Chikurin-no-Michi (Path of bamboo)

Travel Guide - Chikurin-no-Michi (Path of bamboo)


Chikurin-no-Michi (Path of bamboo) is a 100 meters long path with bamboo trees which leads from Nonomiya-jingu Shrine to Okochi-Sanso mountain villa in Arashiyama.
You can feel the scent of bamboo and feeble sunlight throughout the path.
This fantastic scenery appears many times on Japanese TV dramas and commercial films.
The path is beautifully lit up at night during the annual event "Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro" held in mid-December.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 10 minutes walk from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station
  • 15 minutes walk from Arashiyama Station on the Hankyu Arashiyama Line

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.


Farjana xemima@Xamima31982341 - 2021/11/23 20:10
Path To Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama,
Kyoto, Japan Stock Image - Image of
kyoto, environment.

Photo about Path to bam…
AbhishekkK@Abhishekkkk10 - 2021/11/23 16:14
According to the allegations the Khasi's,who are Christian by religion suddenly obstructed the path to the sacred B…
Aoi @QA ♪@aoi_kakitsubot - 2021/11/23 07:35
Let's see. Kyoto's bamboo path would be nice. It heals you.
Jet Nebula@jet_nebula - 2021/11/21 22:28
Does your path lead you where you want to go? 🎋
#bamboo #japan #kyoto #arashiyama #beautiful #photography #forest…
Japan Landscape Labo (日本の風景動画)@Japannaturelabo - 2021/11/21 12:47
【4K new video and Nature sounds】
There are pathways surrounded by bamboo grove along Katsura river flowing through…
🎄Fkmt promotional stuff⛄@Fkmtpromostuff - 2021/11/19 07:45
@TripBopp Ahhh unforutnate

That’s why I like using the bamboo path though since I at least get a chance at some ma…
Aichi Now@AichiNow_en - 2021/11/18 18:00
Plenty of places to play at Odaka Ryokuchi Green Park 💚🌳🦖 Dotted with fun facilities, this sprawling park includes…
Aoi @QA ♪@aoi_kakitsubot - 2021/11/17 19:35
Let's see. Kyoto's bamboo path would be nice. It heals you.
Takemichi is written as 'bamboo' (竹) and 'road, path' (道) . In Hinduism, lord Krishna is the 8th avatar of lord Vis…
DON'T FOLLOW OVER ITTO MEME | RARELY TWEETS GI@Rattetytat - 2021/11/16 22:00
he was then beckoned into following a lit up bamboo forest path that appeared before him

he then wakes up, and won…
Billy Sigudla@billysigudla1 - 2021/11/14 18:04
In the original Hebrew of the Bible, the word canah קנה means reed– a tall and strong grass that grows in marshes,…
MushuWeasel@mushuweasel - 2021/11/14 14:45
@thegrugq @mattblaze @0xMatt Who put in my LD path?!
Lewis Parker@nyenakai - 2021/11/14 07:27
@emmalthorley I have a bamboo grove between a cliff and a river with a little Japanese zen garden hidden in the mid…
Cyber Larose@CyberLarose - 2021/11/13 17:31
My build for Shino’s house inspired by @Crossing_Lorien
A bamboo forest with a hidden path leading to Redd!
Aoi @QA ♪@aoi_kakitsubot - 2021/11/13 02:35
Let's see. Kyoto's bamboo path would be nice. It heals you.
LukiE✨@LukiEskiE - 2021/11/09 11:30
See now I need more custom designs so all my clients get an equal experience instead of one being a sprawling bambo…
Quinn Dombrowski@quinnanya - 2021/11/08 08:22
For years, I'd take pictures of bamboo and pandas whenever I'd see them so we'd have new images for Project Bamboo…
Aoi @QA ♪@aoi_kakitsubot - 2021/11/06 23:05
Let's see. Kyoto's bamboo path would be nice. It heals you.
BamBoux (the x is silent)@off_BAMBOO - 2021/11/06 22:06
Being sensitive toward others can ease up your path to success... More for Pisces
AKrypto@AKrypto4 - 2021/11/06 14:52
@cryptorenegade_ @Tropic_Bamboo @Wolverinutoken @HellsingInu might be the one that follows their path, seeing simil…
Calgar@GeordieCalgar - 2021/11/06 06:20
A bamboo-lined path led us up the hill. Once I'd finished taking arty-farty shots of said bamboo, we came upon the…
Ping@Ping70813947 - 2021/11/05 23:48
The elegant bamboo path makes people very calm.
Bamboo Clothing@bam_clothing - 2021/11/05 19:57
What path will you take this weekend? 🏃‍♀️

