Kawaji Onsen Hot Spring

Travel Guide - Kawaji Onsen Hot Spring


Kawaji Onsen Hot Spring is a famous onsen district situated near the merging of the Kinugawa and Ojikagawa Rivers, whose waters are said to heal wounds and burns respectively.
The hot spring was accidentally discovered when this area was damaged from flooding from Lake Ikari-ko in 1723.
Kawaji Onsen Hot Spring has been known as the "Inner room of Kinugawa Onsen Hot Spring" since then.
The town area hosts the Onade Rock — a sexually suggestive stone which is said to promote fertility and easy childbirth.

Opening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public Transport

  • 10 minutes walk from Kawaji-yumoto Station on the Yagan Railway Aizu Kinugawa Line

Address / Location

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Kate Susabu @KateSusabu - 2016-02-14

I've been here. Outside hot spring overlooking river 💖💖💖
Not thanks to the Romans tho 😂

TANOSHIMU.Japan @TANOSHIMU_Japan - 2015-11-21
Japan Attractions - The Best Onsen (Hot-Spring) in Tochigi (3)
The 3rd introduction is 'Kawaji Onsen'. https://t.co/sjjsXNt1Km
cultureJapan @cluturejapan - 2015-10-23
. The big head Toka he history of Kawaji hot spring is packed full .
Kumi @kumianono - 2015-06-06
@HiroAono_bcr Nothing. But I will go to Kawaji hot spring with my husband and mothers in low tomorrow.