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Umihotaru is an artificial island situated at the central of Tokyo Bay, with a five floor facility. It is on the middle of Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, an express way which connects Kisarazu City in Chiba Prefecture. with Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture. "Umihotaru" means a sea-firefly since the island looks shining on the sea at night.
You can listen, watch and stay close to the sea in this island and visit exhibitions and art crafts related to the sea inside the building. There are also restaurants, theme parks, local specialty stores and even free foot spa on the 4th floor.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • No closing days

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 37 minutes from JR Kisarazu Station by the #7 bus.
  • 22 minutes from JR Kawasaki Station by the #22 bus.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Nakajimachisakiumihotaru, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba, 292-0071


RB Alonte-Chanco @RBchanco - 2019-04-04
Beautiful view of #TokyoBay in #Umihotaru❤️ #RBinJapan #Travel2019 #ILoveTokyo 🇯🇵 https://t.co/BhPDplZV7V
ノガ @Sinnoor1 - 2019-03-30
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leicalogy https://t.co/XOzAxNvdDe
tetsu32 @tetsu32 - 2019-03-21

leicalogy https://t.co/pvsZeFEGx3
tetsu32 @tetsu32 - 2019-03-21

leicalogy https://t.co/kDDkmW0xRL
Nina M. Cataldo @nexstopnina - 2019-03-15
Umihotaru: Shop and Dine in the Middle of Tokyo Bay #Tokyoroadtrip #roadtripJapan https://t.co/UFXbAXFOck
Tomoaki Imai @tomoaki_imai - 2019-02-24
Guess where I am at(Hint the object you see on the horizon is Umihotaru) https://t.co/zrxjBxb6JL
sandalc @sandal_c - 2019-02-23
Umihotaru Food Court.🥤 https://t.co/RV7P40Tkgt
Sea Firefly @KGfirefly - 2019-02-22
@bluesanctuary_ @Twitter @carlosdiazjara1 @sabiila_ @bluesanctuary1 There were many fatal defects in my previous ac… https://t.co/Vl8iQQYmq8
Todd Oakley @UCSB_OakleyLab - 2019-02-15
@thackfish Derived from the Japanese word 'umihotaru' -> 'sea firefly' https://t.co/FWfsWkQEW7
Cynthia @cyndrobson - 2019-01-22
@9HUrne5nPVQ7p5h So glad you decided to keep this account dear Umihotaru..I love it! 😊🦋💐💞
Cynthia @cyndrobson - 2019-01-21
@9HUrne5nPVQ7p5h @Hipollyti What a lovely message..thank you so much dear Umihotaru. It is such a pleasure and a p… https://t.co/BFt7QNgxu4
Cynthia @cyndrobson - 2019-01-20
@Hipollyti @9HUrne5nPVQ7p5h That’s so true Hipollyte. Bless you, and thank you for your lovely message. I hope y… https://t.co/TLPutSvwVC
Nikokichi @nattchan12 - 2019-01-17
Foot stamp of Godzilla.

#godzilla #footprint #umihotaru #tokyobay #fromthewindow #ソラカラ #ソラマニ_マドカラ #海ほたる ana.japan https://t.co/Bq0I1FS3EI
ぶゆき @knobu440405 - 2019-01-15
Dec 31st,2018
#fine #ダンスボーカルユニットfine #ラーメン女子 #ワンピース20周年 #コカ・コーラ #猫好き #ダンス… https://t.co/HNpFBPcaOQ
ぶゆき @knobu440405 - 2019-01-15
Dec 31st,2018
#fine #ダンスボーカルユニットfine #海ほたる #カウントダウン #ダンス #焼きそば #ナビゲーター #撮影会… https://t.co/CuVcoyZQBi
Blue @bluesanctuary_ - 2019-01-13
@KGfirefly 💙💕🌹Thank you very much my dear friend and #Ûmihotaru
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1000 cups of Latte @murayama_tomomi - 2019-01-06
Today: the last of new year’s holidays, I went to Umihotaru on Tokyo-bay and had #GOMAGOMAGOMAFrappuccino with… https://t.co/1kFbsM7eOY
SceneInTime @SceneInTime - 2019-01-06
~ Water & Diamonds ~

~ Beauty Made By Nature & Beauty Made For Beauty ~

Photo Courtesy of @9HUrne5nPVQ7p5h Umihot… https://t.co/La8roNV1qY
SceneInTime @SceneInTime - 2019-01-06
~ Water & Diamonds ~

~ Beauty Made By Nature & Beauty Made For Beauty ~

Photo Courtesy of @9HUrne5nPVQ7p5h Umihot… https://t.co/La8roNV1qY
Sea Firefly @KGfirefly - 2018-12-31
@d_slavica @9HUrne5nPVQ7p5h Both are the same me. You do not need to forcibly follow. I made Sea because of my terr… https://t.co/DK79XMAuZF
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@9HUrne5nPVQ7p5h Happy New Year dear Umihotaru🙌😊💖🎇🍾🥂🎁🎁🎁🌹
粱愛玲 - 藍白は運命だ aizawa and shiraishi is lyfe @hayairei - 2018-12-09
I think gakky’s character in kemonare was born in Kisarazu or something and then Umihotaru was mentioned :”) aaaaaaaaah akajsjskakaksk
Chris Dina @christopherdina - 2018-12-03
Great behind the scenes look at Japan’s magnificent Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line bridge-tunnel project on @JapanTV tonight!… https://t.co/NMjD6J4NDS
Tokyo Fox 🦊 (東京狐) 🇬🇧🇯🇵 @tokyofox - 2018-11-29
A couple of fairly average match-up shots from #ShinGojira on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line & Umihotaru… https://t.co/gOyM0chf2u
Tokyo Fox 🦊 (東京狐) 🇬🇧🇯🇵 @tokyofox - 2018-11-28
The 7th & final part of this #ShinGojira movie locations series limps to a disappointing finish but maybe that… https://t.co/10iFlZxeIH
Hector Martin @marcan42 - 2018-11-15
Mount Fuji is visible today, all the way from Umihotaru in Tokyo Bay. https://t.co/wTjr7LaFyG


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