Cape Manza-mo

Travel Guide - Cape Manza-mo


Cape Manza-mo has a 20-meter high limestone cliff which looks like an elephant's nose and a wide expanse of lawn on top.
During the era of the Ryukyu Kingdom, King Shokei visited here in 1726 and praised the cape by saying that 10,000 people can sit down on the beautiful field.
The cape's name "Manza-mo" came from that king's word.
In the parking lot near the cape, there is a monument with a poem written by the famous Ryukyuan poet Onna Nabe to welcome the king.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours
  • Shops: 8:00 - 18:00


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 90 minutes from Naha Bus Terminal by the #20 or #120 bus. Get off at Onna-son Yakuba-mae Bus stop.

Address / Location

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