Kumano-Kodo (Kumano Old Road)

Travel Guide - Kumano-Kodo (Kumano Old Road)


Kumano-Kodo is a pilgrimage route with over 1,000 years of history.
People from all levels of society, from Emperors and nobles to the commoner, have made the auduous pilgrimage to Kumano.
These pilgrims used this network of routes which stretches across the mountainous Kii Peninsula.
The walk itself was an integral part of the pilgrimage process as they undertook rigorous rites of worship and purification.

Daimon-zaka Hill on the route is paved with layers of beautifull stone and has cedar trees lining it on both sides.
You will be transported back in time because it has changed little to this day.
At the teahouse by the Daimon-zaka Hill entrance, you can try on costumes from the Heian Period (794 - 1185).
*There is a charge for this.

Formerly a route for pilgrims journeying between Kumano Sanzan (Kumano Hongu-Taisha Shrine, Kumano Hayatama-Taisha Shrine, and Kumano Nachi-Taisha Shrine), which are the main shrines of 3,000 Kumano-jinla throughout the country, the ancient Kumano-Kodo is now also used as a hiking trail.
Walking the Kumano-Kodo is a fantastic way to experience the unique cultural landscape of Kumano's spiritual countryside.
The cobblestone road, blanketed with moss, winds through a forest, and occasionally historical ruins and guideposts are visible along it.

In 2004, the sacred sites of Kumano Sanzan, Mt. Koya-san, and Yoshino & Omine, as well as the Kumano-Kodo pilgrimage routes that connect them, were registered as the UNESCO World Heritage site "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range".
It is a diverse cultural landscape that extends over the entire Kii-hanto Peninsula and is a spiritual place of self-discovery, purification and healing.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • Magose course: 30 minutes from JR Kii-Nagashima Station by the bus bound for Owase. Get off at Washige Bus stop.
  • Magose course: 30 minutes walk from JR Aiga Station

Address / Location

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Old Kumano road, Wakayama prefecture.
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Old Kumano road, Wakayama prefecture.
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i come to Kumano old road.
it conect to Ise Shrine.
Amaterasu Ookami. She is the greatest God of japan. i love her so much.
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