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Susukino is the largest nightlife district north to Tokyo. The Sapporo’s major nightlife spot accommodates about 4,500 of restaurants, bars, cabarets and nightclubs, and is always crowded until dawn especially on weekends. In Susukino, there is also a famous alley of Ramen noodle shops called “Ramen Yokocho (Ramen Alley)”. “Sapporo Ramen” is one of the most popular local Ramen noodles in Japan.
Since Susukino is located in a convenient place in Sapporo, close to the subway and tram stations, department stores and restaurants, Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade, and Sapporo Chikagai Underground Pedestrian Space, this area is crowded with shoppers even during the daytime. “NORBESA”, a complex facility with a Ferris wheel located near the subway and tram stations is a new attraction of Susukino.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Susukino Station on the Sapporo Municipal Subway Namboku Line (N08) or Sapporo Shiden

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 4, Minami4-jonishi, Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 064-0804


Sightseeing Japan @SightseeingJap1 - 2019-04-19
After all steak Susukino store https://t.co/TIuHUJfxlz https://t.co/96dBFI18M5
J-IdolsProjectRadio @JIdolsProRadio - 2019-04-18
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injektileur @injektileur - 2019-04-17
@jakeadelstein To me Nikka is strongly associated with Sapporo, where I used to live, not far from Susukino.
Good m… https://t.co/Ip43p2tMkY
The Art of Puroresu @PuroresuArtt - 2019-04-16
Last Sunday, NOAH presented another day of the Global Tag League Tour live from the Sapporo Susukino Mars Gym. #noah_ghc
The Art of Puroresu @PuroresuArtt - 2019-04-16
Yesterday, BJW presented the final of the “Ikkitousen ~ Death Match Survivor” live from Sapporo Susukino Mars Gym. #bjw
at samui ณ สมุย @atsamui - 2019-04-16
Susukino without Snow 🤣 https://t.co/Wo6uTuPeX8
Ryan L @Ryan21L - 2019-04-15
A #saturdaynight at #susukino in #sapporo #japan is always something to experience when in the #hokkaido #city .… https://t.co/P5OHltwevZ
trampint @tram_pint - 2019-04-15
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J-Pop Project Radio @JPopProRadio - 2019-04-14
#NowPlaying on J-Pop Project Radio: Aa Susukino by S/mileage #jpop
The Art of Puroresu @PuroresuArtt - 2019-04-14
Yesterday, BJW presented the semifinals of the “Ikkitousen ~ Death Match Survivor” live from the Sapporo Susukino Mars Gym. #bjw
J-IdolsProjectRadio @JIdolsProRadio - 2019-04-10
#NowPlaying on J-Idols Project Radio: Aa Susukino by S/mileage #jpop
J-Pop Project Radio @JPopProRadio - 2019-04-10
#NowPlaying on J-Pop Project Radio: Aa Susukino by S/mileage #jpop
@VIVIasin66 - 2019-04-10
@Mmasabi_Molekoa omg we should go out sometime.. susukino to be exact 😉💃🏾
Anime Simulator @AnimeSimulator - 2019-04-09
History of the Japanese server, Shibuya, Minami, Susukino, and he came back a day?
ソルコ@住守鬼乃第一書記(すすきのだいいちしょき) @solco_SUSUKINO - 2019-04-09
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鈴木雅樹@☀︎3/30,31『八月のシャハラザード』蘇我☀︎ @masaki_susukino - 2019-04-09
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CL best8 1st Leg
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Sightseeing Japan @SightseeingJap1 - 2019-04-06
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ソルコ@住守鬼乃第一書記(すすきのだいいちしょき) @solco_SUSUKINO - 2019-04-03
Man and Woman with Wednesday https://t.co/IS5BmjvJ3Y #書記ブン
Koss Geopan @KossGeopan - 2019-04-01
@susukino_osca @hrk_candy_rea @ReaModel U make me spin💕
Ton Pongsathorn @tnx999 - 2019-04-01
Night life at #Sapporo #Susukino @ Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan https://t.co/MU8JlPhkgW
re-how.net @rehownet2 - 2019-04-01
[August OPEN decision! Hakone Onsen Ryokan “Ichinoyu” has increased its floor space in Susukino and started booking… https://t.co/MGEB99Xs5g
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#loghorizon S2, Ep 2 begin! Shiroe returns to Susukino. https://t.co/l5llzQBvUP
Hokkaido Explorer @HokkaidoExp - 2019-03-28
Hokkaido's MUST EATS!

Hello Explorers!

My wife and I love coming here! EZOYA. Located in Susukino.
Actually, my… https://t.co/YYywwoHLWa
ソープランド『花火』 @HANABI_susukino - 2019-03-27
thanx https://t.co/oCxiSnkhDI
ソープランド『花火』 @HANABI_susukino - 2019-03-26
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A few blocks away from Odori Park is the neon-lit entertainment district of Susukino. Famous for its wall-to-wall b… https://t.co/uv76oxc95x
Paul Dymond @PaulDymond - 2019-03-23
One of the highlights of the Susukino section of the Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival) is that you can watch expert ice… https://t.co/8Xwklkzrq5


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