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The Renaissance-style redbrick architecture of Tokyo Station was originally built in 1914, then reconstructed as a two-story station building in 1947 after once destroyed during the war. In 2012, the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, designated as an Important Cultural Asset of Japan in 2003, was restored to its pre-war condition after the extensive 5-year renovation project.
The inside the station is complete with facilities including Central Street, GranSta, and Keiyo Street for your shopping and eating needs. The 2nd to the 4th floors of the station building has been used as Tokyo Station Hotel since 1915. The hotel offers 150 guest rooms and boasts of its prime location literally a few steps away from all major trains including the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and has the Imperial Palace in a distance.

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from JR Tokyo Station
  • Short walk from Tokyo Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line (M17)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-9-1, Marunochi , Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005


Craig Thomler @craigthomler - 2018-08-21
@caerbannog666 @ddasser @GaryMullennix @NikolovScience @BradSchrag @CycleJunkie88 @SapiensCato @Michael_D_Crow… https://t.co/8IZ1bihjGb
Dan D @ddasser - 2018-08-21
@craigthomler @caerbannog666 @GaryMullennix @NikolovScience @BradSchrag @CycleJunkie88 @SapiensCato @Michael_D_Crow… https://t.co/qWc8H8BxG5
FreshChoice Complete @FreshChoiceRaw - 2018-08-21
The Hachikō statue outside Shibuya Station in Tokyo. He left his house to greet his owner at the station every even… https://t.co/mNCLn19D3y
JR東日本&関東私鉄自動放送bot @JRE_announce - 2018-08-21
(JRE)This is the Chuo line Special Rapid service train for Tokyo. The next station is Nishi-Hachioji.
Jim Java @priscian - 2018-08-21
@Michael_D_Crow @ddasser @BradSchrag @caerbannog666 @CycleJunkie88 @SapiensCato @Zerilos @brandonrgates… https://t.co/LReM4wZvEW
Marc Alan Platt @RadioCandyHits - 2018-08-21
Thanks to MIke Rogers Show at InterFM (Tokyo) KOR Radio (United Kingdom) Limehead Radio (United Kingdom) for adding… https://t.co/WmwrxTjWnI
MichaelCrow @Michael_D_Crow - 2018-08-21
@priscian @ddasser @BradSchrag @caerbannog666 @CycleJunkie88 @SapiensCato @Zerilos @brandonrgates @EthonRaptor… https://t.co/gp00Y8NJ2Z
Ricette Vegan @ricettevegan - 2018-08-21
Vegan Ramen and Fried Gyoza from T's TanTan in Tokyo Station https://t.co/equS2S1lBC
Ricette Vegan @ricettevegan - 2018-08-21
Vegan Ramen and Fried Gyoza from T’s TanTan in Tokyo Station https://t.co/EmzewR3aet #foto
Thailand is "ขอบคุณค่ะ" @VanillaTK - 2018-08-21
So handsome in Pink
#TVXQ #myกำลังใจ #shimchangmin @ 東京駅 (Tokyo Station) https://t.co/rhDwzEWAcN
Tokyo Drew @TokyoDrew - 2018-08-21
Taking the SHINKASEN in Japan| Tokyo station: https://t.co/fko71c9QEB via @YouTube
Warren Gerdes @PopeKael - 2018-08-21
New video by Tokyo Drew: Taking a SHINKANSEN in Japan | Tokyo station https://t.co/yLUQAqredS
Warren Gerdes @PopeKael - 2018-08-21
New video by Tokyo Drew: Taking the SHINKASEN in Japan| Tokyo station https://t.co/MtKuQ9dkiW
Zerilos @Zerilos - 2018-08-21
@ddasser @caerbannog666 @GaryMullennix @NikolovScience @BradSchrag @CycleJunkie88 @SapiensCato @Michael_D_Crow… https://t.co/XUYwfiFGQD
caerbannog666 @caerbannog666 - 2018-08-21
@ddasser @GaryMullennix @NikolovScience @BradSchrag @CycleJunkie88 @SapiensCato @Michael_D_Crow @Zerilos… https://t.co/Iq3DNSrGpv
caerbannog666 @caerbannog666 - 2018-08-21
@ddasser @GaryMullennix @NikolovScience @BradSchrag @CycleJunkie88 @SapiensCato @Michael_D_Crow @Zerilos… https://t.co/eEAr02yCGj
dolce ; Toyoky @dolce156vita - 2018-08-21
Good morning #tokyo It’s a partly cloudy at #tokyostation #marunouchi #oazo #marupix ⛅️ I wish you’re having your h… https://t.co/RvClZlkk4D
lolmc @lolmc - 2018-08-21
we are waiting at #Tokyo station to get on our first ever shinkansen train. Destination is Odawara as a gateway to… https://t.co/S8jagA8rXn
りんどうHD/Gentiana_HD @Gentiana_HD - 2018-08-21
My short summer vacation is over.
