Moss Canyon (Koke-no-Domon)

Travel Guide - Moss Canyon (Koke-no-Domon)


Koke-no-Domon is one of the popular sightseeing spots around Lake Shikotsu-ko.
The 10 meters high, 420 meters long canyon was formed by the lava erupted from Mt.
Tarumae and eroded over tens of thousands years.
The volcanic rocks on both sides of the canyon are now covered with 30 kinds of moss.
The beautiful canyon, which looks as if covered with a green velvet, is cold even in the middle of summer.

Opening Hours

  • 9:00 - 16:00 (June - October)


  • November - May

Access / Public Transport

  • 40 minutes from JR Chitose Station by the bus bound for Shikotsu-ko. Get off at Shikotsu-ko Bus stop, then transfer to a taxi (20-minutes taxi ride from Lake Shikotsu).
  • 42 minutes from JR Chitose Station by Chitose Niseko Line Bus. Get off at Koke-no-domon Bus stop. (Chitose Niseko Line Bus runs only twice a day from July to August. Please check the timetable in advance.)

Address / Location

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