Hosen-in Temple

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Hosen-in Temple is famous for its sedentary statue of wooden "Enma".
Enma (Yama) is the god of death in Hinduism and Buddhism.
The statue is believed to be made by Ryokai, a master craftsman of Buddhist image, in the middle of the Muromachi Era (1336 - 1573).
It is made of Hinoki cypress by assembling pieces of wood.
It is selected as one of the cultural assets of Tokyo.

Opening Hours

  • 9:00 - 17:00


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 25 minutes walk from JR Musashi-Hikida Station

Address / Location

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Poncho@Poncho207119611 - 2021/10/21 21:34
@ClimbhiKc @raniroyrocky 'The man who placed Quran in the temple is Iqbal 'Hosen' with sen in the end and we all kn… https://t.co/0uonJSgQjR
suman banerjee@sumanba00034966 - 2021/10/21 01:11
Just now Bangaladesh police and official media announces the name of the culprit. Eakbal Hosen, who kept the 'holy… https://t.co/ar0nBvgDQD
IANS Tweets@ians_india - 2021/10/17 02:52
A delegation of intellectuals met #Bangladesh Assistant High Commissioner in #Agartala Mohammad Jobayed Hosen and u… https://t.co/qmLUmU79XX
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