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Enjoy two theme parks, Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea. There are also 9 hotels and a shopping complex, Ikspiari.
At Tokyo Disney Land, you’ll find dozens of classic Disney attractions, fun parades and shows, and lots more!
At Tokyo Disney Sea, you’ll set sail for adventure and imagination in seven themed ports filled with one-of-a-kind attractions that range from thrilling to kid-friendly. Live entertainment featuring the Disney characters offers fun and excitement for the whole family.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 8:00 – 22:00 (Varies according to the season)


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 1-day passport: 6,900 yen (General, Adult)
  • 1-day passport: 6,000 yen (Student)
  • 1-day passport: 4,500 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from JR Maihama Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-1, Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba, 279-0031


Dai@D_Infomation @Pooh_Duffy_1983 - 2020-09-24
Wellcome!Tokyo Disney Resort!
Rachel Bell @elstoleno - 2020-09-24
Japanese Twitter just merged Studio Ghibli and Tokyo Disney Resort and I am loving it.
Chaotic_Neutral @urmemel0rd - 2020-09-23
@vincentvision4D While I understand, you really want to show your audience ride POVs from Tokyo Disney Resort, thi… https://t.co/fPNM6APJWF
Charles チャールズ @Jedi_Charles000 - 2020-09-23
@tdrexplorer We can't wait to come back to Japan and come back to Tokyo Disney Resort
There is so much to see at T… https://t.co/olzN5IrCPG
Dai@D_Infomation @Pooh_Duffy_1983 - 2020-09-23
Wellcome!Tokyo Disney Resort!
James @LantauDisney - 2020-09-23
@disneylorien Ironically one of the sites sharing the video (cough WDWNT cough) is on the media list for Tokyo Disn… https://t.co/k5t3ihMClN
James @LantauDisney - 2020-09-23
Part of the reason why I'm also being driven away from the Tokyo Disney Resort fan community is that I find a lot o… https://t.co/wfnb8JxGsc
Matt @HorizonsOne - 2020-09-23
The Tokyo Disney Resort app has been updated and is now trackless. https://t.co/aavHpXBh5K
Alex Needs You to Vote @alexpalex - 2020-09-22
Need help planning your next trip to Tokyo Disney Resort / Japan? This guy knows *everything*. https://t.co/waycWd8QB3
Andrew Lineweaver @TheWeaves15 - 2020-09-22
@coasterstudios Replace Tokyo Disneyland with the original Anaheim Disneyland and you have the perfect Disney resort😂
Chris Explorer @tdrexplorer - 2020-09-22
I can't believe this Fantasyland expansion at Tokyo Disneyland is finally complete (for the most part). I went back… https://t.co/Fp8E9R7DNi
Dai@D_Infomation @Pooh_Duffy_1983 - 2020-09-22
Wellcome!Tokyo Disney Resort!
Jake Radford @JakeRadford95 - 2020-09-22
There’s a reason why the Tokyo Disney Resort parks are seen as the best in the world and this is a pretty good repr… https://t.co/xqXgCjsgYN
James @LantauDisney - 2020-09-22
Starting September 23, Toy Story Mania and Soaring will both require a standby pass which you can obtain by using t… https://t.co/443fmDct3W
James @LantauDisney - 2020-09-22
Tokyo Disney Resort soft previews a new attraction. OLC Group request no one shares video or photos of inside the n… https://t.co/ncTkpYwmC1
K🌹 @cutiepip28 - 2020-09-22
Love wait the new software’s interface’s like this right & then suddenly a cutie pic from my camera roll appeared l… https://t.co/7YC6tdgay2
Laura @lauradisneydays - 2020-09-22
@AnaisFTW @CydonPrax BATB - Beauty and the Beast
TDR - Tokyo Disney Resort
MMRR - Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Hope that helps 😊
Ollie-Vander @O_Ree_Ba - 2020-09-22
@zachwdw14 @SuperWeenieHtJr Tokyo Disney Resort is owned by Oriental Land Company, and not Disney. They have deep p… https://t.co/Up7ycL0fJ4
Patrick Dougall @PatrickADougall - 2020-09-22
No... the Beauty & the Beast attraction ISN’T coming to the states! ...and it shouldn’t.

