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Situated near the Kanaya Port, "The Fish" is a tourist facility comprised of restaurants, shops, and a fish market within a building with a glass wall to overlook the sea view. Visitors can enjoy the fresh seafood dishes such as Sushi and barbecue at the restaurants, shopping at the several kinds of shops and the fish market including the Chiba's largest souvenir shop which sells 4,000 local items. The Baumkuchen from the sweets shop in the facility called "Minami-tei" has received gold prize for Monde Selection in 2006 and 2007.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 11:00 - 17:30
  • 11:00 - 18:00 (Sundays, National holidays)


  • No closing days

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from JR Hamakanaya Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 2288, Kanaya, Futtsu-shi, Chiba, 299-1861


Andy B @andyba163 - 2021-03-09
@MarkCas75317836 Which fortunately for the purpose of my joke goes really well with fish
BirdLife Europe & Central Asia @BirdLifeEurope - 2021-03-09
The fish in Torre Guaceto were suffering a dramatic decline. Now, thanks to nature restoration, they're coming back… https://t.co/LUFIGHDkiR
Blue @TheBlueSonata - 2021-03-09
Tis the fish

#OC #Espeon #Vaporeon #PokemonOC https://t.co/VHKjJF3crY
Celeste George @cie1947 - 2021-03-09
“The Volta Grande will turn into a cemetery. A cemetery of fish, a cemetery of dead trees,” Bel says.
Chief Svosve II @SvosveII - 2021-03-09
@AfricaFactsZone When not eaten, you won't get a Buyer! The fish gets rotten and people laugh at you for not having… https://t.co/bmJZbsqUfh
Chris Pickering @Chris_Pickering - 2021-03-09
@ThePollitt 'Would the owner of the strange old car - Barry on the fish counter says he thinks it might be an Austi… https://t.co/1jKsNFUWBn
DBG @dbg2203 - 2021-03-09
Fish feel pain but babies in the womb don’t! Wow we’re really surpassed ourselves. Babies feel pain in the womb and… https://t.co/jFS8UVzkhI
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The like stretch removes into the rusty target. Did the acoustic revenue really develop the fish?… https://t.co/1uo21efCHa
Jambol @DryInked - 2021-03-09
There is a small fraction of those from the low-income who choose to wait for fish to be given rather than learning… https://t.co/PN0o9MWCdm
Jan Geert Hiddink @Macomabalthica - 2021-03-09
Great new report on Global evidence for the effects of selected interventions in Marine Fish Conservation… https://t.co/sye9oA2w7S
Löwe D.W. (Aryeh) @lookoutnancydrw - 2021-03-09
Top secret Jewish cooking trick: you have to filta the fish to get gefiltafish
Maeli🇿🇦 @PhutiSebetha_za - 2021-03-09
@Fin24 The government of @PresidencyZA N @tito_mboweni Mr tin fish,very useless N anti black
Mysidia ☆ ♓⛎♊ ☆ Save the Crystals @MeowsticMix - 2021-03-09
Just a couple of ancient creatures. Aka the time Laha caught a ton of huge fish and stacked them on the garden path… https://t.co/F7vTgFjEWD
Mz Rume @Ebonyterence - 2021-03-09
@UgwunnaEjikem I feel sorry for the dudes haters. This tweet will bring fish them out. They'll think you're one of them 🤣🤣🤣
Peter B @PBSport - 2021-03-09
@LivesOdysseus The fish are better humans than you too👍
ReviewSpot.co.uk @ReviewSpotUK - 2021-03-09
We all love fish and chips I am sure, but how about including Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer in the batter?… https://t.co/GPa2YJhMjl
TourGuideTed©🏳️‍🌈 @TourGuideTed - 2021-03-09
@MagnusRonaldsay @Tedonhols @GeckoComms @reddy1408 @kennykoalabear @chomper_TC @Pferdich yep - we did used to finis… https://t.co/UK2SL6WZRl
Yahoo Singapore @YahooSG - 2021-03-09
The school provided milk and eggs but no other animal-derived foods such as meat and fish which is against the Chin… https://t.co/i5tbkIdudO
ash・ᴗ・ @awhhazy - 2021-03-09
And the ending will be langa saying his last goodbye to reki at the airport just like in banana fish😀
juli 🐷 @ponkblade - 2021-03-09
làðýstörmhölð @ladystormhold - 2021-03-09
@findmydine Spatchcocking a chicken to make it roast quicker

Basting fish in a pan with loads of butter

Adding a… https://t.co/yD5Kawo7C4
ndumeiheochere @GodOfYam - 2021-03-09
@MsTyma_ @volvement Even the 15 year old girl that won the maths comp, the man that caught the fish worth 2.5millio… https://t.co/JO0g5pKkDa
sunas hands💗 | lara @sunashands1 - 2021-03-09
banana fish, episode 9-24🥲

