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TOYOTA Commemorative Museum of Industry Technology exhibits Toyota's textile machinery, which was one of the core industries that helped build modern Japan, and automobile engineering that continues to drive the country’s development. The large museum, built in a former Toyota's factory site, allows visitors to meet, learn about, and experience first-hand the spirit of Japan's manufacturing.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:30 - 17:00 *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • Mondays

Price / RatePrice / Rate

  • 500 yen (General, Adult)
  • 300 yen (Student)
  • 200 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 3 minutes walk from Sakou Station on the Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line

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Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 4-1-35, Noritakeshimmachi, Nishi-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 451-0051



いろはす  @s05419_kuzawa - 2014-11-24
Please make friends with me. You should live in Nagoya if possible. Please tell me English.
zane  @littlemonstermn - 2014-11-24
@devinpfox I was very fun in Nagoya yesterday. You are not far from the head.🇯🇵😍☀🏯
なみたぷはたぷに夢中  @haroonamikum - 2014-11-24
2014.11.15-16 👑 in. #Nagoya SP Thanx ♻️ @gdxmin…
Obey Chantel  @D0p3_Bichh - 2014-11-24
Get free 🇫🇴🇱🇱🇴🇼🇪🇷🇸 everyhour ➡➡➡ 💟 @akira_all_OK @kniiinooo @nagoya_wedding
JHECeffect  @jhecstar_ - 2014-11-24
@h3artands3oul This made me wanna teleport to Nagoya eonni. Kkkk!~ So nice of you. :)
나프  @h3artands3oul - 2014-11-24
@kaonchan123 Yes! Lets meet at nagoya! ^^
る~ちゃん☆카언╭( ・ㅂ・)و&PB  @kaonchan123 - 2014-11-24
@h3artands3oul Kyaaaaa〜〜〜♡ I go to Nagoya, too! I want to meet you by all means!^^
✩ 限界破裂 ✩  @balloons - 2014-11-24
like this pic of him in Nagoya I was like wow look at his rly long legs he's so tall and then I remembered he's the same height as me.
HotChirp  @HotChirp - 2014-11-24
See Trending Tweets as to Nagoya on 11/24/2014
나프  @h3artands3oul - 2014-11-24
@kaonchan123 I'll go to Nagoya. Hope to see you! ^^
나프  @h3artands3oul - 2014-11-24
@GrlyGirlie @JYHeffect See you in nagoya! 😆😆😆😆
Daniel Boone  @itsDanielBoone - 2014-11-24 #Japanese Type 30 Parts Bayonet - toyoda auto loom works under nagoya supervision
143JB(ㆁᴗㆁ凸)  @shogilove - 2014-11-24
@devinpfox Yesterday sooooo excited in NAGOYA (*/>∀<)/💕💕💕💕💕
BlacklemonLJong  @BlacklemonLjong - 2014-11-24
[Fancam] 141123 INFINITE F Showcase in Nagoya #Myungjong #엘성 (cr:princesserimu)
♥매일보고싶은♥  @korurumod - 2014-11-24
141123 INFINITE F ~Nagoya release event- ending:
Marco Lombardi  @MarcoLombardi1 - 2014-11-24
@TMNewsAgenzia on my meeting of last Thursday with Nagoya Mayor Kawamura. @OrbisTertius3 @Expo2015Milano
つ ん つ ん は絶賛低浮上中  @awkwarder1103 - 2014-11-24
@s____y0911 I live in Nagoya 🍤
h.w.e.m.i  @hwemi_pri - 2014-11-24
Im gonna wait for @blobyblo in nagoya 🍢🍲🍦
~veronica~  @GrlyGirlie - 2014-11-24
@h3artands3oul that's nice. perfect idea ^^ hope to see you again in Nagoya! @JYHeffect
AMS/アムス  @ams_la - 2014-11-24
Orlando Deals  @SB_OrlandoDeals - 2014-11-24
$10.00 for $25.00 Gift Certificate from Nagoya Sushi & Grill
パルクール ParkourVideos  @parkourvideos_ - 2014-11-24
おかやん  @tenkyu_130 - 2014-11-24
@FIFAcom Seigou Narazaki. Former Japanese Int'l custodian is still first class goalkeeper in J-League. He is playing legend of Nagoya.
Lexuseurope  @Lexuseurope - 2014-11-24
Every great Lexus starts life as a clay model. Like the #LexusRCF on display in Nagoya, Japan.
伊58@でちでち抗狂曲  @Nippo_717_kisei - 2014-11-24
Lakan Bautista  @LakanPH - 2014-11-24
@Marriott Does Marriott Nagoya have a twitter account?
Eimi Mori  @botan0606 - 2014-11-24
I went to Nagoya and watched Interstellar,the Christopher Nolan's latest SF movie. It was so beautiful and chic.
나프  @h3artands3oul - 2014-11-24
@boice106 Yes! Lets meet in Nagoya! ^^
hiro ひろ  @hirosizuku - 2014-11-24
@sakura_panda @parco_nagoya Happy Merry X'mas✩॰*
あいん  @ein_nagoya - 2014-11-24
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus (Original Single Version) NDW