Suma Beach in Kobe https://t.co/5GlfPdIB5P
KCVA @kobe_kcva - 2017-07-27
Come see AI based robot fish “MIRO” swimming with real fish at Suma Aqualife Park #Kobe #Japan #Amazing #Robotics… https://t.co/x1NOOI0d3K
KCVA @kobe_kcva - 2017-07-26
Suma Aqualife Park turns into a tropical wonderland at night till the end of August. #Japan #Kobe #aquarium… https://t.co/pksYckyvKa
Dean Kuusela @deankuusela - 2017-07-15
Exploring Suma Aqualife Park in #kobe which is celebrating its 60th year https://t.co/usgAToU8VH
Dean Kuusela @deankuusela - 2017-07-15
Exploring Suma Aqualife Park in #kobe which is celebrating its 60th year https://t.co/usgAToU8VH
KCVA @kobe_kcva - 2017-06-06
Two baby Magellan penguins were born at Suma Aqualife Park in KOBE this year!
#Kobe #japan #suma #animals #Penguins… https://t.co/6mw5hma7w0
Project Kobe @projectkobe - 2017-06-05
Suma Aqualife Park Kobe is celebrating it's 60th Anniversary this year and as a celebration it's turning Hawaiian f… https://t.co/qhaNtr7CBK
KCVA @kobe_kcva - 2017-06-02
Baby seal born at Suma Aqualife Park is named “Mekabu.” Come n see her!! https://t.co/r9ZHNEQ4Gi #Kobe #Japan… https://t.co/LFs1FDUpYb
Louise Dendy PRS @Kobe_PRS - 2017-05-08
Love the aquarium? Get 2 special 60th anniversary badges when you buy a year passport to Suma Aqualife Park! Only 3,000yen (or 1,300/entry)
GuideMe! Japan @guideme_japan - 2017-04-25
[Image] seeking baby name Phoca = Kobe-Suma aqualife Park now...https://t.co/EvJuZaBOVc https://t.co/I6BIrJzmGQ


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