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verumar_fish @verumar_fish - 2021-03-09
Illegal fishing: The great threat to Latin America’s marine sanctuaries
کبابچی سانچو @Kebapcisancho - 2021-03-09
'One of the 24 similarities between girls and fish is that they're both attracted to shiny objects'
🌅🏞️🌄🏕️Ckdozi🔭 @ckdozi - 2021-03-09
This is family up and down the strip. When you're in it. Can a fish see water. The area of human, what advancements… https://t.co/pzHIVQX2tF
🌟 girlgodbless🗯️ @justicethe4orce - 2021-03-09
@justicethe4orce so long and thanks for all the fish
💧Marc Goichot🌎💦 @marcgoichot - 2021-03-09
'Dams and sand mining in particular can contribute to a loss of fish. Basically the entire system is under stress a… https://t.co/UKOpt84o4N
Adam Ryan Warrix @Bad_Fish_SC - 2021-03-06
@SpaceComms1 @ure_n8 The linear birds are pretty active but quirky. The abundance forgives bad passes.
Ana Menezes @MenezesAnaM - 2021-03-06
@FAOAfrica ASTF helped 100s fish farmers @FAOfish. 👏🏼Joyce was one of the lucky farmers, Youth & Women… https://t.co/2mrWbpgc5n
B Manker, Ed.D. @doctormanker - 2021-03-06
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Bertha 💙❤️ #ENDSARS #ENDSWAT @ElizaBerthaa - 2021-03-06
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@jjhorgan why is the B.C. Government allowing Douglass Valley own public lands? Why are we giving land to big corpo… https://t.co/VhMjTZH0g7
Forgive Student Debt Rodgers 🏳️‍🌈 @evanrodgers - 2021-03-06
you know in 'The Matrix' when they pull the plug irl but inside they just flop on the ground like a fish

that's go… https://t.co/HNTXsumF53
Jake @JakeMSoren - 2021-03-06
@WackoJackosflix Big Fish. Incredible and emotional conclusion to the film.
José @JoseDom00682380 - 2021-03-06
@RMXisBored @MidasPissHands Oh yes the three genders:
- Boy
- Girl
- Fish
Lars Hanon @LarsHano - 2021-03-06
japanese interview will cover the 'minimum' wage in japanese gift jobs in downtown tokyo and yet the fish markets a… https://t.co/TMjUAZ6HJU
Little Joe's Pizza @EatLittleJoes - 2021-03-06
Little Joe's offers a wonderful selection of specials during the entire season of Lent.
Fish selections available b… https://t.co/M0Zn7g0J1g
Mark @MMACSCOT - 2021-03-06
@WaytowichNeil @shaymic1121 I liked the globe way better when I would scoop their copies in hotel lobbies and wrap my fish 'n' chips in it
Mark my word ☘️ @EmerelDyle - 2021-03-06
@B52Malmet The vaccine in the UK cost me a taxi fare. I wonder how many millions of Americans have bigger fish to fry than my cab fare?
Markus Brinkmann @BrinkmannMarkus - 2021-03-06
Woohoo! Huge congrats to Zoey Bourgeois! Zoey currently works on groundbreaking undergraduate research in my lab th… https://t.co/yPh6GZrUY5
NZY @niaamhofficial - 2021-03-06
@lexiannex @Javvs_1 You that said you smelt like fish cause you got a meal at the chippy ? Pleaseeeeeee
Nadine Feiler @nadine_feiler - 2021-03-06
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Nas @sogoldenhz - 2021-03-06
I remember when I made rice , a salad and some fish sticks and told the gc I can cook 💀💀💀 I can cook now I promise those were just dark days
Paul Loves Tacos | BLM @PaulLovesTacos - 2021-03-06
Made my wife fish sticks for dinner. Ate at 5pm because were old, it’s the pandemic and I’m going running. Life’s w… https://t.co/ILDRDMKHs4
Phil heyward @phil_heyward - 2021-03-06
@HealingVisionz @CTVNewsVI Farmed fish are under the care of a veterinarian, fish health technicians and highly ski… https://t.co/IKacfpEfJs
Sar.GentPepper.Kat @GentpepperKat - 2021-03-06
From all on the fish, trish, gish, sun sign, water sign, earth sign, fire sign, number or letter deliver us oh Lord
Shawske Urameshi 👉🏾💥 @FireFistShaw - 2021-03-06
It’s these, the impossible sliders, the chicken rings, the fried clams and the fish sandwiches. Only things I rock… https://t.co/HYDhM8JzAm
Snarly but Still Sparkly 💋💓💓💓💋 @ReeseKarnuth - 2021-03-06
The Fish Head Song https://t.co/owMujB0e7F via @YouTube
Tony Baloney @KirklandTony - 2021-03-06
NSW Police officially end search for Melissa Caddick https://t.co/Y3qK3PneFj
Look for the dead fish floating in… https://t.co/06yLQutxvD
Traaaa♡♡ @brownsugartra - 2021-03-06
@bayouyankee23 Someobody said tilapia..now catfish ugh. The only two types of fish in allergic to.
Sounds good though
Vic #wandavision @Vic46935770 - 2021-03-06
@occultb0t guys omg, Fish i'ts litterally the symbol of christianism
kwame staying koz3 ☝🏽🇬🇭 @davidstayinc0zy - 2021-03-06
she's cosplaying the pretty fish from shark tale yeah?
mamacitá @AngeliqueRae - 2021-03-06
My vegan diet(minus fish) has been the most mentally challenging thing I’ve done in awhile. My body is so tired https://t.co/Evd26OaZOa
nic ༉‧₊˚✧ @CHIXIEZ - 2021-03-06
.@xlilhuddy :( u doing okay rn?? need a hug? theres plenty of fish in the sea i promise bae. https://t.co/HwP9iUgMHk
💋 ⱠØ₦ĐØ₦ Ⱨ₳ⱤⱠØ₮ 💋 @LondonHarlot - 2021-03-06
@HadleyDarling I love fish! A nice smoked haddock is my fave, or as we know them in Scotland, the famous Arbroath S… https://t.co/innQc0FPQu
Alice Dove @AliceDove7 - 2021-03-04
Fish n chips for tea tonight. With 2 slices of bread n butter. Followed by a strong cup o tea with 2 sugars in it.… https://t.co/i02zWtaYN1
Alluka | anisd 📌 @l_voltialovesu - 2021-03-04
I'm done with Banana Fish, time for me to play this on repeat while I cry in the corner :')


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