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Echizen Ono Castle was built in 1575 by Kanamori Nagachika, a subordinate of Oda Nobunaga.
It changed hands time and time again due to war and the political measures enforced by the shogunate in Edo.
The last governor was Lord Doi, who stayed on until the castle was demolished by the Meiji government.
The original building was burnt out by the great fire in 1775, but its stone wall and other remnants can be seen at the castle site.
The current two-tiered Tenshukaku donjon was reconstructed in 1968, and information relating to the castle is exhibited inside.

Opening Hours

  • 9:00 - 17:00 (April - September)
  • 9:00 - 16:00 (October - November)


  • December - March

Access / Public Transport

  • 30 minutes walk from JR Echizen Ono Station

Address / Location

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KAMUI_ALONE@KamuiAlone - 2021/10/28 10:14
'Castle in the Sky' surrounded by the sea of clouds and the lights on the ground Echizen Ono Castle = Around 4:50 a…
Japan's Local Treasures@J_LocalTreasure - 2021/10/27 11:00
Visit Fukui in the colder months and you might see Ehizen Ono’s ‘Castle in the Sky’. On foggy days the castle appea…
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