Let me know if the next Precure episode goes on air.
Second picture is my loots f… https://t.co/qt1tXZst6r
ダーロ (Darlo) @darlosworld - 2018-08-21
Had to pick it up at UPS near Tokyo Station, but my #CoolPatrol album is here! Next best thing to a @ninjasexparty… https://t.co/WQqEDEe7YQ
古谷 仁 | Jin Furuya @njiji11960 - 2018-08-21
Modern Landscape Design oF TOKYO STATION(YAESUGUCHI). https://t.co/BkH7HFLmiQ
坂井啓太 @311RB - 2018-08-21
#iichiko #いいちこ #shochu #焼酎 #poster #ポスター #methismorning #今朝の僕 #Yamada #山田 #station #駅 #Hachioji #八王子 #KEIOline #京王線… https://t.co/5aUdGTx7uD
山手線自動放送bot @JY_Yamanote - 2018-08-21
The next station is Osaki.
The doors on the right side will open.
Please change here for the Shonan-Shinjuku Line a… https://t.co/wpLtLJ34Ey
東京Express @Exp_Tokyo - 2018-08-21
The next station is Hiyoshi. Passengers changing to the Meguro Line, and the Yokohama Municipal Subway, please transfer at this station.
東京Express @Exp_Tokyo - 2018-08-21
The next station is Musashi-kosugi. Passengers changing to the Meguro Line, and the JR Line, please transfer at this station.
東京Express @Exp_Tokyo - 2018-08-21
The next station is Naka-meguro. Passengers changing to the Hibiya Line, please transfer at this station.
東京Express @Exp_Tokyo - 2018-08-21
The next station is Shibuya. This is the last stop of this line.
東京Express @Exp_Tokyo - 2018-08-21
The next station is Tamagawa. Passengers changing to the Tokyu Tamagawa Line, please transfer at this station.
覇燦 Nazmul hasan @nazmulsoft - 2018-08-21
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/mEbnoFP01T Tokyo Shinjuku Station is The world biggest Station ,
Among Cultures @amongcultures - 2018-08-20
@iheart30stm Yeah, #Odaiba is pretty cool. Bit intimidating, with so many shopping malls and attractions in one pla… https://t.co/QDmS4vqmn2
Argentum Properties @ArgentumPropert - 2018-08-20
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Boice United @BoiceUnited - 2018-08-20
2009: Debut in Japan

CNBLUE's first live performance took place in Tokyo, Japan, at the entrance of Shinjuku Stat… https://t.co/80jZKmVTMJ
Bunzo 🇯🇵🐘 @Bunzo_Eng - 2018-08-20
I found a family of the tourist from France at the platform of Otemachi station. They seemed they didn’t know how t… https://t.co/ZhnFj86jfO
Canada's Alternative @Canada_Alt - 2018-08-20
#NowPlaying Hot Tonight - Tokyo Police Club https://t.co/owTheSeYMT #alt #tunein
Canada's Alternative @Canada_Alt - 2018-08-20
#NowPlaying Tokyo Summer - Mounties https://t.co/owTheSeYMT #alt #tunein
Canada's Alternative @Canada_Alt - 2018-08-20
- Mounties - Tokyo Summer #alt #tunein
Canada's Alternative @Canada_Alt - 2018-08-20
- Mounties - Tokyo Summer #alt #tunein
Central Scrutinizer @WPJ4 - 2018-08-20
I'm sick of having Tokyo Rose in the White House, with Fox as the radio station of choice.
