Ikebukuro / Bunkyo

Ikebukuro, Tokyo

People of different generations mingle, and amusement and culture meet in Ikebukuro. The Toden Arakawa Line is the only street car remaining in Tokyo, as its route goes through streets with a distinctive atmosphere. In front of the West Exit of JR Ikebukuro Station, there is the Tokyo metropolitan Art Space, which is an important center of culture. On the East side, the outstanding 60-story building in part of Sunshine City, where you can find many must-see spots including Namco Namjatown with its food theme park, the Sunshine Aquarium and the Ancient Orient Museum.

Homyo-ji Temple (Zohshigaya Kishimojin)
Homyo-ji Temple was originally established in 810 as a temple of Shingon Buddhism, Iko-ji Temple.
The name of the temple was changed to Homyo …  more »
Ikebukuro Entertainment Hall
Ikebukuro Entertainment Hall was founded in 1951.
In the small hall with 92 seats, you can enjoy Rakugo (comic storytelling performed by a st …  more »
Jiyu-gakuen Myonichi-kan
Myonichi-kan was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect who also designed the Imperial Hotel, as a school building of Jiyu-gakuen.
He  …  more »
Konica Minolta Planetarium 'Manten'
Located in Sunshine City, the planetarium is operated by a manufacturer of planetarium devices, Konica Minolta.
Visitors can experience a new …  more »
Namco Namjatown
Namco Namjatown is an indoor theme park that lets you enjoy everything from amusement to food all at once.
In addition to a variety of attra …  more »
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Sunshine Aquarium
Sunshine Aquarium is Japan’s first rooftop aquarium.
Here, visitors can gain an extraordinary experience in an atmosphere surrounded by water …  more »
Sunshine City
The massive commercial complex of Sunshine City has served as a landmark of Ikebukuro for over 30 years; it combines an aquarium, an observat …  more »
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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre is a cultural center in Tokyo where various performances of classical music, ballet, and theatrical plays are held …  more »
Museum / Gallery
TOYOTA Autosalon AMLUX Tokyo
TOYOTA Autosalon AMLUX Tokyo displays approximately 70 of Toyota’s vehicles, including their brand new models and concept cars.
In the showro …  more »

Bunkyo, Tokyo

Situated in the middle of Tokyo’s 23 wards area, Bunkyo is a residential and educational center.

Eisei-Bunko Museum
Eisei-Bunko Museum stands in the place where a residence of the Hosokawa Family, the feudal lord of Higo Kumamoto Domain (today’s Kumamoto),  …  more »
Museum / Gallery
Koishikawa-Korakuen Garden
Koishikawa-Korakuen is associated with Mito-Tokugawa family.
The garden was constructed by the first Mito lord Tokugawa Yorifusa in 1629, an …  more »
HistoryPark / Garden
Kyu-Furukawa-teien Gardens
The property was originally the residence of a foreign minister in the Meiji Period (1868 – 1912), Munemitsu Mutsu.
Then it owned by the Fur …  more »
HistoryPark / Garden
Rikugi-en Garden
Rikugi-en Garden was constructed by Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu in 1702.
The garden was made in a place which the 5th Tokugawa Shogun Tsunayoshi ga …  more »
HistoryPark / Garden
Tokyo Dome City
Tokyo Dome City is an exciting entertainment district centered around the all-weather baseball stadium “Tokyo Dome”.
Tokyo Dome City Attracti …  more »
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