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Kanda family is a branch of the Wada clan, a village headman in Shirakawa village.
The family built their house here and built up a sake brewing business.
This is a high-quality Gassho-style house with its steep rafters, where delicate carpentry work can be seen, and a truly advanced room layout.
It is said that it took 10 years to complete the house.
As well as the residence, a watermill and a warehouse are also preserved.

Opening Hours

  • 9:00 - 17:00


  • Wednesdays in December, January, and February

Access / Public Transport

  • 50 minutes from JR Takayama Station by the bus bound for Shirakawa-go / Kanazawa. Get off at Shirakawa-go Bus stop.

Address / Location

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Justin Kanda@Justin__Kanda - 2021/10/23 18:28
I went to my friend’s house for birthday dessert and got to meet their family’s new puppy. 😭😭😭

My friend’s kid let… https://t.co/ZxhDURZuYh
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