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Takeshita-dori Street

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Takeshita-dori is a 350-meter long street from JR Harajuku Station to Meiji-dori Avenue. The street is lined with shops specifically for attracting young people. These shop fronts display colorful goods starting from accessories to clothing, popular character and celerity merchandise, as well as crape shops. The latest young fashion trends emerge from this energetic street and always attract many young teenage girls and boys, who can be seen walking along this street eating ice cream or crepes in the typical Harajuku style.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from JR Harajuku Station
  • 5 minutes walk from Meijijingu-mae Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (C03)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001


Best Soup Rex Machine @bigsadboii - 2019-01-16
Showing Flavia Ikemen vs Takeshita hehehe we shall soon have another convert to the cause
Lewis Wall @quietfanatic - 2019-01-16
@takeshita_kenji (By newer I mean at least as new as BotW. Mario U doesn't use it)
Lewis Wall @quietfanatic - 2019-01-16
@takeshita_kenji (inbetween all the random trash, kaizo levels, music levels, etc)
Lewis Wall @quietfanatic - 2019-01-16
@takeshita_kenji I kinda feel like the older games' levels were more creative, at least SM3 and SMW. I feel like t… https://t.co/ZRwjJ409T4
Lewis Wall @quietfanatic - 2019-01-16
@takeshita_kenji In contrast, Super Mario Maker has a large number of very memorable user-generated courses that I… https://t.co/M5XSc7yTpE
Lewis Wall @quietfanatic - 2019-01-16
@takeshita_kenji In the 3D graphics world, there's 'physically based rendering', which not only saves on developmen… https://t.co/8J9R5X0FsG
Lewis Wall @quietfanatic - 2019-01-16
@takeshita_kenji Oh yes. If Super Mario Maker is Nintendo's answer to SMW romhacks, I hope the next 2D Zelda is Ni… https://t.co/mGB5Fq5yp2
Lewis Wall @quietfanatic - 2019-01-16
@takeshita_kenji On old consoles you get palette swaps for free because they use indexed color already. It isn't o… https://t.co/7o1tT1Iy4w
Lewis Wall @quietfanatic - 2019-01-16
@takeshita_kenji Take Yoshi's Island. It did have a new gimmick each level, but even without that all the levels f… https://t.co/LqRkaRgdyb
Lewis Wall @quietfanatic - 2019-01-16
@takeshita_kenji They don't really try to build a story or an atmosphere with each level, they just give you a seri… https://t.co/y9Cf7aq2g9
No Spandex Required @NoSpandexReq - 2019-01-16
@takeshita_kenji If they get rid of G ScottI will be so mad!
竹下憲二 @takeshita_kenji - 2019-01-16
@quietfanatic Don't forget about the ROM hacks of the old games, which bring fresh blood and new idea in level desi… https://t.co/hIFUFF0wyg
竹下憲二 @takeshita_kenji - 2019-01-16
@quietfanatic I feel like it might also have to do with simplifying parts of development, similar to part of why ha… https://t.co/AsnEI5pwmH
竹下憲二 @takeshita_kenji - 2019-01-16
@quietfanatic Rather than getting creative with a limited toolkit, the new games often introduce a new gimmick for… https://t.co/rZPQJorKFS
竹下憲二 @takeshita_kenji - 2019-01-16
@quietfanatic Yeah, Yoshi's Island was pretty good. It's strange how the newer games don't put much effort into th… https://t.co/DlUvQUCyui
竹下憲二 @takeshita_kenji - 2019-01-16
A lot of modern country music really sounds like a variant of pop music.
竹下憲二 @takeshita_kenji - 2019-01-16
I'm going to miss these guys. https://t.co/RyTu9XaHzP
竹下憲二 @takeshita_kenji - 2019-01-16
I've been playing #Freecell #Solitaire a lot in my free time and have been getting noticeably better at it. It's pretty encouraging.
💺HiMyNameIsChair💺 @HiMyNameisChair - 2019-01-16
hopefully, these kinds of projects don't become the norm for Takeshita in the near future... god knows he should be… https://t.co/OuO7NmBTaj
💺HiMyNameIsChair💺 @HiMyNameisChair - 2019-01-16
ive said i before and ill say it a million times over:

Ryohei Takeshita was the reason i stuck through Eromanga.… https://t.co/PV7WwWkK9O
💺HiMyNameIsChair💺 @HiMyNameisChair - 2019-01-16
ok, time to watch the Eromanga OVA.

got my Takeshita motivational poster i can glance at for emotional support.

j… https://t.co/wrNRWWIR67
BlindAmerican @SirbobbyX - 2019-01-15
@RealTimBlack Listening to Takeshita 69 music is worst than slavery.
Jeremy Belinfante @JeremyBelin - 2019-01-15
Conclusion to my ‘lil photo retrospective of ddt_prowrestling D1 Grand Prix Final between Takeshita & Shiozaki.
I… https://t.co/bhkIJfsBjF
Someone, Somewhere @CapobiaNB - 2019-01-15
Chikako Takeshita, your work sounds illuminating as fuccccck
竹下憲二 @takeshita_kenji - 2019-01-15
Maybe it's because I prefer the more constrainted level design necessitated by the more limited hardware and trends… https://t.co/vboYp1Mo0c
𝘬𝘺𝘦𝘯𝘢 @shawnmenues - 2019-01-15
@ninjabesson not takeshita dori!!! but the omotesando urth caffe area UGHHG i love it!!!!!
- ̗̀ drunk sheep ̖́- @rippleclaw - 2019-01-14
just wrapped up harajuku/ takeshita-dori https://t.co/Uwv3Dw9Rhr
C @studioloey - 2019-01-14
Here’s a better pic I took👇

