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Inokashira Park, opened in 1917, is a Tokyo's oasis rich in greenery with large Inokashira Pond and thickets where you can see wild birds.
Inokashira Pond in the park is a popular place to enjoy the view of cherry blossoms in spring and colorful leaves in autumn.
In the Edo era (1603 – 1868), this area was a place where Tokugawa shoguns visit frequently to hunt with falcons.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Inokashira-koen Station on the Keio Inokashira Line (IN16)
  • 5 minutes walk from Kichijoji Station on the JR lines or Keio Inokashira Line (IN17)

Address / Location

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WZBC 90.3 FM@WZBC_Live - 2021/11/28 17:57
Working For A Nuclear Free City - Inokashira Park
Cubeycro@cubeycro - 2021/11/18 07:03
Inokashira Park - How to find a MAPCODE via @YouTube
ひら吉/hirakichi@温泉街のビーセイ猫🐱@hirakichiVR1 - 2021/11/16 20:07
Momoji in Japan.
You can see at Inokashira Park in Tokyo.
KAHO/歌穂@kahoinjapan - 2021/11/16 09:14
Sunny day 🌞🍂🌲 Inokashira Park
KAHO/歌穂@kahoinjapan - 2021/11/16 09:10
Sunny day 🌞🍂🌲 Inokashira Park
Yumio Katsumata@ymkt0876 - 2021/11/16 08:05
I will never know what kind of psychopath lurks beneath in any prefecture or city. Are you folks familiar with 'Ino…
Mark W. Gabby-Li 🐌@MarkWGabbyLi - 2021/11/15 14:18
@JP_GHIBLI 'The road from Inokashira Park to the Ghibli Art Museum was sparkling with light.'
GHIBLI in English@GHIBLI_en - 2021/11/15 07:22
@JP_GHIBLI The road from the Inokashira Park to the Ghibli Museum was gleaming.
amanda@amandakobeshimi - 2021/11/13 21:31
@BobWhitebeard “Spring night at Inokashira Park” by Hasui Kawase
AussieinJapan@AussieinJapan - 2021/11/13 20:29
Some stunning views with clear blue skies in Tokyo today.
Lake Tama & Lake Sayama, located a short 10km bike ride a…
PoYO@Hobopoyo - 2021/11/11 21:29
@AJPSchoolOnline Don't try! I found it in inokashira-park and enoshima.
𝓣𝓸𝓻𝓻𝓲𝓴𝓾 𝓛𝓾𝓹𝓲𝓷@EyewearThief - 2021/11/07 13:05
@CockyVelvet 'Thank you, Lavenza.'
Our mop haired Trickster led the towering woman to Inokashira park. The green wo…
Akira@Arumichan33 - 2021/11/05 13:57
@W0JlN Thanks! It's was taken this weekend at Inokashira Park 😍
Peter Durfee@Durf - 2021/11/01 13:19
@wataruen @fukumimi I'm sure we will find them all when that 'drain all the water from the pond and eradicate invas…
Juha Kannisto@KannistoJuha - 2021/10/31 17:36
On Friday I had a day off and I went to Kichijoji and walked at Inokashira Park and nearby areas with my Sony #A7C…
inoque@inoque - 2021/10/31 04:09
typozoo: Inogashira Park -> Inokashira Zoo.

(Sorry for the big mistake😢
Dr. Vaccinated Ghost #blacklivesmatter 👻🕎🟣@broomsticknpen - 2021/10/28 15:17
@AlfieJapanorama Yet people who set them off on trees and dry brush in Inokashira Park who could burn the whole dam…
イス☀︎@😭祝福まで後2週間😭@isuilde - 2021/10/25 00:18
with a wedding photoshoot under the blooming sakura tree in inokashira park.
each time she thinks, how wonderful.
Dan Ryan 📷@ThatDanRyan - 2021/10/23 13:14
@Level20EastGuy Looks like Inokashira Park.
たじさん@ushiyon - 2021/10/20 14:55
In Inokashira Park this morning.
—Qᴜᴇᴇɴ@Fists0fJustice - 2021/10/17 09:17
@apatheticscion 'Alright. To Inokashira Park it is. Thankfully we're not too far away either.'

Makoto was rather e…
マリオ@mario - 2021/10/15 01:12
#tbt to 紅葉 (koyo, autumn leaves) on a sunny day in Inokashira Park

#紅葉 #井の頭公園 #東京 #koyo #inokashirapark #tokyo
🅩🅘🅚@zikjpop2019 - 2021/10/13 07:35
Going to cat cafe in Kichijoji and taking a walk in Inokashira park, it’s really likely Yona’s day-off lol
くりすます@santa3__ - 2021/10/12 21:39
That’s Inokashira park right? Syoya & Junki rode on a swan boat
@tokueiku - 2021/10/11 13:47
🏳️‍⚧️ The conversation between Koshingu and Naishingu is an invitation to enter or not, but it is up to the head fa…
HangingBridge46@HangingBridge46 - 2021/10/10 15:16
@_sunsetrider Oh right... Forgot it goes all the way to Mitaka @_@
Never been to Inokashira park too, so that's som…
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