Go travel! (after the pan… https://t.co/moeU1u6HyB
Patrick Dougall @PatrickADougall - 2020-09-22
Tokyo, especially around the Disney Resort area is very easy to manage. All signs are printed in both Japanese & En… https://t.co/GwrVL5BqNg
SkywalkingAdventure @SkyAdventBlog - 2020-09-22
Starting on September 23rd for @TDR_PR for selected facilities will be acquiring a standby pass for both Tokyo Disn… https://t.co/Kn6gPUNUYy
TP|TeamHenke|Beth @LoopybaraSystem - 2020-09-22
@TheWeaves15 @coasterstudios Park hoppers are only available with multiple days at Disney Tokyo resort. So that's n… https://t.co/ZEVEuSFOCQ
TP|TeamHenke|Beth (check pinned) @LoopybaraSystem - 2020-09-22
@TheWeaves15 @coasterstudios Park hoppers are only available with multiple days at Disney Tokyo resort. So that's n… https://t.co/ZEVEuSFOCQ
Tim Apple @BradfordSpeers - 2020-09-22
Dear Distwitter, the new attraction in Tokyo is super cool. That entire resort is super cool. Fun fact: it’s not ow… https://t.co/33n7mesIsm
Tim Apple 🍎 @BradfordSpeers - 2020-09-22
Dear Distwitter, the new attraction in Tokyo is super cool. That entire resort is super cool. Fun fact: it’s not ow… https://t.co/33n7mesIsm
Tom @japaninja2016 - 2020-09-22
Check out USED Tokyo Disney Land & Resort 30th Anniversary Metal Can Case 2013 Japan https://t.co/4n2PALP8cV via eBay
samuel blank @BlankSamuel - 2020-09-22
@MarioGraciotti Rise was so amazing because there was nothing like that even at Tokyo Disney resort. Also the hype… https://t.co/2twKys00Uv
samuel blank @BlankSamuel - 2020-09-22
@ThemeParkDuo Maybe it works for the Japanese we just don't I'll hold judgment until i go to Japan in 2024 after th… https://t.co/CZjhjaiUcK
samuel blank @BlankSamuel - 2020-09-22
@ThemeParkDuo Want experience resort after all expansion ti experience the full Tokyo Disney resort
さっきの女の子、公式さん @InfoSakijo - 2020-09-22
Welcome to Tokyo Disney RESORT https://t.co/e5qiUZzVjd
アドリアン @Adorian1989 - 2020-09-22
@MONSTERBRYTON @Kurtnorby I know Tokyo Disney Resort usually has exclusivity over certain attractions s this might be one of them
Ben Millerman @duke68012 - 2020-09-21
Not that I ever needed a reason to return to the Tokyo Disney Resort but the new Beauty and the Beast attraction is… https://t.co/DzMxoFjTtR
Brad Gentry @Gentryland - 2020-09-21
PHOTOS: New Fantasyland Expansion Added to Tokyo Disney Resort App - https://t.co/hjgghn3dBQ via @wdwnt
James @LantauDisney - 2020-09-21
The Tokyo Disney Resort App gives us a first look at Minnie's new costume for her Style Studio meet and greet attra… https://t.co/zZLqn5jYAF
James @LantauDisney - 2020-09-21
The Tokyo Disney Resort YouTube channel have uploaded a couple of new videos

John Shoemaker @shoewee - 2020-09-21
@mysticflights Nope, it’s at Tokyo Disneyland, a resort not owned fully by @Disney so they get great things because… https://t.co/l4fMZZNzy0
KingRCT3 @KingRCT3 - 2020-09-21
@Toadkiri @RichyDisney Aww you're welcome. I saw it on Themeparx: https://t.co/u7tSTwfG2C
Life with Lydscl @lifewithlydscl - 2020-09-21
These are next level. Tokyo Disney Resort again showing how it's done! https://t.co/KW9RhpjpLY
Lost In The Magic @LostIn_TheMagic - 2020-09-21
How gorgeous is the new Beauty and the Beast castle looking in the Tokyo Disney Resort app?! https://t.co/hGNY3CkzaA
ProspectivePixieDust @PixieDustNews - 2020-09-21
Tokyo Disney Resort shares photos & video of Fantasyland expansion opening later this month. 🏰… https://t.co/fnZ14mSlUP
Ryan Cortero @Earth2Ryan_ - 2020-09-21
Tokyo Disneyland is and will continue to be the best Disney resort. https://t.co/kflJ844VIl
hina @Pretty_hina_ - 2020-09-21
@wdwntjp @WDWNT The attraction is not officially open.
Tokyo Disney Resort prohibits the publication of photos insi… https://t.co/jSWQ7YQqFE
samuel blank @BlankSamuel - 2020-09-21
@ThemeParkLore We shouldn't be shocked by how impressive it really is. We knew this was going to happen just accept… https://t.co/nmyrql6O8C
themeparX™ @themeparX - 2020-09-21
Aggregated coverage of Tokyo Disneyland expansion’s soft opening, including a full POV video (plus the pre-show and… https://t.co/tFoSHl1VKA
𝚔𝚢𝚕𝚎 @crazyc0aster_ - 2020-09-21
THIS IS EVERYTHING!!!! this is why Tokyo is the number 1 disney resort PERIODT https://t.co/F7UPdMyl4p


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