Local Industry Studio “Ji-Ba Kobo”

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Ji-Ba Kobo is a studio where Shirakawa-go's local products and crafts are demonstrated and sold by the seniors.
The studio's came from the Japanese words "Ji (grandfather)", "Ba (grandmother)", and "Jiba (local)" (and "Kobo" means studio).

They sell handkerchiefs dyed with plants and flowers, straw shoes and Zori sandals, and other handicrafts.
You can see the seniors making these local products in the studio.
You can also make a pair of Zori sandals by yourself.
*Booking required.
Call 05769-6-1330 for the details.

Opening Hours

  • 8:30 - 17:00


  • Mondays

Access / Public Transport

  • 50 minutes from JR Takayama Station by the bus bound for Shirakawa-go / Kanazawa. Get off at Shirakawa-go Bus stop.

Address / Location

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