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Enjoy two theme parks, Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea. There are also 9 hotels and a shopping complex, Ikspiari.
At Tokyo Disney Land, you’ll find dozens of classic Disney attractions, fun parades and shows, and lots more!
At Tokyo Disney Sea, you’ll set sail for adventure and imagination in seven themed ports filled with one-of-a-kind attractions that range from thrilling to kid-friendly. Live entertainment featuring the Disney characters offers fun and excitement for the whole family.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 8:00 – 22:00 (Varies according to the season)


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 1-day passport: 6,900 yen (General, Adult)
  • 1-day passport: 6,000 yen (Student)
  • 1-day passport: 4,500 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from JR Maihama Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-1, Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba, 279-0031


Beci Mahnken @BeciMahnken - 2019-10-23
Goooooood mooooorning Tokyo Disney Resort! Dropped off luggage and to the monorail first thing to spend my last ful… https://t.co/Qr4SPRlE4q
Dai@D_Infomation @Pooh_Duffy_1983 - 2019-10-23
Wellcome!Tokyo Disney Resort!
Disney Parks News @Disney_PN_ - 2019-10-23
🎉[OH BOY] • Tokyo Disney Resort will celebrate the 91th anniversary of Mickey & Minnie with an exclusive merchandis… https://t.co/Lam0sjzEkj
Disney Parks News @Disney_PN_ - 2019-10-23
🎓[COMPANY] • As a reminder, Disneyland Paris is now with Shanghai Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort and Hong Kong Dis… https://t.co/3ok6xTCTdk
Disney West @DisneyWest1 - 2019-10-23
Welcome to Disney West Parks, We are the number 1 Minecraft DisneyLand server that has all the West side parks incl… https://t.co/CnCrxYCqea
ED92 @ED92live - 2019-10-23
Tokyo Disney Resort will be celebrating Mickey and Minnie’s Birthdays on Nov 18 with a special line of merchandise,… https://t.co/BF6w9joEiA
James @TDRTweets - 2019-10-23
Coming Soon to select Tokyo Disney Resort restaurants

White Sesame Mousse and Black Honey Jelly with Souvenir Cup… https://t.co/nUUfgxGZT3
James @TDRTweets - 2019-10-23
New home goods featuring Winnie the Pooh will be available from the Tokyo Disney Resort starting next month… https://t.co/xGwpFiz6oa
James @TDRTweets - 2019-10-23
New jewellery is coming to Tokyo Disney Resort in November

Image @TDR_PR https://t.co/R5LSSfOwl1
James @TDRTweets - 2019-10-23
The 2020 New Years merchandise goes on sale at the Tokyo Disney Resort from December 2

Ima… https://t.co/iI6S1oM9vP
James @TDRTweets - 2019-10-23
Tokyo Disney Resort from a plane https://t.co/YfJev5ciCL
James @TDRTweets - 2019-10-23
White x White fashion range is new to the Tokyo Disney Resort. More items are coming next month… https://t.co/04bEb7UfHj
James Helferstay @Helferstay - 2019-10-23
Disney Parks Tokyo Resort Mickey Mouse Plastic Popcorn Strap Bucket Container | eBay https://t.co/aqgi1TBXyK
LaughingPlace.com @laughing_place - 2019-10-23
On top of her upcoming arrival at Tokyo DisneySea, CookieAnn will soon be coming to Shanghai Disney Resort and Aula… https://t.co/v9tCYw0DVq
Nicole Nalty @nmnalty - 2019-10-23
this trip to Tokyo has been so wonderful I kind of forgot that I’m checking Tokyo Disney Resort off my list ??? But… https://t.co/TgTZsyn0Sl
s i n i ✨ @42sins - 2019-10-23
@_harukkyuns Tokyo one yeah! Tokyo Disney Resort has Land and Sea and since I’ve never been in *any* DisneyLand bef… https://t.co/UnhBZDPAad
s i n i ✨ @42sins - 2019-10-23
Super important question:

Which one would you rather recommend for first-time-ever-in-disneyland; DisneyLand or Di… https://t.co/0oOojhpfB4
ディズニーリゾートスピーカーBOT @TDR_Speaker_BOT - 2019-10-23
[TDL] Resort line 'Tokyo Disney Land Station' Speaker
Part:Theme music
今、副業生活がいける! @o_30op - 2019-10-23
TOKYO DISNEY RESORT Photography Project Imagining https://t.co/hjXiHjDdPH
Blogosum @blogosum - 2019-10-22
Travel #news: Growing Pains at Tokyo Disney Resort https://t.co/0I7oKxUu6C
#travel #news #vacation #trips #cruise… https://t.co/5Zh0Wh6PDb
Chris Explorer @tdrexplorer - 2019-10-22
@jpalmerdubs I always tell people three. You’ll likely miss a few things with two (weather, closures, etc.)

Chris Explorer @tdrexplorer - 2019-10-22
@jpalmerdubs If you don’t have our full guide I recommend that too.

Dai@D_Infomation @Pooh_Duffy_1983 - 2019-10-22
Wellcome!Tokyo Disney Resort!
Jason @disneygeekcom - 2019-10-22
#TokyoDisneyResort #DuffyAndFriends’ Heartwarming Days January 10 to March 19, 2020 (Full Press Release)… https://t.co/iSzhI98R2R
Reservoir Boss @reservoirhobby - 2019-10-22
Growing Pains at Tokyo Disney Resort https://t.co/NFA7larPg2 https://t.co/LPkeRexzRl
The-Disney-Elite @JuoshM - 2019-10-22
Tokyo Disney Resort’s #TowerOfTerror candy case
(...with moving Mickey inside!) https://t.co/RvEo4iLCAS
reckless_yokohama @reckless045 - 2019-10-22
Check out Disney Fan December 2019 Japanese Magazine Tokyo Resort TDL TDS Christmas Frozen https://t.co/HOga8kduzn via @eBay
°o° Disney-Me °o° @LeDisneyMoi - 2019-10-22

🧡💛 Following the recent news about her Tokyo debut, #CookieAnn will also be heading to Shangha… https://t.co/vsGTKxqfgJ
今、副業生活がいける! @o_30op - 2019-10-22
TOKYO DISNEY RESORT Photography Project Imagining https://t.co/hjXiHjDdPH
Dai@D_Infomation @Pooh_Duffy_1983 - 2019-10-21
Wellcome!Tokyo Disney Resort!
FigmentJedi @Figment_Jedi - 2019-10-21
@mainejosh @amythewriterly @Livelyland Connection was mentioned in old promotional material. https://t.co/JA6iRJRcIh
James @TDRTweets - 2019-10-21
@DsnYmaniac I'm planning on skipping Tokyo Disney Resort next year. Perhaps Disneyland, California or Shanghai Disn… https://t.co/6vomlTb2jv
James @TDRTweets - 2019-10-21
@geek1929 Perhaps not but it's the one Disney Resort I have left to visit so I really should be considering it. I w… https://t.co/hm0f2BBMpH
James @TDRTweets - 2019-10-21
Breaking News
English Press Release

Special Program at Tokyo Disney Resort 'Duffy and Friends' Heartwarming Days… https://t.co/SliYEW4cE7
MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON @moshi_moshi_glb - 2019-10-21
【FASHION】Tokyo Disney Resort gives us a peek at its New Year's merchandise, dropping December 2!

English:… https://t.co/vueocfMlGt
ProspectivePixieDust @PixieDustNews - 2019-10-21
CookieAnn, a friend of Duffy who’s only been represented in Hong Kong Disneyland, is coming to Tokyo Disney Resort.… https://t.co/s0FzkvGUNT
ProspectivePixieDust @PixieDustNews - 2019-10-21
Tokyo Disney Resort reveals details for “Duffy & Friends Heartwarming Days” 🧸🍪

https://t.co/jHLGoqofqr https://t.co/jyiGu1XqqQ
Sevi Skellington 💀 @DsnYmaniac - 2019-10-21
@DisneyDuckLover Sadly just in disney sea https://t.co/OP4UHSRYo7
TDRPlans @TDRPlans - 2019-10-21
Please be aware that due to the coronation of the Japanese Emperor this weekend, Tokyo Disney Resort is currently a… https://t.co/Sf1MDa8bsX
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