Dan D @ddasser - 2018-08-20
@BradSchrag @CycleJunkie88 @SapiensCato @Michael_D_Crow @Zerilos @brandonrgates @EthonRaptor @RalphSmorra… https://t.co/Wepk6FAxfL
DiegoSikora @DiegoSikora - 2018-08-20
@Benjamin_Taylor It looks more like the Tokyo Station one.
Eleanor Goldsmith 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇳🇿🇯🇵🇪🇺🍵 @zaichishka - 2018-08-20
@XinJeisan @sheepchase Russian group, briefly popular in 2003-05. I went to see them at Tokyo Dome. Mainly famous i… https://t.co/TyHaYPGBpO
Gentleman @foreign_Gman - 2018-08-20
📸Bruce Gilden.
Japan Tokyo Shinjuku. JR station morning rush hour. 1996 https://t.co/21kLCcIkmV
Henry Philippens @HenryLPH - 2018-08-20
When in #Tokyo don’t forget to pay attention to the upbeat jingles in the @tokyometro_info composed by… https://t.co/zMI5Df7oxi
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& And Hostel Asakusa Station: Year property opened: #2018, City: #Tokyo, Rate from: USD19 The post & And Hostel Asa… https://t.co/bIRKz0zuza
J-Pop Project News @JPopProjectNews - 2018-08-20
DJ Tomoaki at Shimokita FM is a good friend of ours in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. His station helped to launch Momoiro… https://t.co/mO7A9lZIPG
Keisei Kasahara @keiseikasahara - 2018-08-20
Many people amazing in
Tokyo station.
Kenneth Magadia @magadie - 2018-08-20
Looks like a school but its a train station @ Tokyo Station https://t.co/HvBv2foBV4
Lennon Nguyen @TheIcyRose - 2018-08-20
@YesButWhyEven @kurosei @JessMWoodward Ah that might be it, we only really used Tokyo station to transfer to JR lin… https://t.co/9QWtIWAmBg
Lennon Nguyen @TheIcyRose - 2018-08-20
@YesButWhyEven @kurosei @JessMWoodward We surprisingly didn't have much trouble with Tokyo station. The Character S… https://t.co/UGdKEZbIxT
Meep Ó Maoláin @transpacifique - 2018-08-20
got off at the wrong station and by the time I realized my mistake the next train was already pulling in ✨ Tokyo is amazing.
Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. @NikolovScience - 2018-08-20
@ddasser @BradSchrag @CycleJunkie88 @SapiensCato @Michael_D_Crow @Zerilos @brandonrgates @EthonRaptor @RalphSmorra… https://t.co/T8PI4F4uYl
Pharaoh @sneakyPP - 2018-08-20
@DaemonChill Good tips! I’ve gotten so used to driving that I have lost my public transport skills 😅 Thankfully, af… https://t.co/zICYR8gUGd
Plutoburns @Plutoburns - 2018-08-20
@BootlegGirl no theyd have a real one since public transit is so common in tokyo. The very explicable, but inexplicably empty, train station
Teppei Katori @teppeikatori - 2018-08-20
People sleeping at #Ueno station, Tokyo, Aug. 15, 1945. This is the night Japan accepted unconditional surrender an… https://t.co/9AvuBGBzSI
The Unlawyer @unlawyer - 2018-08-20
@mlq3 @daxlucas And I thought Narita airport was far, at 68 km. from Tokyo Station. Glorietta 5 to Clark is about 100 km.
To4akee™ @To4akee - 2018-08-20
Expecto Patronum®︎
model @tomomi_tojo
photo @To4akee
- 場所: Tokyo Station https://t.co/pouPmbGSrV
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