Amo-toge Pass (Amo Natural Park)

Travel Guide - Amo-toge Pass (Amo Natural Park)


Amo Natural Park is a large natural park located between Hida City and Shirakawa-go.
A virgin forest of beech trees and a swamp with white arums and yellow marsh marigolds create a mystic sense of beauty.

Amo-toge Pass in the natural park is the setting of a novel entitled "Koya Hijiri" written by Kyoka Izumi.
The pass is one of the best spot to see the colorful autumn leaves in Hida.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • mid-October - mid-June

Access / Public Transport

  • 80 minutes from JR Takayama Station by Amo-no-Mori shuttle bus. Get off at Amou-Touge Bus stop. (The shuttle bus is available during October 1 - 27, or weekends and national holidays of June 15 - September 29) *Booking required. Please call Nohi Bus at 0577-32-1688.

Address / Location

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