Fukuoka Art Museum

Travel Guide - Fukuoka Art Museum


From antiquities to modern arts, the museum holds a wide variety of items.
Objects once owned by the Kuroda family, the local feudal lord; the Matsunaga Collection, which is noted for its tea ceremony implements; and oil paintings from both Japan and the West.
Works by Joan Miro, Salvador Dali and other artists associated with Kyushu are on permanent exhibit.

Opening Hours

  • 9:30 – 17:30 *admission until 30 minutes before closing
  • 9:30 – 19:30 (July - August) *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • Mondays (or the following day when it falls on a national holiday)
  • December 28 - January 4

Access / Public Transport

  • 10 minutes walk from Ohorikoen Station on the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko Line (K06)
  • 10 minutes walk from Ropponmatsu Station on the Fukuoka City Subway Nanakuma Line (N11)

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.
Tagawa City Coal Mining Historical Museum
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Hakata Machiya Folk Museum (Furusato-kan)
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Fukuoka City Museum
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Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum
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Kyushu National Museum
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Hara Museum of Contemporary Art
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Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
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Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art

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Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art
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Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art

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Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art
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🏛️ Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
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Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art

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Ishida Sui Exhibition
Tokyo Ghoul → JACKJEANNE
Feb 6 - Mar 7
Sunshine City Exhibition Hall A
Ticket 2000円 Special… https://t.co/85Ick54U0I