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Toshimaen is an amusement park which still has the atmosphere of the good old days when it was opened in 1927. The amusement park presents about 30 attractions including roller coasters, haunted houses and pirate ships. One of the most popular attractions is an old roller coaster "CYCLONE" installed in 1965.
The Toshimaen's swimming pools including Japan's first lazy river is a summer feature of Tokyo. There is also a hot spring spa facility called “Toshimaen-Niwa-no-yu” right next to the amusement park.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 10:00 – 17:00 *varies according to the season


  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays (except national holidays)

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission only: 1,000 yen (General, Adult)
  • Admission only: 500 yen (Child)
  • One-day pass: 4,200 yen (General, Adult) *admission inclusive
  • One-day pass: 3,200 yen (Child) *admission inclusive

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Toshimaen Station on the Toei Oedo Line (E36) or Seibu Toshima Line (SI39)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 3-25-1, Koyama, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 176-0022


ほぼ毎日としまえんに行くかつさんちゃんねるYouTuber @toshimaen_lober - 2020-10-27
I wish I had hope and something like this
That's fine, but I don't think there's any thought about what we can do,… https://t.co/ae7G8pWgQK
Helen McCarthy @tweetheart4711 - 2020-10-25
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Rin💜 @rinnosekai5 - 2020-10-24
Jun keep saying that he wanted to go to an amusement park, how cute is that 🥺

P.S Toshimaen was an amusement park… https://t.co/LGy5I2nsHq
mochimoto jun ☁ @byebicycle - 2020-10-24
also jun cutely whines that for his last segment he wanted to go to toshimaen, an amusement park he's loved since h… https://t.co/gYeqOo12qF
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★ Roots of Saitama people (various theories)
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Suddenly, a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly blames a Nerima ward resident who is seriously working on sol… https://t.co/EUPnocKO5g
DDT English Update @ddtpro_eng - 2020-10-10
I haven't forgotten

Be specific

IKEMEN dropped me into a lake at Toshimaen!

In these… https://t.co/iL7MyYE8rs
JAGTAR DHINDSA @JAG6042 - 2020-10-10
After a long ride, will anyone save this Tokyo carousel? | The Japan Times https://t.co/ynAttKS8dR
ほぼ毎日としまえんに行くかつさんちゃんねるYouTuber @toshimaen_lober - 2020-10-09
I live in Tokyo, Japan
YouTube shoots with the theme of scenery
If there is a scenery or place you want to see in T… https://t.co/ru1T3pavCG
ほぼ毎日としまえんに行くかつさんちゃんねるYouTuber @toshimaen_lober - 2020-10-09
Please reply if anything happens
I will check it with Google Translate and reply
I think the world is hard and unco… https://t.co/2Sc4s0NeWr
mysterysnack @mysterysnack1 - 2020-10-08
Because Toshimaen is still designated as an evacuation site.

In addition, regarding the plan of Tokyo Metropolitan… https://t.co/sEm27VVBAB
mysterysnack @mysterysnack1 - 2020-10-08
which we heard that it will be a disaster prevention park.
Therefore, until they are clarified, we will strongly ur… https://t.co/KnFFKxGw56
GOOD CHOICE TOKYO @ChoiceTokyo - 2020-10-07
Toshimaen, an amusement park in Tokyo, has closed on August 31 2020 after 94 years of operation. The beloved amusem… https://t.co/m0bgOZGKsq
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'Toshimaen' in Tokyo, an amusement park with a history of almost 100 years.
The park closed on 8/31.
Would you like… https://t.co/IpDExbu4Nm
MYB🌸 Boom Trigger updates💥 @Mybloom05 - 2020-10-06
The backstage video from 08/13 Toshimaen debut live has been released! 😬
Please have a meal* 🐒🐒 https://t.co/fdwipg7eO2
MYB🌸 Boom Trigger updates💥 @Mybloom05 - 2020-10-06

【YouTube】Trigger Log~ Debut Live in Toshimaen~😉✨

We'll show you the backstage from debut live in Toshimaen 08… https://t.co/siAMpGOaYr
たかゆき @oithan - 2020-10-06
【Toshimaen,my favorite amusement park, has closed.】Vlog https://t.co/KvY6LQb95k @YouTubeより
Asger R. Christensen @asgerrojle - 2020-10-04
After a long ride, will anyone save this Tokyo carousel? | The Japan Times https://t.co/XGksbCrS5v
JapaneseBullFighter @bull_japanese - 2020-10-04
The not very subliminal message of this article is 'white people do it better.'

mysterysnack @mysterysnack1 - 2020-10-04
When a fire whirlwind occurred due to a large earthquake, more than 60,000 residents of Nerima Ward were assigned T… https://t.co/vwdw5Gy8J3
Flamingo同好会会長(非公式) @Flaming99592405 - 2020-10-03
@Skysand_Art I live in north of Japan ,but Toshimaen is located in Tokyo.
If I have a chance,I want to visit there.… https://t.co/XxiZBMNOwc
Japan Times: Life @japantimes_life - 2020-10-03
After a long ride, will anyone save this Tokyo carousel? | via @nytimes https://t.co/OS2tgaPzsw
Yasushi Takehara @yasushitakehara - 2020-10-03
Rise and fall (栄枯盛衰).
In addition, we have already had enough museum to keep records of history.

After a long ride… https://t.co/G6tQcuKQ8f
hama✿|としまえん古城でラーメン食べたい! @Rabbithomestaff - 2020-10-03
'Toshimaen' in Tokyo, an amusement park with a history of almost 100 years.The park closed on 8/31.
Is the reason o… https://t.co/LpM5UCu15S
hama✿|としまえん古城でラーメン食べたい! @Rabbithomestaff - 2020-10-03
Please see the many memories of Toshimaen. It's a wonderful amusement park.

mysterysnack @mysterysnack1 - 2020-10-03
It turned out that a ward council member requested disclosure and the logging notification for the site of Toshimae… https://t.co/Ldur7cwWEP
Andy Vermaut @AndyVermaut - 2020-10-02
After a long ride, will anyone save this Tokyo carousel? https://t.co/3PH9T1RRBU https://t.co/tU0XApBVab
The Japan Times @japantimes - 2020-10-02
After a long ride, will anyone save this Tokyo carousel? | via @nytimes https://t.co/PMZLsAJGk2
としおととしこ @qniJC1CrHjmRfoD - 2020-10-02
Toshimaen was an important amusement park for families to enjoy at our resting place
However, it was said that Harr… https://t.co/kh8lTRPoos


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