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The Renaissance-style redbrick architecture of Tokyo Station was originally built in 1914, then reconstructed as a two-story station building in 1947 after once destroyed during the war. In 2012, the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, designated as an Important Cultural Asset of Japan in 2003, was restored to its pre-war condition after the extensive 5-year renovation project.
The inside the station is complete with facilities including Central Street, GranSta, and Keiyo Street for your shopping and eating needs. The 2nd to the 4th floors of the station building has been used as Tokyo Station Hotel since 1915. The hotel offers 150 guest rooms and boasts of its prime location literally a few steps away from all major trains including the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and has the Imperial Palace in a distance.

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from JR Tokyo Station
  • Short walk from Tokyo Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line (M17)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-9-1, Marunochi , Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005


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How to get to Tokyo Sky Tree from Tokyo Station !

ディズニーリゾートスピーカーBOT @TDR_Speaker_BOT - 2019-07-22
[TDL] Resort line 'Tokyo Disney Land Station' Speaker
Part:Theme music
東京Express @Exp_Tokyo - 2019-07-22
The next station is Musashi-kosugi. Passengers changing to the Meguro Line, and the JR Line, please transfer at this station.
東京Express @Exp_Tokyo - 2019-07-22
The next station is Naka-meguro. Passengers changing to the Hibiya Line, please transfer at this station.
東京Express @Exp_Tokyo - 2019-07-22
The next station is Shibuya. This is the last stop of this line.
東京Express @Exp_Tokyo - 2019-07-22
The next station is Tamagawa. Passengers changing to the Tokyu Tamagawa Line, please transfer at this station.
東京Express @Exp_Tokyo - 2019-07-22
the Ginza Line, the Hanzōmon Line, and the Fukutoshin Line, please transfer at this station.
自動放送BOT @jidouhousou_bot - 2019-07-22
The next station is Tokyo. The doors on the left side will open.
Please change here for the Shinkansen, the Tokaid… https://t.co/3zuWGJ96CE
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Shibuya station in Tokyo.
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Light em up! Best of Tokyo Adachi-ku’s annual summer fireworks. #fireworks #tokyo #adachi #東京 #花火 #japan #summer #夏… https://t.co/o09hY6FEhL
Jimmy Cohrssen @JimmyCohrssen - 2019-07-21
Light em up! Best of Tokyo Adachi-ku’s annual summer fireworks. #fireworks #tokyo #adachi #東京 #花火 #japan #summer #夏… https://t.co/ocxYGtVAck
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This store itself is made like piece of an art https://t.co/iuDth7FwzY
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@joshspero Tokyo was the first place I saw the “this building has N floors” pop up when I was trying to find a tonk… https://t.co/0RCOhc3S4p
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There have been elections twice when I have been there. A friend and I even ran into Abe doing a hustings outside S… https://t.co/r7RAfZqxSB
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From my archives, 21 July 2012. An E653 series EMU stands at Ueno Station in Tokyo, ready to run a 'Fresh Hitachi'… https://t.co/EZ6xetM0AL
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Reina H Incyon 🌏💎🐚🌋 @meisannboureina - 2019-07-21
This is my first time able to take a Tokyo Station picture😄 https://t.co/U5ZFBOybrl
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