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Kurobe Dam is the largest dam in Japan and was built in 1963 by the Kansai Electric Power Company.
It took 7 years to complete by more than 10 million workers.
Take cable-cars and trolley buses to throughly enjoy the fantastic scenery of the Japan Alps which surround the dam along the "Alpine Route" (Combination ticket for JR and Alpine Route is sold at JR stations.
please check the link below).

Opening Hours

  • 7:30 - 17:00 *varies according to the season


  • December 1 - April 15

Access / Public Transport

  • 40 minutes from JR Shinano-Omachi Station by the bus bound for Ogizawa-eki. Then transfer to Kanden Tunnel Trolleybus at Okizawa Station and get off at Kurobe Dam Station (16 minutes bus ride).
  • 10 minutes walk from Kurobeko Station on the Kurobe Cable Car (via Alpine Route)

Address / Location

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Funimag@funimag - 2021/11/16 23:10
Funicular Kurobe on the Alpine Route (since 1954) 🇯🇵 🚝 🚋 🚞 🚶 🚠 🚌 🚎
#funicular #Tateyama #Kurobe #dam #CableCar… https://t.co/ocqdPGm79s
マいキぃ@11/14〜16長野@Mikey_mugi - 2021/11/14 12:22
@NichiWillu I'm heading to Kurobe Dam, which is famous in Japan!
GO TOKYO ONLINE-旅鶴編集室@Tabizuru - 2021/11/10 18:18
Kurobe Dam

https://t.co/VX1cZUHiAT https://t.co/ncKcOnjDdR
Niagara14301@DaveJefferyNF - 2021/11/05 10:35
Japan’s Massive Kurobe Dam View https://t.co/W2s4C2G8DY via @YouTube
Kizu🐈living in Kagoshima 🇯🇵@Kizu_Kagoshima - 2021/10/26 16:40
A scene of Japan✨

  Kurobe Dam in autumn 🍁

Tateyama Town,
 Toyama Prefecture. https://t.co/YMmxcbltk3
GO TOKYO ONLINE-旅鶴編集室@Tabizuru - 2021/10/21 10:17
Kurobe Dam

https://t.co/VX1cZUHiAT https://t.co/YIJ5ysH39p
GO TOKYO ONLINE-旅鶴編集室@Tabizuru - 2021/10/21 10:16

Kurobe Dam
GO TOKYO ONLINE https://t.co/om7fCw1wRI
Sven Kramer@KuramaSuben - 2021/10/12 20:25
@jt_mag_os The Kurobe dam curry looked more delicious.
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