It is a historical fact that the first Tokugawa Shogun Ieyasu, the eighth Shogun Yoshimune, and the tenth Shogun Ieharu, had hot spring water brought from Kusatsu Onsen to Edo Castle in today's Tokyo in barrels for bathing. Throughout history, Kusatsu Onsen has been visited by numerous feudal lords, military commanders, and literary figures.
Located in the center of Kusatsu Onsen resort, the hot spring source called Yubatake gushes over 4,000 liters of hot spring water every minute. The Yubatake, which literally means "field of hot water", is a symbol of Kusatsu Onsen and the site is beautifully lit up after dark. Here, you can smell the intense odor of sulfur and watch billowing clouds of steam coming off from one of the largest natural springs in Japan. The hot spring water, which is an extremely hot 55 degrees Celsius when it comes out of the ground, passes through a series of wooden channels and is then sent to individual Ryokan inns in the town, cooling it along the way. The sinter accumulated here is a popular souvenir called "Yu-no-Hana (Hot Water Flowers)".

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / RatePrice / Rate

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 25 minutes from JR Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi by the bus bound for Kusatsu Onsen. Get off at Kusatsu Bus Termilal, then walk 5 minutes.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi Agatsuma-gun, Gumma, 377-1711



Rob Brackett  @Mr0grog - 2014-09-19
Debating just relaxing in this hot springs resort town (Kusatsu) for a day instead of continuing on to Nagano.
Odd Coupons  @OddCoupons - 2014-09-19
Coupon News by OddCoupons is out! http://t.co/hjyUbHuM0K Stories via @clg_kusatsu @AdventuresNurse
Jomo karuta Eng ver  @jomo_karuta_en - 2014-09-17
[Ku] The hot springs of Kusatsu, curative for your ills.
まさうぅー  @nharpssr - 2014-09-16
@canwallet Let's go to the KUSATSU!!:D
ELT Calendar  @eltcal - 2014-09-16
The 18th JLTA (Japan Language Testing Association) Annual Conference, Sep. 20 in Kusatsu, Shiga #JLTA http://t.co/jiJv8DGb8Z
Jomo karuta Eng ver  @jomo_karuta_en - 2014-09-16
[Ku] The hot springs of Kusatsu, curative for your ills.
Saki Chono  @sakichi66 - 2014-09-15
RISA👭♡♡Always thank you♡The next to Kusatsu♨︎ http://t.co/4nLPFWAwBg
たなふぁい  @Eishin_flaaaash - 2014-09-15
good relationship between us, http://t.co/MYcWwbfN1P. We spoke only English..He gonna go to Nagoya from Kusatsu.… http://t.co/1aGcMyMZ00
KRockFan-FTIsland  @PhoenixCat61 - 2014-09-14
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In LA w/the actors' side of @sagaftra pres Ken Howard w/great stories from Clyde Kusatsu Jenny O'Hara Kevin Sculllin http://t.co/Qnx3yXN74R
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.@sagaftra members Ken Howard, Jenny O'Hara, Kevin Scullin, Clyde Kusatsu talk about life as actor. http://t.co/iucTJxbTpE
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Today's Birthdays: Clyde Kusatsu is 66 years old today.
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Today's Birthdays | Clyde Kusatsu is 66 years old today.
成侘理 (Birb)  @Nanani72 - 2014-09-13
spotted in #kusatsu combini: A WILD CASETTE TAPE. did not know they still sold these. #inaka http://t.co/B3z0AFT1MQ
アンビア //京子 ☆  @kyoko_88 - 2014-09-13
In a taxi from Kusatsu to the fes. 30mins until gates open. Will we make it?? Will i get my hat?? Dun dun dun dun !