Tokyo Skytree Town

Tokyo Skytree Town


Tokyo Skytree Town is a new "town with a tower" in the districts of Narihira and Oshiage, where Edo culture continues to live on. It consists of facilities such as the freestanding Tokyo Skytree broadcasting tower, the Tokyo Solamachi commercial facilities, an aquarium, planetarium, offices, and more.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Skytree Line (TS02)
  • Short walk from Oshiage Station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line (Z12), Tobu Skytree Line (TS03), Toei Asakusa Line (A20), or Keisei Oshiage Line (KS45)

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Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-1-2, Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 131-0045



SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-22
Good afternoon! It's raining all day long... Can't see Tokyo Sky Tree because it's too foggy ><
GUITAR WOLF-LadyWolf  @GW_LadyWolf - 2014-10-22
TONIGHT!! 10/22, Wed "NOTP! 7th Anniv. × UDSO! vol.6 Day1" Asakusa KURAWOOD, TOKYO GW appears 21:25!!
Eric Gonzalez  @Eric218 - 2014-10-22
So much history. So cool. #tokyo #AE2JPN #Japan @ Asakusa Station
Eric Gonzalez  @Eric218 - 2014-10-22
Visiting the oldest temple in Tokyo, Senso Ji Shrine! #tokyo #Japan #AE2JPN @ Asakusa Station
@hypem Chart Robot  @hypem_charts - 2014-10-22
@hughmcclure, you just added 20 points to I'lls - Asakusa!
@hypem Chart Robot  @hypem_charts - 2014-10-22
@havegoodmanners, you just added 6 points to I'lls - Asakusa!
goodmannersmusic  @havegoodmanners - 2014-10-22
Listening to I'lls - Asakusa on @hypem mobile
Hugh McClure  @hughmcclure - 2014-10-22
Listening to I'lls - Asakusa on @hypem mobile
A cut above. Always a cut above.
みっちょん  @3yucamp - 2014-10-22
@WaddySolomon When they came to Japan, where do they think it to come? Asakusa-jinja Shrine? Harajuku?Shibuya?
Rad Records  @radrecordsau - 2014-10-22
a little different from what you would usually see on here but these dudes are killing it.. such rad tunes, you...
A. Kasandra Putranto  @AkasandraP - 2014-10-22
Late post at Asakusa Temple (with @CasseyKasandra and @AllequaPerucha) [pic] —
Wink  @Winkonthings - 2014-10-22
Last night saw a ton maids on street at asakusa and did crane games and Gotcha ponds
goodmannersmusic  @havegoodmanners - 2014-10-22
Big love to @bestfitmusic for premiering the new @illsills two track overnight.
Maree  @mareenotmarie - 2014-10-22
Fifty-Phiphti / Asakusa by I'lls
Daniel Josephson  @DanielJosephson - 2014-10-22
Asakusa's Thunder Gate is the beating heart in the temple of this beautiful beast of a city called…
Wafia  @Waffiaa - 2014-10-22
The only release that matters today -
Andrei Eremin  @andrei__eremin - 2014-10-22
happy @illsills day!
LANKS  @lanksmusic - 2014-10-21
one of my favourite acts, @illsills dropped new music today. I'm getting some Kid-A vibes on this first track, great
・a n a ・  @_Starryberry - 2014-10-21
Sunset at Sensoji Temple, yesterday. #tokyo #asakusa #temple #japan #2014 #trip #travel
Sam Gill  @samjgill - 2014-10-21
*Pete Tong voice* And now... two of my favourite tracks of 2014. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: @illsills
I'lls  @illsills - 2014-10-21
_ our brand new two-track; _ 'fifty-phiphti / asakusa' _ once only
SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-21
Sakura cafe serves you world foods and drinks. Good place to have chat☆
Haena Kang  @haenakang - 2014-10-21
Found a chill local bar in #asakusa! Rastaman's Cafe. 🍺#bobmarleyerrday
SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-21
Tokyo train map is here. It's customized for our guests!
SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-21
Yusa is heading home. See you, and have a good day!
Asyraf Hatta  @AsyrafHatta - 2014-10-21
Throwback Tokyo #Asakusa #Shinobi
omery  @omeryorgun - 2014-10-21
Temple of colors 🎌 #asakusa #tokyo #japan #temple #buddhism #taito #tapinak
SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-21
Sakura hostel Asakusa access info is here. Please check here in advance☆
たかはしまさかず  @mtakasurf - 2014-10-21
If you plan go to #Japan #Tokyo, this is the best location.Ueno Asakusa Nezu ST 1min + Wi-Fi @Airbnb_jp #Travel