Whether you'll be moving your body or relaxing at home, our sustainabl…
Aoi @QA ♪@aoi_kakitsubot - 2021/11/04 21:05
Let's see. Kyoto's bamboo path would be nice. It heals you.
RARE - Rostrevor Action Respecting the Environment@RostrevorRARE - 2021/11/03 22:32
@IrishRainforest @collbradan @Ceanncait @nmdcouncil @RewildingIre @Irishwildlife @whittledaway @UlsterWildlife…
Gle • 💙💜 • 💚💜 • 💙💚💜@cuteangrygrape - 2021/11/02 03:02
I wanted to make me presentable for you, so maybe you could call me handsome again. This is a bit of vanity, isn’t…
Jayden Montoya@jaydenwmontoya - 2021/11/02 02:31
In my ultimate troll game, Kung Fu Panda: Path of the Panda, I discovered during the Bamboo Forest Rescue mission,…
Plutarchos@plutarchos2 - 2021/10/31 16:33
I joined them for a few years around Halloween with my ginormous troll mask with big ears and nose. Brown cloak, my…
Aoi @QA ♪@aoi_kakitsubot - 2021/10/31 04:35
Let's see. Kyoto's bamboo path would be nice. It heals you.
VivekBindra@VivekBi15169838 - 2021/10/29 23:41
@DrMayan47619490 @swati_gs It is absolutely necessary and is a part of hindu scriptures. The tradition of Akash Dee…
H̵ᴀ̵ɴ̵ᴅ̵⛧: ⚡(crafting boukai book)@HANDKNIFECASTLE - 2021/10/29 13:46
I dont think I want majsoul characters. of the bamboo path the only one I would like to have is wanjirou
Skunk@SkunkStarlight - 2021/10/29 05:43
@MakaiNoShinki Yeah, he's an adorable sickly little thing, just wanna hug him. 😭

He was on rate-up back in March,…
Doris & Dude@dorisanddude - 2021/10/29 03:45
Good job we made the most of the sunshine last week here in #Cornwall!
It was a floral choice for a beautiful wande…
markhstowers@markhstowers - 2021/10/27 13:18
@coachbarnes20 You climb the mountain together, pushing each other every day to grab excellence and never let it go…
Kathleen@everettpoetry - 2021/10/27 05:52
world weary
I turn my face to this
grace-filled and golden
with treasures unbound
an old mossy brick path
to a tu…
Snug Harbor@SnugHarborCCBG - 2021/10/27 00:29
Plan your next visit to the New York Chinese Scholar's Garden! Discover a bamboo forest path, waterfalls, a Koi-fil…
Explore New China Towns@visitchinatowns - 2021/10/26 19:03
🥰Beautiful rolling tea garden and quiet path though a bamboo🎍 forest in #Liubao town, Wuzhou, South China’s…
Discover Beautiful China@SceneryofChina - 2021/10/26 19:00
😍😍Check out a rolling tea garden and a quiet path though a bamboo forest in #Liubao town, Wuzhou, South China’s…
Crystellie@_20181198_2914_ - 2021/10/24 18:27
@luuuunadiane throwing in the idea that jc sometimes dream of a handsome man, her prince charming, waiting for her.…
Zorvaine@Zorvaine - 2021/10/24 05:30
Today consisted of lots of spicy editing, delicious coffee and a relaxing walk through nature.

I ended up going th…
Soundararajan@Soundar03435948 - 2021/10/22 13:56
Let them visit BSK Bus stand to Mono block road on left side. Years together the bamboo shops/repair shops have o…
Yvette D. Smith@ydsYvette - 2021/10/21 06:55
Newly-planted, wildlife-friendly explosion of colour to frame a gently winding front garden path. Just waiting for…
Aoi @QA ♪@aoi_kakitsubot - 2021/10/21 01:05
Let's see. Kyoto's bamboo path would be nice. It heals you.
Sergeant Bikash🇮🇳@bikash63 - 2021/10/20 17:54
Finally today the bamboo craft foot bridge for my farm entry path ready. Hard labour gives fruit. Rain also started…
All The Birds@all_the_birds - 2021/10/20 15:04
Medium-sized dull-brown francolin with a red bill and legs. Varies geographically; eastern birds are darker. Found…
Richard Eugene Ruiz@Rico_Ruiz - 2021/10/14 15:51
Is that the bridge by the bamboo forest? If so, we have walked the same path my friend.
Captain # 2@Captain54499284 - 2021/10/13 19:11
@StalkersCrypto @bamboo_gangs 🧭🧭🧭
According to your personal experience being a project that went through the same…
Make Me Garden@makemegarden - 2021/10/12 08:45
A Chinese Bamboo and a Girl Child need time to adapt, familiarize themselves to the environment and plan themselves…
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