I’ve had a couple people dm me asking where this place is so if you’re in Japan

It’s… https://t.co/zk6eiARKMU
Captain Lou @CaptainLouJapan - 2019-01-14
Great match alert. Shiozaki might be one of the most underrated guys around. He does everything with the utmost con… https://t.co/JVCsiCFeyM
Dramatic DDT @DramaticDDT - 2019-01-14
DDT “DRAMATIC AKASONAE! 2019” Results, Late Arrival Creates Bonus Main Event, Takeshita Vs Yuni, Maku Donaruto Debu… https://t.co/Gq1o4xs0sZ
Jeremy Belinfante @JeremyBelin - 2019-01-14
Batch 3/4 of Konosuke Takeshita vs Go Shiozaki from ddt_prowrestling on 30/12/18. Such a great match that really de… https://t.co/q6S7IRNv5N
NINI DAY @studioloey - 2019-01-14
Here’s a better pic I took👇

I’ve had a couple people dm me asking where this place is so if you’re in Japan

It’s… https://t.co/zk6eiARKMU
NeighborMix SPOTIT @getspotit - 2019-01-14
Q: Could you show me the way to Takeshita Street?
A: Let's get NeighborMix SPOTIT. https://t.co/HMAhsO0bDv
fxChallenge @fxChallenge1 - 2019-01-14
TAKESHITA DOURI in Harajuku is filled with teenager and tourists. But TOGO Jinja is filled with silence. Just step… https://t.co/bYU1MapNCu
sandwich destroyer @jmaynard8888 - 2019-01-14
synthejim @synthejim - 2019-01-14
Radio angel report: Mark Time played my Sensitive Chaos 'Remembering Chestnuts, Icy Cold, and Bells' title track fr… https://t.co/xYf5VPeLS8
竹下E本 @takenji_ebooks - 2019-01-14
.@takeshita_kenji = Vocaloid/UTAU + Homestuck + Digimon + baking + bicycling + Linux/programming
𝐣𝐮𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐚 @toduvuki - 2019-01-14
me walking down takeshita dori yesterday: b-baekhyun was here at the beginning of the month...... 🥺
Best Soup Rex Machine @bigsadboii - 2019-01-13
@glitterotic The show is hilarious so far but on the grounds that Takeshita wore tights and literally everyone was… https://t.co/C6PR9vCctP
Cole Cameron @colecameron - 2019-01-13
This is the scene in #Harajuku, #Tokyo where the #terror attack took place on NY’s morning. In the day time this st… https://t.co/H4MJpYkJFK
Jeremy Belinfante @JeremyBelin - 2019-01-13
Another of my favourite matches from this last trip to Japan was the DDT’s D1 Grand Prix 2019 final between Konosuk… https://t.co/xaP2Aqakyr
Jeremy Belinfante @JeremyBelin - 2019-01-13
Second batch of Konosuke Takeshita vs Go Shiozaki from 30/12/18. You see a lot of chops in puroresu. It can get a l… https://t.co/6agUQpFNm9
Local Dissapointment @L_Takeshita - 2019-01-13
I'm trying to hold myself from self harm because oUR PRESIDENT JOON TOLD US TO LOVE OURSELVES AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Mr. J. Magee @MageeDoIandT - 2019-01-13
miyuki_0322 told us Takeshita Street was busy. She wasn't lying a

#thisisschool #newenglandboardingschool… https://t.co/cmogRctvYY
Natalie Hikaru Lainus @nataliehikaruPS - 2019-01-13
@pja_chan @AzianaTeh Thank you so much! Last time 1 don’t bother nak beli skincare. Ada jumpa 1 kedai ni dekat take… https://t.co/dTlHZD3ugk
President George W. BUSHI @GeorgeWBUSHI - 2019-01-13
@hazzachelseafc The other #STRONGHEARTS member is Duan Yingnan, All Out is Konosuke Takeshita (the leader), Yuki Ii… https://t.co/m4Hk3MRucD
j-mee @strawberryxtalk - 2019-01-13
Also if you are past university age and still shopping on Takeshita street in Harajuku you need to re-evaluate your… https://t.co/O00TIDF3oB
たかP🐼🍿 @P19353707 - 2019-01-13
Takeshita Street https://t.co/wF2ZRIamJs
DDT English Update @ddtpro_eng - 2019-01-12
BTW it's 5 degrees celcius right now in Chiba and it's also raining, so forgive Takeshita for choosing towear his… https://t.co/o7SSgLdep6
DDT English Update @ddtpro_eng - 2019-01-12
I think Takeshita is wearing long tights just to build for the #TakeshitaThighs moment

DDT English Update @ddtpro_eng - 2019-01-12
Takeshita (holding his crotch):
Goddamnit Chinsuke!



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