Koza Gate-dori Street

Travel Guide - Koza Gate-dori Street


Koza Gate-dori Street is one of the main streets located near Kadena Air Base.
The street is called "Gate-dori" because it leads to the No.2 gate of the air base.
There are many shops and restaurants with alphabetical signs as well as Indian and Chinese shops on the street.
Since most of the shops here are owned by non-Japanese and originally opened for the U.S.
soldiers, you may feel some remnants of the old days when Okinawa was ruled over by the U.S.

Opening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public Transport

  • 70 minutes from Naha Bus Terminal by the #21, 23, 27, 31, 63, 90 bus. Get off at Goya Bus stop.

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.
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AUH @lov_couch_films - 2021-08-10
@ranajmmy @umairism @Koza_Gar @ashirazeemgill seen a MBA from IBA Karachi, as a street vendor on ShaRa E Faisal, ne… https://t.co/IYPAGQcSVP
gal gal @skhona_koza - 2021-06-19
we literally need to wait for him at the gate abethwe because it’s known it’s him now.
Ron Koza 🌿 @koza_ron - 2021-06-04
Feywild gift. The aura of a nearby gate to the Feywild made Arne’s horns growing into antlers.
#dnd #dnd5e… https://t.co/XNPuf2A5XK
ALO JAPAN @alojapan - 2021-04-14
Bike Ride Through #Okinawa, ...


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🌺まこりん。🌺 @Ksgn_1002_MK - 2021-03-31
I'm walking down Gate Street in Koza💄👠✨😊
#crossdressser https://t.co/ElR23oBuLe
The Okinawa Memories Initiative @ucsc_omi - 2020-12-20
Disclaimer: 16/? This tweet is a part of a series of posts about the night of the Koza uprising/riot.
Set fire to a… https://t.co/NAOKJIpisN
The Okinawa Memories Initiative @ucsc_omi - 2020-12-20
Disclaimer: 26/? This tweet is a part of a series of posts about the night of the Koza uprising/riot.
'American sch… https://t.co/gq3JIFsWug
Ivor's Coast 🇿🇦 @IvorSifiso_Koza - 2020-12-16
I can imagine someone giving directions to their place bese athi ' On your right, after gate tse white, o tlo bona… https://t.co/K51dmpioWb
gal gal @skhona_koza - 2020-10-17
my dad has been watching John vuli gate videos for two days straight https://t.co/GCllROKyDt
Day 6 @Floral_Batman - 2020-09-24
One time me n tha boiz started at gate 1 family mart, and ended up at the pool hall all the way in Koza and it was great tbh
Okinawanderer @okinawanderer - 2020-09-07
Breaking News!!

A cash robbery case happened at the Money Exchange on the Gate 2 street in Koza around noon today!… https://t.co/ct70jqpqJK
Raji-fu Shimabukuro @Rs098Ragga - 2020-07-21
KOZA GATE 2 STREET!!! https://t.co/RpD7vNS1Lq
Robert Kenney @rmkenney1 - 2020-07-08
@JaniceDean @halloates Black Sabbath - Master of Reality.
Unknown record store
Gate 2 St., Koza, Okinawa,
Ivor's Coast 🇿🇦 @IvorSifiso_Koza - 2020-04-26
@Ke_Mpho_M Mina it was 2 months. One night was out after the Easter, scratched by a gate and the left mirror came off.
Ivor's Coast 🇿🇦 @IvorSifiso_Koza - 2020-04-26
@Ke_Mpho_M Mina it was 2 months. One night was out after the Easter, scratched by a gate and the left mirror came off.
Popeye3❌ 🇺🇸 (Text TRUMP45 to 88022) @333Popeye3 - 2020-04-03
@hrseiber @mcguireD343 @usmc1940 I know nothing of tunnels, but Kinville was good for a quick drink or bite to eat.… https://t.co/AoXYzVHWPM
suzemon@銭湯流浪民 @suzetaka - 2019-11-03
I'm at ZEN's Bar Koza Gate'2 St. https://t.co/HSAtUsQuFf https://t.co/srgg4H80dq
Lima City Schools @LimaCitySchools - 2019-10-08
Dedicating Friday's game to our friend Vince Koza. #FightWithKoza t-shirts available for $15 in AD Office. Portion… https://t.co/A7aEvhxlQ9
fuke_photo gallery.
Payday special session feat. One track mind horns @MonsierShiva and Little Masta ( ex. Blue… https://t.co/Zser0QldyS
fuke_photo gallery.
gate 2 garage in Koza Okinawa -
photo by Nobuya Fuke
#ススメモーターズ… https://t.co/s3DLVnfoBu
TMK @TMK_098 - 2019-03-25
OKINAWA 'KOZA' CITY. 場所: Gate 2 street https://t.co/do0HKV7Wh3
G☆ @GSTAR086 - 2019-03-23
Night out with neiro_miyazato 👠
I love Mojito🍹💚
I love M&M‘S😍🍫💙 #goodnight 😪❣️
#沖縄 #okinawa #koza #gatestreet #コザ… https://t.co/PZDuKcOLB6
G☆ @GSTAR086 - 2019-03-23
Night out with neiro_miyazato 👠
I love this Mojito Bar🍹💚
I love M&M‘S😍🍫💙

#goodnight 😪❣️
#沖縄 #okinawa #koza… https://t.co/UBDzccDpIE
Leon Michaels @sgtmortar - 2018-12-22
@Camp49430807 Now that you mention it.... Gate 2 Street, Koza, Okinawa
Kadena Air Base @KadenaAirBase - 2018-11-25
One of @PACAF’s bands, Pacific Trends, performed outside Gate 2 at the Koza MusicTown theater during #Gate2Fest ear… https://t.co/E3PkQ4sucH
Sami Khan @Koza_Gar - 2018-11-14
@NaPoha_ I happened to attend one of the Rabbab programs here in Islamabad along with my Qaudian Friends. Trust me… https://t.co/60s6Ltf06R
Popeye3 ❌ 🇺🇸 ⚓️〽️🏈 🦅🌎⚓️ @333Popeye3 - 2018-11-11
@HouseOWar @USMC Camp Schwab is so far away from Koza City and the great liberty on Gate 2 street or BC street, and… https://t.co/JblTKms98s
slam @my_name_is_slam - 2018-11-06
Koza city
Gate 2 street https://t.co/3otQoysYJ4
Popeye3 ❌ 🇺🇸 ⚓️〽️🏈 🦅🌎⚓️ @333Popeye3 - 2018-11-01
@HouseOWar 1970: When I was with D 1/4, they were at Camp Hansen. 3rd Recon is also back at Camp Schwab. I was wit… https://t.co/KZ09ScGaU4
Birmingham Airport @FlyBHX - 2018-06-22
@Koza_Derezzza Flight TOM7484 gate 47 is now closed
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