Mount Tsurugi-san

Travel Guide - Mount Tsurugi-san


Tsurugi-san is a 1,955 meters high mountain, which is the second highest in Shikoku.
The peak of the mountain is actually gently rounded rather than sharp edged like "Tsurugi (sword)".
A chair lift takes you to a point from which it is a leisurely 40 minute walk to the summit, so the climbing is not that hard in all seasons, despite the height of the mountain.

Tsurugi-san is also known as an important object of worship and one of the centers of Shugendo.
There is a small shrine called Otsurugi-jinja Shrine at the summit for a long tradition of mountain worship.
The fresh water springs at the temple has long been said to have healing and rejuvenation powers.
The water is also selected as one of the best 100 waters in Japan.
From April through November it is possible to stay at a lodge at the summit.

Opening Hours

  • Chair Lift: 9:00 - 16:45


  • Chair Lift: December - mid-April

Access / Public Transport

  • 90 minutes from JR Sadamitsu Station by the bus bound for Tsurugi-san Minokoshi. Get off at the last stop.
  • 70 minutes taxi ride from JR Sadamitsu Station

Address / Location

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FUN! JAPAN @FUNJAPANTravel - 2019-12-05
Did you already read <Where are the Power Spots in Mount Tsurugi? Let's Find them Out!>?
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Yama no Susume 10

Let's come here together again someday.
I said that?
You said even more impressive stuff, too!
Taffer @TepidTaffer - 2019-11-02
Yama no Susume 10

Let's come here together again someday.
I said that?
You said even more impressive stuff, too!
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