Tokyu Plaza Omotesando-Harajuku

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando-Harajuku


Tokyu Plaza Omotesando-Harajuku is a shopping mall opened in the middle of the Omotesando and Harajuku area as a center of Japanese fashion and culture. The mall has assembled tenants based on its development concept of showcasing one-of-the-kind merchandise that you can buy only here. Check out all of the shops (brands introduced first time in Japan, flagship shops, and shops with new line business) in this mall.
The mall has a rooftop terrace called Omohara-no-Mori (Omohara Forest) created with many trees to form a green zone in harmony with that of the neighboring Meiji-jingu Shrine and Zelkova trees along Omotesando-dori Avenue. The terrace serves as a haven for rest and relaxation.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Shops: 11:00 - 21:00
  • Restaurants (6F - 7F): 8:30 -23:00


  • No closing days

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Meijijingu-mae Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (C03) or Fukutoshin Line (F15)
  • 4 minutes walk from JR Harajuku Station

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Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 4-30-3, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001



ghirahime  @cheeserzeppeli - 2014-10-23
i'm going to try to be a harajuku esque harley quinn for Halloween but i'm afraid someone will think i'm being problematic
juku   @Fari_Harajuku - 2014-10-23
@BoutDollaz 🙌🙌 even more buzzz ! i see u lol
Science_Patrol [氷]  @Science_Patrols - 2014-10-23
Into Japanese trash culture // subculture? Idols? Rad music? Swing by WWW Shibuya on 10/30 for the Trash-Up Matsuri!
Blu Hef  @BoutDollaz - 2014-10-23
@Fari_Harajuku lol I got the drop like last week I ain't even waist my time 😂
Tees and Things  @margiebarretto - 2014-10-23
@margiebarretto with @darlasauler 😀 at Shibuya crossing #tokyo #japan
Yuki Kameda  @stmng_yk - 2014-10-23
Disney Villains😈🎃😈🎃 #disney #disneyvillains #disneycharacter #shibuyaT2 #shibuya #SHBUYA…
juku   @Fari_Harajuku - 2014-10-23
nov 6 the 🔥 drops 🙊
Eri ShiBOOya  @Eri_Shibuya - 2014-10-23
@paulinewongpw @urbandictionary OMFG LOL
juku   @Fari_Harajuku - 2014-10-23
@BoutDollaz lol they was sold out in 5 lol
Yuki Kameda  @stmng_yk - 2014-10-23
Happy halloween👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃 #SHBUYA #shibuya #shibuyaT2 #squeaready #friend #itsmylife #halloween…
Kiyoshi Sugo  @kiyoshisugo - 2014-10-23
[EVENT] 11/9 (sun) 15:00~ at Shibuya LOUNGE NEO & Glad "en006 LOUNGE NEO 12th ANNIV."
Tristan Salvanera  @psTristan - 2014-10-23
ugh, can't believe I missed this #sickday Chris Martin Workshop @En Dance Studio SHIBUYA: via @YouTube
TAKA【+HESOCIE+Y】  @TKFM1986 - 2014-10-23
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Tiesha Watson  @TieshaWatson - 2014-10-23
"@BrokenDollJapan: Wow! So cool hat! 💕“@TokyoFashion: Harajuku guy”" HE IS GORGEOUS!
4U2S0twt  @4UStwtNYC - 2014-10-23
A Japanese Rock Band Performing Live on the Shibuya 109 Stage at Shibuya Music Festival in Tokyo JP
Little Lost Girl  @LLG_uk - 2014-10-23
@JohnnyCupcakes Akihabara!!! Hit up some arcades and a maid café too! And Harajuku on a Sunday morning.
Asia Freckleland  @AsiaFreckles - 2014-10-23 Lolita Fashion Tights. Discount code: beauty ♥♥
山下快(S.K.DISCO)  @caaaaaaai - 2014-10-23
11.5(wed) S.K.DISCO @SHIBUYA_KOARA with @DUBBY78 ,and @TakuroHasumi !
bebop  @ratarabiosa669 - 2014-10-23
@PaintItBlues what does fashion week mean can I go walk around super harajuku?
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【 TranceP 】  @TranceThePrince - 2014-10-23
@Aeolys if I ever go extreme harajuku Id totes trust you with my nails
Ceci Guevara  @thetriplefblog - 2014-10-23
You are invited to a #Harajuku Fashion Show at Austin School of Fashion Design! Come see the cool,…
よっしゃーHKT!  @hakatayossha - 2014-10-23
@dreamingpebbles @Diadinho @Ryo634 just posters in shibuya station and fukuoka
Johnny Megahan  @johnmegahan - 2014-10-23
Walking around Shibuya at midnight beats walking around San Francisco at midnight any day of the week.
杉澤 響平(22)  @sugi_zone - 2014-10-23
Say!Shibuya! (\Shibuya/)
Jp Girls  @MyJpGirl - 2014-10-23
Went to the Cinnabon Harajuku shop today.: Went to the Cinnabon Harajuku shop today.
High Places  @hellohighplaces - 2014-10-23
If u find yourself in Tokyo between now & Nov. 11, make your way to Lamp Gallery in Harajuku for a great group show called Sheros.
Niko Ido  @nikoido - 2014-10-23
wow magic at shibuya this 30. should've went to japan
Numberthree  @DistroN3s - 2014-10-23
Asics Gel Lyte III - Shibuya RM459 phone order +60146227221 or #sayajual…