Travel Guide - Hinjitsu-kan


Hinjitsu-kan was constructed in 1887 as a rest stop and lodging facility for distinguished guests of Ise-jingu Shrine.
The building is now designated as a national important property and opened to the public.
You will be satisfied with the stylishness of the traditional Japanese structure, not only the architecture but also the fine garden.
Its Ohiroma large hall with 120 Tatami mats and the beautiful Goten-no-ma room where members of the imperial family stayed are must-see.

Opening Hours

  • 9:00 – 16:30


  • Tuesdays (or the following day when it falls on a national holiday)

Access / Public Transport

  • 12 minutes walk from JR Futaminoura Station

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.
Rikugi-en Garden
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Futami Okitama-jinja Shrine / Meoto-iwa (Wedded-Rocks)
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Koetsu-ji Temple
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Komoro Castle Ruins / Kaiko-en Park
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Happo-en Garden
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Zenigata Sand Painting (Kotohiki Park)
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Shoren-in Temple
Shoren-in Temple was originally the residence of a priest of the Tendai school of Buddhism moved from Mt. Hiei-zan to the current location. T ...  more »


ジョオ @JoyousFelicity - 2020-07-07
@mlcjapanese Hinjitsu is office?
ジョオ @JoyousFelicity - 2020-07-07
@mlcjapanese Hinjitsu is office?
bāl @outfatuation - 2019-11-14
@707aina hinjitsu was my fav character :-(((
皐乃綾水 @AyamiKouno - 2016-10-05
Hinjitsu-kan 賓日館
It was the special guest house for the person who visit to… https://t.co/lAV1WySKNS
Hearthstone @readhearthstone - 2016-03-16
Considering GvG packs. via /r/hearthstone @hinjitsu https://t.co/9q3ZbubvDh
栗しゃむkurisham @kurimusi - 2016-03-09
I took this photograph in 賓日館(Hinjitsu-kan).
This building had been used as an inn of the royal family until 1999. https://t.co/pQ0qa94dgq