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Toba Aquarium is one of the world's top aquariums, containing approximately 1,200 varieties of 30,000 sea creatures. There are 12 individual zones in the aquarium and each zone has its theme. You must visit Mermaid Sea Zone, the only aquarium in Japan where a Dugong couple can be seen. The shows performed by sea lions and walruses are held every day.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00 – 17:00 (March 21 - July 19, September 1 - October 31)
  • 8:30 – 17:30 (July 20 – August 31)
  • 9:00 – 16:30 (November 1 – March 20)


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 2,400 yen (General, Adult)
  • 1,200 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 10 minutes walk from Toba Station on the JR lines, Kintetsu Toba Line or Kintetsu Shima Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 3-3-6, Toba, Toba-shi, Mie, 517-0011


Walrus Network @WalrusNetwork - 2019-04-07
(2/3) Remaining at the walrus exhibit are her mother and father, 29-year-old bull Uchio and 28-year-old Uurya. The… https://t.co/ygmf78UPIF
쮸쮸아범 @CHOEYONGJUN - 2019-04-07
@TOBA_AQUARIUM Maybe, Caligus?
Brianpower @brianwjackson - 2019-04-04
Taking a bow. Toba Aquarium, Japan. https://t.co/ERB6NCN2aw
Samantha Muka @aquariumglass - 2019-04-01
New Toba Aquarium employees dive into work - The Japan News https://t.co/c6GTgBxWm6
鄭海濤 @slimetao - 2019-03-31
@TOBA_AQUARIUM very good
龍隼莎莉(FggdddSally) @FggdddSallyL - 2019-03-25
Walrus Network @WalrusNetwork - 2019-03-24
(1/5) Further details regarding Mii's breeding loan to the Toba Aquarium have been published in the Asahi Shinbun;… https://t.co/08VyrVIJoF
Walrus Network @WalrusNetwork - 2019-03-22
(1/2) Toba Aquarium has confirmed the safe arrival of 17-year-old female Mii at 6:30, March 22nd for the purpose of… https://t.co/0B47iTMdZV
Walrus Network @WalrusNetwork - 2019-03-22
(1/4) 17-year-old #walrus Mii has been transferred from the Oita Marine Palace Aquarium to Toba Aquarium, as her he… https://t.co/bzKeCztma5
Walrus Network @WalrusNetwork - 2019-03-22
(1/6) Oita Marine Palace Aquarium has published further images and information regarding the transfers of two of th… https://t.co/ebj7x5JthP
Walrus Network @WalrusNetwork - 2019-03-22
(2/2) It is not known at this time how long Mii will remain in Toba. She has already been introduced to the aquariu… https://t.co/Kn2z0duigj
Walrus Network @WalrusNetwork - 2019-03-22
(4/6) After arriving Mii was introduced to one of the Toba's two resident females, 9-year-old Tsurara, in the aquar… https://t.co/jWKjwW1Ofz
「伊勢乃志摩男」こと山本泰久で御座る! @isenosimao - 2019-03-21
'Isenosimao/mie' news https://t.co/6kiHAKjP2b - top stories by @yasapen, @TOBA_AQUARIUM
Walrus Network @WalrusNetwork - 2019-03-17
(1/6) 13-year-old #walrus Izumi, who arrived at Toba Aquarium from the Oita Marine Palace Aqarium on February 8th,… https://t.co/XYPoFpJB7E
Walrus Network @WalrusNetwork - 2019-03-17
(2/6) Izumi was transferred to Toba to be paired with their 13-year-old bull Pou for the purpose of a breeding loan… https://t.co/eDHiWowExP
Walrus Network @WalrusNetwork - 2019-03-17
(3/6) The Toba Aquarium is one of four Japanese facilities known to me to have produced walrus pregnancies; their 1… https://t.co/9oDbsH5Ql5
Walrus Network @WalrusNetwork - 2019-03-17
(4/6) The first pup survived only 5 days, and no information regarding the second was ever released by the facility… https://t.co/PwDcAjbMS8
Jira🐳 @B_musculus - 2019-03-13
Foreign language site (4 languages) Renewal Open!
English page is this URL.
Dairenn (デーレン) @Dairenn - 2019-03-12
@megumin01 @TOBA_AQUARIUM Hehe! Another toy! 😁
People's Daily, China @PDChina - 2019-03-11
A sea otter is seen waving to the visitors and enjoying a snack at the Toba Aquarium in Japan's Mie Prefecture. https://t.co/2Rq0Gcg87e
China Plus News @ChinaPlusNews - 2019-03-09
A #seaotter was seen waving to the visitors at Toba Aquarium in Japan on Friday. https://t.co/GSnmA4G5i0
Matthieu Mohan @MatthieuMohan - 2019-03-09
A #seaotter was seen waving to the visitors at Toba Aquarium in Japan on Friday. https://t.co/1974WHcjXt
wherethekaoroam @wherethekaoroam - 2019-03-02
May-chan the #seaotter spins her red cone @TOBA_AQUARIUM in Japan https://t.co/lrbXSKwhU6
スウリトルア @Ror9feBe6qxeTT5 - 2019-02-27
@TOBA_AQUARIUM berry cute😍
Dr. Fernando Á. Fernández-Álvarez @cefafalopodo - 2019-02-23
@TOBA_AQUARIUM Wow! White eggs are also developing? Which cuttlefish species is?
江扬帆 @jiangjiaqiotter - 2019-02-18
@TOBA_AQUARIUM MayMay!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
がっしー@じゅん @tsuta_kaede - 2019-02-17
#水族館 #鳥羽水族館 #ポートレート #大阪カメラ部 #関西写真部SHARE #カメラ初心者 #カメラ好きな人と繋がりたい #ファインダー越しの私の世界 #お写んぽ… https://t.co/8ORL0WUyFb
Elly vandarN @mohyo2 - 2019-02-12
Went to Toba Aquarium ☺️ compact and cute one! #toba #aquarium #鳥羽水族館 https://t.co/f0kbJNMGCt
letlet @shin71745556 - 2019-02-12
Evolutionary @EvoLandscapes - 2019-02-08
As a rule, we all must occasionally deep-dive (pun intended, I guess) into the evolution of marine life. This is, a… https://t.co/nli17QXGLR


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