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Tsukiji Market is the largest public wholesale market in Japan, and its floor area of around 23 hectares is the largest in the world. Today the market also has become one of the major tourist spots, attracting visitors from both Japan and abroad.
Tsukiji is where all that Sushi and Sashimi turns up after it has been fished out of the sea. The day begins very early, with the arrival of fish and its wholesale auctioning. Auctions in vast quantities conducted by middlemen are scenes of great energy, and the speed at which successive auctions are settled is staggering. You would have to be get there before 5 am to see their auction. The number of guests for the auction is limited (120 for each day) and they handle applications on a first-come and first-served basis (The application begins from 5 am).
You are free to visit the outer market called "Tsukiji Jogai Market (Tsukiji Outer Market)" and wander around the stalls that are set up by wholesalers and intermidiaries to sell directly to restaurants, retail stores and other buyers. It is a fun place where you can find anything from foods such as fresh fish, meats and vegetables, and dried foods, to food-related products such as kitchen knives and tableware. In addition, you don't have to arrive the outer market that early: as long as you are there between 9 am and 1 pm there will be something going on. Watch out your shoes while walking aound the market - there is a lot of muck and water on the floor.
Tsukiji is also a fine place for having breakfast and lunch. There are plenty of restaurants which serve fresh seafood dishes in and around the market. As the wholesalers in the market do not allow visitors until 9 am, it is recommended to have breakfast there and spend time if you come to the market in the early morning to see their auction.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop *Visitors allowed to enter the intermidiate wholesaler's area after 9:00
  • Tuna Auction: 5:25 - 5:50, 5:50 - 6:15 *Application begins from 5:00


  • Wednesdays *Varies according to the shop
  • Sundays and National holidays
  • Year-end and New Year's holidays

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Tsukiji Shijo Station on the Toei Oedo Line (E18)
  • 10 minutes walk from Tsukiji Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (H10)
  • 10 minutes walk from Higashi Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (H09) or Toei Asakusa Line (A11)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 5-2-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045


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Nicole Poi @pinkypiggu - 2019-10-17
I Uni ❤ u! Super full-filling time with all the uni delights at Tsukiji Outer Market 😍😍😍 #pinkypigguinjapan… https://t.co/uH0Rpzq3wV
Ryan Laplante🏳️‍🌈 @Protentialmn - 2019-10-17
Could live in the Tsukiji Market https://t.co/15fOTYoqHa
セラビー 東京 店 @celavi_tokyo - 2019-10-17
✨ everyone Hello! ✨

Ceraby Tokyo store
We are open!

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It's time… https://t.co/dH7AjOemBb
Ekhlasur Rahman @ekhlasur - 2019-10-16
Last full day in Japan. Starting early in the morning at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. #ekhandlaurainjapan… https://t.co/AatXQusVNL
Mark Lee @mclee101 - 2019-10-16
An amazing day with Glenn again sampling food and utensils at Tsukiji Market from Abalone at £2,200 per kilo, or se… https://t.co/ptkxZ60PMI
Morphy Richards @MorphyIndia - 2019-10-16
Tsukiji Market: Japan
Known for the unique Tuna auction and Tuna Cutting Show, the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is… https://t.co/wER7G9nsUQ
Takuma Enomoto @enomoto_takuma - 2019-10-16
Enjoying an assortment of sashimi in this gorgeous donburi 🙃

Follow my fitness account @enomoto_takuma @ 東京築地中央… https://t.co/3lf43Lmfvz
Takuma Enomoto @enomoto_takuma - 2019-10-16
Trying the sea urchin (uni) bun, surprisingly delicious 😋

Follow my fitness account @enomoto_takuma @ Tsukiji O… https://t.co/pN9oTVJOQK
cardigan boyfriend @jamessasek - 2019-10-16
@evelynanne i did this in japan once but my partner wasn't planning to eat anything (first day jet lag queasiness)… https://t.co/RFAEpz0CCK
セラビー 東京 店 @celavi_tokyo - 2019-10-16
Lunch buffet started from yesterday ~! (๑╹ω╹๑) ♪

This is a limited time only


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セラビー 東京 店 @celavi_tokyo - 2019-10-16
✨ Hello everyone! ✨

Ceraby Tokyo store
We are open!

