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TOKYU THEATRE Orb is a theater for musicals located on the 11th floor of Shibuya Hikarie. A variety of programs have been staged at this theater, including Broadway musicals and numerous performances by top artists of Japan, Europe and the US. The seating space was built with a "floating feel" concept using a dark blue and white color scheme to create a magical atmosphere. The theater has a total seating capacity of 1,972 persons.
The night view looking down at Shibuya town from the theater bar in the lobby of the second floor seating is highly recommended.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the show


  • Varies according to the show

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Varies according to the show

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Directly connected from Shibuya Station on the JR lines, Tokyo Metro Hanzo-mon Line (Z01), Ginza Line (G01), Fukutoshin Line (F16), Keio Inokashira Line (IN01), Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line (DT01) or Tokyu Toyoko Line (TY01)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8510


ENTER-STAGE @enter_stage_en - 2019-11-15
Shota Hayashi (Johnny's Jr.), Takehiko Ono and Ran Otori.
The show will be at Tokyu Theatre Orb (cap 1,972) in Toky… https://t.co/KmvBeVACr0
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Cirque Éloize returns to Japan for the first time in six years. Their Wild West-inspired show, “Saloon,” mixes danc… https://t.co/l6i9At6GXZ
Carlos Quiapo @qarloscuiapo - 2019-10-11
Tokyu Theatre Orb is doing a production of Sister Act... and ladies and gentlemen, blackface. in Japan. https://t.co/BltrP9t68n
iHeartRadio Broadway @iHeartRadioBway - 2019-10-02
#JesusChristSuperstar is heading to #Japan! 🎶 https://t.co/cHdKzfpJp4
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Tokyo! We're having the best time with you and we're so excited to be performing at the Tokyu Theatre Orb for the n… https://t.co/0nYAv2AMzL
The Bodyguard UK @TheBodyguardUK - 2019-09-13

The Bodyguard UK Tour has arrived at the Tokyu Theatre Orb and we’re saving all our love for YOU! https://t.co/GdetmTrasI
BWW_Japan @BWW_Japan - 2019-08-27
Blast! The Music of Disney comes to Japan every year, but this is the LAST CHANCE to catch the incredible live marc… https://t.co/wEGMNTTWfs
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ENTER-STAGE @enter_stage_en - 2019-07-26
Masashi Oyama and Katsunori Uchiba.
The direction by Joshua Bergasse will be new and different from London producti… https://t.co/iRyFWzQXO5
シティポータル倉敷 @kurashiki_in - 2019-07-16
BWW Interview: Lawson Young of DISNEY ON CLASSIC at Tokyu Theatre Orb - Broadway World https://t.co/5crHpqDq3Q https://t.co/0Gqa4FtcLU
TwoTwo Y. Chen @uhanadancing - 2019-07-13
CHICAGO THE MUSICAL to Play at Tokyu Theatre Orb https://t.co/qICKuoT8th
BWW_Japan @BWW_Japan - 2019-07-11
The King & I Opens in Japan! Ken Watanabe (@Watanabe), Kelli O'Hara (@kelliohara), and Bartlett Sher (… https://t.co/RapHluaetH
David Nelson @touringdave - 2019-07-11
The Ladies and Gentlemen the wonderful company of @thekingandiuk in Japan at the TOKYU Orb theatre with @kelliohara… https://t.co/0AF2KYPTts
GoodNewsPilipinas.com @GoodNewsPinas_ - 2019-07-09
Our Filipino Pride Advocate Joanna Ampil is scheduled to debut on the Tokyo stage at the Tokyu Theatre Orb this Oct… https://t.co/LdgbJsD9jl
ENTER-STAGE @enter_stage_en - 2019-07-03
Her Broadway run will be until July 14, then she and the company will come to Japan, at Orix Theater (cap. 2,400) i… https://t.co/rZVZweAacO
Joanna Ampil @JoannaAmpil - 2019-07-01
I’m thrilled to be playing Mary Magdalene once again after opening it in the West End many years ago & to have my d… https://t.co/AbiXT6BbaK
BWW_Japan @BWW_Japan - 2019-06-28
CHICAGO THE MUSICAL to Play at Tokyu Theatre Orb
BWW_Japan @BWW_Japan - 2019-06-20
PIPPIN finds his corner of the TOKYO sky! Shirota Yu and Crystal Kay lead the mixed company of Japanese and Western… https://t.co/RI6dRguCYA
griddlebone @dabobabiccho - 2019-06-20
BWW Previews: PIPPIN Finds His 'Corner of the Sky' at Tokyu Theatre Orb in JAPAN https://t.co/klPLQJ662r
ENTER-STAGE @enter_stage_en - 2019-06-11
You will see 'Magic to Do' and 'Corner of the Sky' in the video. It will be at Tokyu Theatre Orb (cap. 1,972) thru… https://t.co/GlWRK1N0gB
ENTER-STAGE @enter_stage_en - 2019-05-22
Japanese production of Broadway musical 'Pippin' will open in June at Tokyu Theatre Orb (cap 1,972)! The show origi… https://t.co/xQQPK0Qv2E
ENTER-STAGE @enter_stage_en - 2019-05-22
to the first Takarazuka show in NY!
The show will be at Tokyu Theatre Orb from Jun 10 to 30, at Aichi-ken Geijutsu… https://t.co/CzkBtyxzeJ
TheJapanNews Editor @JapanNewsEditor - 2019-05-13
4 prominent U.S. musical stars come to Tokyo! “The Broadway Musical Concert” by Norm Lewis, Brandon Victor Dixon, J… https://t.co/UN9Pq07fSn
ぴっころ @tiro17551 - 2019-05-13
4 prominent U.S. musical stars come to Tokyo! “The Broadway Musical Concert” by Norm Lewis, Brandon Victor Dixon, J… https://t.co/p1SXBvpyGL
Nami Tamaki Spain™ @Nami_Spain - 2019-05-12
Today was the penultimate day of the musical #KinkyBoots in Tokyo with matinee & soiree’s performances at Tokyu The… https://t.co/UFL8Y0zOHy
Nami Tamaki Spain™ @Nami_Spain - 2019-05-10
Today was the 20th day of the musical #KinkyBoots with matinee & soiree performances!👠 Just 3 days left at Tokyu Th… https://t.co/vuQYCG0OhU
Nami Tamaki Spain™ @Nami_Spain - 2019-05-06
Today was the 17th day of the musical #KinkyBoots with matinee & soiree performances at Tokyu Theatre Orb!👠 Our swe… https://t.co/w7LownfW3x
Nami Tamaki Spain™ @Nami_Spain - 2019-04-28
Today was the 11th day of the musical #KinkyBoots at Tokyu Theatre Orb with a matinee’s performance!👠 The sexiest N… https://t.co/PLf2qjmFS6
Nami Tamaki Spain™ @Nami_Spain - 2019-04-26
The cast had a day off yesterday, but today was the 8th day of the musical #KinkyBoots with 2 more performances at… https://t.co/NR0h9oJj1a


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