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Currency Museum operated by Bank of Japan exhibits various Japanese currencies from ancient times to recent days as well as foreign currencies and reference materials related to money.
Visitors can learn Japanese history through these currencies.
The actual weight of the large-sized artifacts said to be made by historical figures such as Toyotomi Hideyoshi can also be seen here.

Opening Hours

  • 9:30 – 16:30 *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • Mondays (except national holidays)
  • December 29 - January 4

Access / Public Transport

  • 3 minutes walk from Mitsukoshimae Station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line (Z09) or Ginza Line (G12)
  • 8 minutes walk from JR Tokyo Station

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.


Aravindh Ravichandran@AravAVR - 2021/11/29 02:15
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Kolkata witnesses 'The City as a Museum' walks, a celebration of the legacies of Bengal art on World Heritage Week…
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@Mindset_tweet Flag is just an identity, which politics represent. In a normal environment, the defunct Biafran fla…
mamaky🦋@darkskinkyyy - 2021/11/26 15:24
@dimealexiss it’s a non-fungible token 😩 it’s art but like a 1 of 1! and it’s crypto currency that has to be conver…
David Hicks@ALL_CAPS - 2021/11/25 07:14
@ProjectEND @CarlNeustaedter I don't mind the new Currency Museum design, and I understand they restored a lot of t…
Aryel Barroso@BarrosoAryel - 2021/11/25 01:06
@cryptorecruitr how much are you paid to make up people's minds? That's not the question, the question is currently…
samio^rix@binxamix - 2021/11/24 22:47
@OtimMichael @hoelesssaint Guy u want a museum for our currency 😂😂😂
Shay@Mzhy_99 - 2021/11/24 21:36
@WalshFreedom No one is canceling anyone. They are moving it to a museum. But besides that do you know how many sch…
hyperallergic@hyperallergic - 2021/11/22 23:55
Ranging from postcards and playing cards to concentration camp currency, the German Historical Museum has acquired…
Jeremiah Johnson, PhD@GroceryShopPhD - 2021/11/22 23:04
BTW, this is a picture I took at the American History Museum in Washington DC. Found it in my fav section, the hist…
Dunedin Museum of Mystery@BMahalski - 2021/11/22 07:29
A lace ruff made of thousands of pieces of rice glued together by Dunedin artist - Motoko Kikkawa. Both rice and la…
Manny (He/Him)@EManny1509 - 2021/11/22 04:12
@Athenion3 @gmlm4621 The currency is contained in a museum in peru, here's a source with images…
xrplall@xrplall - 2021/11/21 19:54
DaRT NFT Museum
Website release-12-1-2021
DRT tokens have been officially blackholed!!
Airdrop will be s…
Kellian Adams@Museumninja - 2021/11/19 22:13
Using games to reach new museum audiences came up a lot during my trip. But it doesn’t work to invite strangers to…
Jerry Buchko, MA, AFC®@JerryBuchko - 2021/11/18 14:38
'Surprising no one, these gilded museums have been marked by significant pay disparities btwn workers & museum offi…
Sibongiseni Zondi@Sibo_Zondi - 2021/11/18 02:21
Last week I had the pleasure of touring (well, I was working) the new Eswatini Currency Museum at the Central Bank.…
Austin@GoldenOryn - 2021/11/17 16:46
@AvalancheArtis1 I use it as an ancient currency mostly lost to time but some old treasure hoards may have some. T…
Joanne (she/her)@lilithj - 2021/11/17 08:51
@jfkantrowitz I’ve seen one of those at the Currency Museum in Ottawa.
Brenna Visser@brennavisser - 2021/11/17 04:27
A quick company plug: if you are looking for a very Bend-specific holiday gift for someone, a pictorial history of…
gavin@_notgavin - 2021/11/17 04:06
the museum is full of fun! i had a chat with bob about american currency inflation. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #Nintendo
Daniel Berk@danielcberk - 2021/11/17 00:47
This social experiment shows the power of Web 3 in full swing.

You've heard of physical currency purchasing physi…
TheRoaringPiKa@roaringpika - 2021/11/16 03:43
'Once upon a time there was a technology.

And it took a great leap forward and it birthed a number of things.