Today → 08:30 ~ 18:30 Open!

There is also a great mornin… https://t.co/rBTbN9gnnP
Julian Sena @JujutronTV - 2019-10-15
@TSM_Leffen It’s not upscale but Tsukiji fish market has the best sushi in Tokyo. Mindblowing omakase 🤯
Yordy Minderhoud @YordyTube - 2019-10-15
Went to Toyosu Market this morning and even though it was a colossal letdown for those who’ve been to the Tsukiji M… https://t.co/1yi8IZb9wj
karokohi @karokohi - 2019-10-15
my Tokyo trip has been amazing so far....here’s a pigeon at the Tsukiji Market that was waiting for us to drop some… https://t.co/TKPt5ZUcP8
セラビー 東京 店 @celavi_tokyo - 2019-10-15
✨ Hello everyone! ✨

Ceraby Tokyo store

→ Open from 08:30 〜 18:30 today!

There is also a great morning se… https://t.co/6GOuyG2aLf
Aida Popescu @AidaPopescu3 - 2019-10-14
$3 Million Bluefin Tuna Breaks Auction Record at Tsukiji Fish Market

Plus, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes a jab at… https://t.co/V3yHExrzx4
Alex @Kenobi324 - 2019-10-14
Would anyone know if #Tsukiji outer market is open today due to the holiday? #Tokyo #Japan
Glenn Guan @glennguan - 2019-10-14
Sea urchin bun. Bamboo charcoal bun with sea urchin cream sauce topped with fresh sea urchin 🥰 @ Tsukiji Outer Mark… https://t.co/7sqKE437tD
Princess Yomu @TokyoJournal2 - 2019-10-14
#Funfacts 5 million pounds of seafood are sold DAILY at Tsukiji Fish Market!
Brian Chew @zabimaru1000 - 2019-10-13
@Nyanpastique I'm down to go to tsukiji fish market if we both happen to be in Japan at the same time lmao
Brian Christian @BC_Riverside - 2019-10-13
Tsukiji - the fish market may have gone, but you still can’t get a better breakfast anywhere! #Japan 🇯🇵 https://t.co/azGorExe3S
Eddie Trinidad @EdwardSTrinidad - 2019-10-13
I don't care how tourist trappy Tsukiji market is...I love it. @ Tsujki Tokyo Fish Market https://t.co/DTbPypb20V
Jim Stevenson @VOAStevenson - 2019-10-13
Tokyo's Toyosu fish market pestered by problems a year after move from Tsukiji https://t.co/5E5MEUgCnt @japantimes
Lani Mermaid @LaniKnowsBetter - 2019-10-13
@sailenoiro Check Himawari. It's usually frozen there. Don't get it if it looks frostbitten, and it's usually fairl… https://t.co/0ZM9ljihRK
Nick Hughes @NickGMT2 - 2019-10-13
As we sit here waiting for our flight back to the UK, @lisamcauley01 had the job of recording me conquering a giant… https://t.co/aqwCZlv15h
Spooky Mr.Jodan Games @TheJordanDraper - 2019-10-13
Nice game of TOKYO TSUKIJI MARKET yesterday! The barge saw some action but my three boat fleet with eels and crabs… https://t.co/8VKpYEXPNu
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Just like its predecessor in Tsukiji, Toyosu Market is home to some of the top sushi restaurants in Tokyo.… https://t.co/j2LEMZPsQN
TimeOutTokyo @TimeOutTokyo - 2019-10-13
Tsukiji may be a morning market, but it now has seafood restaurants, ramen shops, izakaya and bars that open late i… https://t.co/ZtJaESb72y
nydia susanto @galontrip - 2019-10-13
Pasar Muara Baru, the newest fish market in Jakarta inspired by Tsukiji Market, Tokyo. It's not as big as Tsukiji,… https://t.co/3ss1ydaAH8
ChrisSturhann @ChrisSturhann - 2019-10-12
If these guys play their card right, do you what 200 tons of crab meat would go for at Tsukiji Fish Market #EbirahHorrorOfTheDeep #TCMParty
EIN Seafood News @EINSeafoodNews - 2019-10-12
Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market still pestered by problems a year after move from Tsukiji https://t.co/OPW90CAvg6


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