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Tokugawa Museum is on the site where a vice shogun Tokugawa Mitsukuni's teahouse Kochintei was used to be. The museum exhibits varieties of expensive holdings over 30,000 collections left by the first Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and a branch of the Tokugawa clan based in Mito including Mitsukuni. In particular, the Mitsukuni's pillbox is very popular thanks to the famous TV drama show "Mito Komon".

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 10:00 - 16:30
  • 10:00 - 17:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)


  • Mondays

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 1,155 yen (General, Adult)
  • 840 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 20 minutes from JR Mito Station by the bus bound for Sakuragawa-nishi-danchi or Sakuranomaki-koukou. Get off at Mikawa-nichome Bus stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-1215, Migawa, Mito-shi, Ibaraki, 310-0912


奏空꙳★*゚溝柱❁⃘*.゚セイ@企画投稿期間 @SoRa__Uta - 2019-10-16
@j_birtonREBORn I got it at Tokugawa Art Museum
Prisma @ImperialJPNfan - 2019-10-11
On October 8th, Princess Mako attended the closing ceremony of the 74th National Sports Festival in Ibaraki Prefect… https://t.co/hMchyKOO8F
徳川美術館かろやかツイート @tokubi_nagoya - 2019-10-11
The Tokugawa Art Museum will be closed on 12 October(Saturday), due to typhoon No.19 which is appro… https://t.co/kWOglqIWBI
Rev. Zenji Nio (Indo-Japan Ctr) @NioZenji - 2019-10-03
@DrSJaishankar @IndianEmbassyUS #GandhiAt150
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Rev. Zenji Nio (Indo-Japan Ctr) @NioZenji - 2019-10-03
@DrSJaishankar @IndianEmbassyUS #GandhiAt150
Spoke on Gandhi w civil rights leaders. Gandhi chanted Japanese Buddhi… https://t.co/H72YtnIEdL
Rev. Zenji Nio (Indo-Japan Ctr) @NioZenji - 2019-10-03
@DrSJaishankar @IndianEmbassyUS #GandhiAt150
Spoke on Gandhi w civil rights leaders. Gandhi chanted Japanese Buddhi… https://t.co/H72YtnIEdL
Rev. Zenji Nio (Indo-Japan Ctr) @NioZenji - 2019-10-03
@DrSJaishankar @IndianEmbassyUS #GandhiAt150
Spoke on Gandhi w civil rights leaders. Gandhi chanted Japanese Buddhi… https://t.co/H72YtnIEdL
ナフタレン2012 @niobium2012 - 2019-09-24
@nihilnomenest If you come to Nagoya,be sure to visit Tokugawa art museum.
Eisen @eisen - 2019-09-22
Also, I learned that Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate that covered the Edo Period, was j… https://t.co/wHADXOK4MP
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amuzen あみゅーぜん @_amuzen - 2019-09-13
[En] ✨Opening tomorrow:
The Samurai exhibition at Edo-Tokyo Museum
#samurai #Tokugawa #Edo https://t.co/tyZcOKKCVY
ガチコ🇨🇦 @gatchco - 2019-09-11
@M_Otaka I didn’t know you were from Mito? I’ve been there for Tokugawa Museum! Did you move permanently to Japan?
Minミン@WCSマレーシア開会式20 @igloomyinc - 2019-08-23
Tokugawaen Museum is a breathtaking place! #tokugawa #tokugawaen #japan #tourism #japantourism #museum #chuanitour https://t.co/CpPbKr29D1
神瀬十夜Ø @toya_kannze0831 - 2019-08-22
@nenejya ・There is a wakizashi that has been passed down in the Owari Tokugawa.

・There is a wakizashi that has bee… https://t.co/KblvTnr6nO
Luis Felipe Sampaio @LfelipeSampaio - 2019-08-17
@8sk_kotetsu is interesting how we can find swords that were owned by relatives of the shogun but never one that be… https://t.co/G2u8APf2cV
ともみ @tomtomtonton - 2019-08-17
@LfelipeSampaio This sword is owned by the Tokyo National Museum.
I don't know if Tokugawa Shogun owned this Kotets… https://t.co/HVaLaK50v1
Onji @OnjiKobe - 2019-08-15
I'm re-watching the recording of 'Heroes' Decision' which was aired last night
Every time I watch the program, I ca… https://t.co/YuaLW1hw3g
徳川美術館かろやかツイート @tokubi_nagoya - 2019-08-15
The Tokugawa Art Museum will be closed at 12:00 p.m. today (final entrance by 11:30), due to typhoon No.10 which is… https://t.co/3v366yBjS5
Luis Felipe Sampaio @LfelipeSampaio - 2019-08-13
@kotetsu_bouzori the one that has the strongest link with the shogun is this one: https://t.co/4JmzqyVKY3 do you kn… https://t.co/NPtLgMteSH
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【Tokugawa Art Museum - Nagoya, Aichi】
'Not only is the museum worth a visit, but its beautiful garden is also somet… https://t.co/iB0cvnNYfq
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@NBTHK_MUSEUM beautiful sword! kotetsu is my favoutite swordsmith do you know if any of the Tokugawa shoguns had ko… https://t.co/J5V7R2YvaY
re-how.net @rehownet2 - 2019-08-08
[The Chain Museum Co., Ltd.] Setouchi International Art Festival 2019 exhibitor Aiko Miyanaga: Tokugawa’s works are… https://t.co/mB1bLKcM5J
Luis Felipe Sampaio @LfelipeSampaio - 2019-08-04
@8sk_kotetsu take a look: https://t.co/EqcHEXAuif 👍
Sami @Sami78678221 - 2019-08-03
@tokugawa_museum @yuchinsound Huge fan from Jordan please come and visit love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
ぺパロ二 @Ohayoluckies - 2019-08-03
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Oarai must be a cool place! And after you can go to… https://t.co/vN0zQ1Wdyl
TripTravel Tours @TripTravelTrs - 2019-08-01
Guided Half-day TourAM to Nagoya Castle & Tokugawa Museum and Garden
From USD: 98.79

Discover the legacy of Samura… https://t.co/QmvIUWVx34
WCS Team USA @WCSTeamUSA - 2019-08-01
@WCSTeamUSA visited the Tokugawa Art Museum and the stunning Tokugawa Garden! Thank you so much #ChuAniTour for th… https://t.co/pRFAL8Cjwi
Femorale Shells @FemoraleShells - 2019-07-30
Shells from a Shell-Matching Game Set (Awase-gai),18th century - Tokugawa Art Museum (Japan),… https://t.co/OcaGBzhEhe


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