Nova Scotia Museum@NS_Museum - 2021/11/15 22:45
This silver coin, minted in Mexico City, was recovered from the wreck of Auguste in 2002. Valued as international c…
Eswatini Daily News@SwaziDailyNews - 2021/11/15 18:06
Eswatini Currency Museum Will Preserve History.
Soma Ghosh@Soma_G - 2021/11/14 16:27
@SudiptoDoc The museum at the Currency building, in Dalhousie. New Town. Biswa Bangla gate and the restaurant atop it.
Ben Beath (3,3)@benbeath - 2021/11/14 00:29
✅ Low gas marketplace means NFTS can have constant utility and exchange, rather than be museum pieces

✅ Purpose bu…
supply in a chainstack@jesseltaylor - 2021/11/13 22:10
The old, busted way of thinking: this art is beautiful, stunning, meaningful, it belongs in a museum

The new, fres…
Ashis Basu@BasuAshis - 2021/11/13 21:26
Known as a Henry VII ‘half groat,’ or twopenny piece, the nickel-sized coin was minted in Canterbury, England, more…
SA - Coins and Paper Money@SACoinsMoneyPro - 2021/11/13 14:21
Supersafe Museum Grade Currency Sleeves – European 5×8 #eBay🇺🇸
Bellamy Aberdeen || Art Historian and Game Dev@BellamyAberdeen - 2021/11/13 07:53
Tonight's stream will be yours truly making custom cryptic currency profile pictures by means of random generators…
Chris O'Neill-Yates@oneillyatescbc - 2021/11/12 20:56
@GeoffBudden Bill Gilbert didn’t authenticate the coin. That’s not his area of expertise. The expert who dated it w…
Seb (travelcomments)@travelcomments - 2021/11/12 18:43
in the news - Eswatini: Currency Museum successfully launched #tourism #eSwatini
Bhasker Prajapati@BhaskerPrajapa1 - 2021/11/12 16:24
@MohitGuptaPB pranam london,uk
u know gupta empire bharat have gold currency tell govt make museum...gupta airline open.
Rabbit Hole Poetics@threexco - 2021/11/12 06:07
@McLinstitute Money as art, art as money. “Every innovation scraps its immediate predecessor and retrieves still ol…
The Currency Scene@CurrenScene - 2021/11/12 03:40
#currency #cryptocurrency ‘Invisible Aether’: World’s largest museum launches NFT art exhibition: After raising $44…
Independent News Eswatini@inewseswatini - 2021/11/11 19:05
Prime Minister Cleopas Sipho Dlamini has officially opened the country’s first currency museum at the Central Bank…
Siyabonga Makhanya@Siyabonga_Mc - 2021/11/10 18:53
We don't even have currency,,we using the SA Rands ,,so what is this museum for

Lies lie lies lies
Eswatini Government@EswatiniGovern1 - 2021/11/10 18:46
PM: “Future generations must appreciate the evolution of trade and the different mediums of exchange that the Curre…
Eswatini Government@EswatiniGovern1 - 2021/11/10 18:45
Prime Minister Cleopas Sipho Dlamini says the new Eswatini Currency Museum will be of great benefit to emaSwati and…
Eswatini Government@EswatiniGovern1 - 2021/11/10 18:07
[MORE PHOTOS]: Prime Minister Cleopas Sipho Dlamini officially opens and tours the first ever Eswatini Currency Mus…
Eswatini Government@EswatiniGovern1 - 2021/11/10 18:07
[PHOTOS]: Prime Minister Cleopas Sipho Dlamini officially opens and tours the first ever Eswatini Currency Museum a…
Eswatini Government@EswatiniGovern1 - 2021/11/10 16:00
[PHOTOS]: Prime Minister Cleopas Sipho Dlamini arrives at the Central Bank of Eswatini in Mbabane where he will off…
Katishi Masemola@rragomoditi - 2021/11/10 06:23
@Tildy992 @City_Press @BarbaraCreecy_ @environmentza @GwedeMantashe1 @DMRE_ZA @GodongwanaEnoch @SAReserveBank…
Glen@GlenMercerRolls - 2021/11/09 18:03
Discovering Anglo Saxon life in the Bristol museum in London learning more about the history of King Alfred and how…
Aash Viswanathan@AashViswanathan - 2021/11/09 08:19
Found these (mostly) 20th century shitcoins in my wallet drawer. Maybe I can auction them to a currency museum? DM…
The Uncanny County Museum@UncannyMuseum - 2021/11/08 22:44
Admission to the museum is accepted in the form of the only reliable currency left. #CryptocurrencyNews…
K.@mwkha123 - 2021/11/08 00:59
@TAEHYUNGZERO I confirm it's not real... A new currency note of denomination of PKR 75 is being introduced as a mem…
SculpturalMobilities@sculpturalmobil - 2021/11/07 16:38
@LEUSavage Elizabeth Cleland did a show on the relative costs of art at the Met Museum in 2018/9 (I think) where sh…
Museum of the American Revolution@AmRevMuseum - 2021/11/07 03:44
Meeting artisans and haggling with vendors on the Museum's plaza (as long as they used coins and not paper currency…
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