Haiseiden (Haiku Sanctuary)

Travel Guide - Haiseiden (Haiku Sanctuary)


Iga-Ueno is the birthplace of Japan's most famous haiku poet, Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694).
Haiseiden is a unique shaped building stands in Ueno Park.
The building was constructed in 1942 to celebrate the 300-year anniversary of Basho's birth and a statue of the poet is enshrined inside.
The Haiseiden's elegant figure expresses the poet's traveling attire.
The round roof on top is a hat, the octagon-shaped roof in the middle is a stole, and the post is a walking stick.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from Ueno-shi Station on the Iga Railway Iga Line

Address / Location

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Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui Ⓥ @LeilaniFS - 2021-09-22
“In the heart of Haiku sits a safe haven where hundreds of animals have received refuge and where visitors have bee… https://t.co/AKbSClf6BX
Melinda Green Harvey @melindagharvey - 2021-09-20
Sign out front was blank –
no word on who claims this place
as sanctuary.

Menard, Texas
photographed 6.14.2020… https://t.co/afc6RkZala
LiseK @Liseclaire1 - 2021-09-12
sleep is sanctuary
rest your head in the crickets
taste the tide lapping

#HaikuSaturday #Haiku #poem
Wet Toast @Exoitca25 - 2021-09-12
The immense desire
Neither can hold back, too late
Plunging into bed

Souls cosmic dancing
Him, her snug sanctu… https://t.co/Rhx2CbXdd2
Alex M. @haiku_esque - 2021-09-07
A lot of why I personally gave up on our org is because I didn’t want to become a badge-flasher, nor did I want to… https://t.co/EH4e5ibDhl
sarah ▴ playing sshd @faroshhills - 2021-09-05
when I was playing through act 3 today and traveling to castle shimura I did the kin haiku and rode through the san… https://t.co/Y5PnxM53PU
sarah ▴ playing sshd @faroshhills - 2021-09-05
when I was playing through act 3 today and traveling to castle shimura I did the kin haiku and rode through the san… https://t.co/Y5PnxM53PU
Christoir O'Cuinn @Kataleps1s - 2021-08-30
Its been a while since I've given you all a one so:

Hard surface silence
Soft scented sanctuary
A bathroom haiku

MicroPoet @IttyBittyPoet - 2021-08-23
My sanctuary,
My Fortress of Solitude,
My private bathroom.
TheNightOwl @TheNightOwlWFMU - 2021-08-20
Sanctuary - A Haiku

Loving summertime
A much sanctuary roll
on the ensemble

#poetry #haiku #WFMU
Live now… https://t.co/mG87VcNCvT
Tom Blend @tblend3 - 2021-08-20
The #furrows of myths
Roll and then bow to a grace
that’s of bloodless base

#Tides flow up then go
Taking our phon… https://t.co/7Ey7wCbXrN
kevin⚡g ™ @HyKuWriter - 2021-08-07
apples have a core
which shall remain uneaten
seed sanctuary
#haiku #senryu
#HaikuChallenge have
Shirley Harshenin @sharshenin - 2021-08-05
under the willow’s
umbrella of weeping limbs
a doe and fawn rest

#HaikuChallenge #rest #haiku #WeepingWillow #sanctuary
Christina (Tina) @CT_firelights - 2021-08-01
Nightfall comfort
crying river
howling in vales
sanctuary blue...

#vss365 #haiku #poetry

🎨 Koen Lybaert https://t.co/h6hiL5XmQr
Sensei Robert (Althecor) @haiku_youtube - 2021-07-26
My #haiku
A haiku about comfort. Ahem:
You are my castle
Beautiful sanctuary
Retreat into you
Charlotte Digregorio @greatestauthor - 2021-07-24
Healing. The Daily Haiku. https://t.co/CawELEwJHW
#healing #wellness #sanctuary #haiku
Sensei Robert (Althecor) @haiku_youtube - 2021-07-15
My #haiku
A haiku about cabins. Ahem:
We're deep in the woods
In our own sanctuary
Away from the world
Susan (Morhar) Andrews @AndrewsSusanM - 2021-07-11
@TDCarlson1 Oh, poor piggies! They need a farm sanctuary! Nice-- albeit tragic-- haiku.
agna ms @agnasky - 2021-07-07
a gnawing hunger
eating away at your heart
it's called loneliness

better search me here
deep down the cave of my h… https://t.co/DyjdBRGZ7h
ꝈìӀìąచօժղą♡ @liliaw1895 - 2021-07-07

When your heart falters
Come into my garden, Love
Find sanctuary.

#haiku #poetry #refuge
#respite #sanctuary
E. L. Forrest @ELForrestWrites - 2021-07-06
across the meadows
a braided path unravels
- sanctuary
#vss365 #NationalMeadowsDay #unraveled #haiku
Haiku Nocturnal @HaikuNocturnal - 2021-07-06
Banging the knocker,
#Sanctuary was within grasp;
There was no answer

#366FF Sanctuary
#LateNight #Poetry #Haiku #Senryu
Sensei Robert (Althecor) @haiku_youtube - 2021-06-30
My #haiku
A haiku about cabins. Ahem:
Deep inside the woods
Our own sweet sanctuary
Away from the world
Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui Ⓥ @LeilaniFS - 2021-06-27
A five-star review of Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui by Vedrana V. https://t.co/l4zX9I76Pc
melody w. 🌿 @melodyofmusings - 2021-06-24
illusory fear
is the itchy cloak that wraps
you in its embrace

an unwelcome guest
who drags mud-caked feet into… https://t.co/VJK5EU0Dpx
𝑷𝒆𝒂𝒄𝒉 #everychildmatters #blm #getvaccinated @Peach_a_day - 2021-06-20
The most secure spot -
The deck, slicked with ice water
Cold sanctuary

#haikuchallenge (#deck)… https://t.co/fewr4tXk1G
Irene Golembo @reikimuse - 2021-06-12
wild life protection

#peony #photo #flowers #inspiration #haiku #sanctuary #sacred… https://t.co/aCwE0tbSo8
Jeff Dorsch @prunedaler - 2021-06-07
The outside is my/sanctuary, the source of/my inspiration #haiku #haikuchallenge #micropoetry #poetry #senryu #outside
Taylor Wray @inthreelines - 2021-06-02
Hallowed cathedral
Of arcing boughs and soft earth—
June’s sanctuary

#PenYourTen (cathedral) #haiku #senryu #3lines #poetry
TOOMUCHDOG44 @ericmmmmmhutton - 2021-05-28
A morning haiku:

I don't want to work
My bed is my sanctuary
Getting up is wack
BR @raj65025523 - 2021-05-18
At times for some people?
This happens occasionally?
For some,it’s relentlessly happening every time?
Cafe Chouny i… https://t.co/OIwE5tc19A