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Lake Towada-ko is a double caldera lake formed by a volcanic eruption 200,000 years ago.
The circumference of the lake is 46 kilometers and surrounded by forests.
The depth of the lake is 327 meters, which makes it the third deepest lake after Lake Tazawa-ko in Akita and Lake Shikotsu-ko in Hokkaido.
The natural beauty of the greenery and tinted autumn leaves reflected on the lake attracts many tourists.

The Oirase-gawa River is the only stream that has Lake Towada-ko as its source, and the upper reach of the moutain stream runs for 14 kilometers.
The area around the stream is famous for its splendid landscape and the beauty of the colorful autumn leaves.

Yasumiya is a main accomodation center and tourist spot on Lake Towada-ko.
"Statue of Maidens" stands at Gozen-ga-hama in this area is a masterpiece of a sculptor Kotaro Takamura and the symbol of the lake.
Yasumiya also has numerous boat tours of the lake.
One practical route is the one hour cruise between Yasumiya and Nenokuchi.
Boats leave once to twice an hour between 8 am and 4 pm.
The boat cruises only run from mid-April to early November.
During the same period, buses are available which link the valley with Aomori and Hachinohe.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 2 hours and 20 minutes from JR Hachinohe Station by the bus bound for Towada-ko. Get off at the last stop.
  • 3 hours from JR Aomori Station by the bus bound for Towada-ko. Get off at the last stop.

Address / Location

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