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Tokushima Castle Ruins (Tokushima Central Park)

Travel Guide - Tokushima Castle Ruins (Tokushima Central Park)


Less than half a kilometer north-east of the railway station, the ruins of Tokushima Castle, built in 1586, stand in Tokushima Central Park. Tokushima Castle was build in 1585 by Hachisuka Iemasa. The castle was destroyed by the order of the Meiji government in 1873 and the castle's stone walls, moats, a garden and restored gate only exist today.
Tokushima Central Park was designed by Seiroku Honda and Takanori Hongo, the people who also designed Hibiya Park in Tokyo, and opened in 1809 as Japan's second western-style park after Hibiya Park. In the park you will also find the attractively landscaped Omotegoten-teien (Senshukaku-teien) Garden, which dates from the Azuchi–Momoyama Period (1573 - 1603) and the Tokushima Castle Museum. The castle ruins were designated as a national historic site in 2006.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from JR Tokushima Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Tokushimachojonai, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima, 770-0851


Ryo @Ryo76049458 - 2020-05-31
I went to Tokushima Central Park.
I played soccer with my frends. But I kept social distance.
I had a good time. https://t.co/57ihzqIEf8
Saccchi @nodressnolife - 2019-04-08
Cherry trees are full bloom in Tokushima Central Park!! https://t.co/sINjAjpRYC
Hayato Nomura @HayatoNomura - 2017-06-20
Tokushima is famous for Awa Odori,Yoshino River,Tokushina Central Park and others.
Redhead in Japan @Redhead_inJapan - 2016-12-22
#teamlab LED display in Tokushima Central Park. Beautiful. #ledlights #japan #tokushima #art #徳島… https://t.co/NSRPrCmlP4
Thomas Nod @ThomasNod - 2016-11-22
Twas a bit more sunnier today so had a quick stroll round the local park @ Tokushima Central park https://t.co/72d0Upul4E
Redhead in Japan @Redhead_inJapan - 2016-10-24
A light in the dark. #tokushima #japan #fall #autumn #park #秋 @ Tokushima Central park https://t.co/jB2Fd2Cpsm
Redhead in Japan @Redhead_inJapan - 2016-10-12
Sushi, anyone? #sushi #寿司#sushibench #tokushima #japan #art #日本 @ Tokushima Central park https://t.co/UYPRtwfNJX
save carlos 2k16 @squishygoodra - 2016-09-26
@espourtoe tokushima central park has a lot of big fish. this actually used to be a castle moat
Alyssa @arisssachan - 2016-04-06
Having lunch at work in Tokushima Central Park! #Sakura #Spring #hanami https://t.co/sCSH7ZkKoH
Mohammad @FarhanMohdNor - 2015-07-29
Central Park, Tokushima Prefecture, Jp. https://t.co/YPSKTD3HRP


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