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Suzuka Circuit is a 205,000 square meters of comprehensive leisure complex with an international racing course, an amusement park "Motopia", and a hotel. The world-famous racing course is a venue of F1 and "Suzuka 8 Hours" races.
Motopia offers a variety of attractions which visitors can drive by themselves as well as live performances of the famous two-legged robot ASIMO. There is also a spa facility called "Kur Garden" in the complex.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 10:00 – 17:00 *varies according to the season and event
  • Motopia: 10:00 - 17:00 *varies according to the season
  • Kur Garden: 6:00 - 9:30, 11:00 - 24:00


  • Irregular

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Varies according to the race
  • Motopia (Admission only): 1,700 yen (General, Adult); 800 yen (Child)
  • Motopia (One-day passport): 4,300 yen (General, Adult); 3,300 yen (Child)
  • Kur Garden (Spa only): 1,100 yen (General, Adult); 900 yen (Child)
  • Kur Garden (Spa and Swimming pool): 1,600 yen (General, Adult); 1,300 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 20 minutes from Shiroko Station on the Kintetsu Nagoya Line by the bus bound for Suzuka Circuit. Get off at Suzuka Circuit Bus stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 7992, Inocho, Suzuka-shi, Mie, 510-0201


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Mohammad Al-Khalil @mo__khalil - 2021-04-09
Formula 1

And yes driving flat out at 330 km/h through Raidillon Eau Rouge or the first turn of Suzuka Circuit and… https://t.co/BobXA5DbdY
Vanilla💝Vtuber(10th 20:00JST Twitch APEX // CF) @Vanilla_JP - 2021-04-09
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'Suzuka-Circuit' https://t.co/2bKk9fVp9k
Vanilla💝Vtuber(9th 19:00JST Twitch PSO2 // CF) @Vanilla_JP - 2021-04-09
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Suzuka Circuit 🇯🇵
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Cockpit + Replay 🎥
Playing on c… https://t.co/bLdmrifaCr
Yuuki 🔮 @yuukidesu9 - 2021-04-07
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☆zαch☆™/のんちゃ(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و༄ @CTGPzach - 2021-04-07
【MKW・CTGP】Suzuka Circuit × Lightning McQueen https://t.co/dEIr7h74Z6 @YouTubeより
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Perfect blue sky today at Suzuka Circuit 🏎 https://t.co/WKHQ2E6zZF
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@Dick_McComb @HondaRacingF1 May be Suzuka Circuit
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SpeedGonzales5 @speedgonzales_1 - 2021-04-05
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Circuits of the past @Circuitsotpast - 2021-04-04
@ThiesK_F1 Suzuka is a great circuit because it's a designed track. Spa-Francorchamps and the Nürburgrung Nordschle… https://t.co/Fv77IxPkhl
Daniel Eduardo @loseraic - 2021-04-04
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KC Motorgroup (KCMG) @KCMotorgroup - 2021-04-04
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MAKOz @majestic0911 - 2021-04-04
@Frances10730660 Sorry for being late.
I see both F1 and MotoGP, because I like cars and motorcycles. I've been bus… https://t.co/J1AqtzZhwA
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Alberto @gandulf_juan - 2021-04-03
Real Racing 3
Suzuka circuit https://t.co/SNhj74VRVz
Benjamin Sayer @SayerBenjamin - 2021-04-03
@_aarava the link for the Mario Kart WII Suzuka circuit is here

Edu🏁 @edumen2za - 2021-04-03
ROUND 1️⃣: Abril 3 - Fuji Speedway
ROUND 2️⃣: Abril 25 - Suzuka Circuit
ROUND 3️⃣: Mayo 16 - Autopolis
ROUND 4️⃣:… https://t.co/Ih9c1ga3zj
Scorpimk @scorpimk - 2021-04-03
@_aarava https://t.co/XEvUQjf6oT you can play Suzuka circuit by getting this. When you get into the track selection… https://t.co/uMRTKRmo3T
san san @gandulf_juan - 2021-04-03
Real Racing 3
Suzuka circuit https://t.co/SNhj74VRVz
ぼくです @Kanz4ki_Siro - 2021-04-03
Daily Race Qualifying Time Trial - Suzuka Circuit https://t.co/RnOZs4yRKk
神崎シロ / Siro @Kanz4ki_Siro - 2021-04-03
Daily Race Qualifying Time Trial - Suzuka Circuit https://t.co/RnOZs4yRKk
神崎シロ / Siro @Kanz4ki_Siro - 2021-04-03
Daily Race Qualifying Time Trial - Suzuka Circuit https://t.co/RnOZs4yRKk


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