Nago Pineapple Park

Travel Guide - Nago Pineapple Park


Nago Pineapple Park is an all-weather pineapple-themed park.
You can go through and see large pineapple fields and tropical gardens by an automatically-operated car.
There is also the Japan's first pineapple winery where you can see its pineapple wine production.
In addition to try the pineapple wine, you can eat as much freshly picked pineapple as you want.

Opening Hours

  • 9:00 - 18:00


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 18 minutes from Nago Bus Terminal by the #70 or #76 bus.Get off at Meio Daigaku-iriguchi Bus stop.

Address / Location

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Exploring Kouri Island and #Nago ...

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あさお @asao_k10 - 2021-02-04
あさお @asao_k10 - 2021-02-04
Animeshuun 🌸 @Animeshuun - 2021-01-06
@5uppps The irony is I'm from Okinawa, Japan where they have a Nago Pineapple Park, and I've actually visited 😂

Luming Marr @loomingma - 2020-12-17
Bush (Action Figure) performs Hula dance. Amusing 150 Composite Pictures: Created by Luming Marr Using PhotoShop P…
Roah Consulting (Jeff Roah): MBA Admissions @TokyoMBA - 2020-10-28
@PheebzEatz I love Nago. Beautiful beaches. Less crowded. Also, the Churaumi Aquarium is great. And Nago Pineapple Park is kitschy fun.
Takechiyo Chinen @TakechiyoC - 2020-10-19
I went to Nago Pineapple Park with my friends yesterday! it was my first time to go there even though I've lived he…
JustCallHerBrittani @OSoPrettyBritt_ - 2020-10-11
Went to the pineapple park in Nago Okinawa yesterday.
katie @hkatiek - 2020-07-31
disney will never live up to pineapple park in nago, okinawa, where I learned that “pineapple” comes from the words pine and apple
✖Cynical✞Shinigami✖🔞 @XxcynicalS - 2020-07-29
Went to the Pineapple Park in Nago, Okinawa on Monday. Went on the tour and got some nice pineapple pie, some pinea…
Okinawanderer @okinawanderer - 2020-07-25
Wandering Okinawa! @Ocean Expo Park and the Nago Pineapple Park in Nago City today!!

The Nago Pineapple Park is g…
burbs @burbs - 2020-05-26
@KitZakimi Are you going to bring the pineapple back up to Nago as well and drop them off at Pineapple Park? lol
CP Roofing & Exteriors @CPRoofingTexas - 2020-04-18
“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” - George Bernard Shaw. Photo take…
Kat Bee @katbeee - 2020-03-12
@sarahussein Oh no!! Hopefully you can reschedule and go again. I love Thailand.

I am ashamed to admit I haven't b…
touristinjapan @touristinjapan - 2020-02-06
Nago Pineapple Park
aish @jailedaishious - 2020-01-23
Nago Pineapple Park
Charles - in 🇯🇵 right now @florescg - 2019-11-22
Greetings from the Nago Pineapple Park!
Chin Soon Sun @inspchin - 2019-10-23
Exploring pineapple fields, wine tasting, and riding the pineapple cart at the Nago Pineapple Park. 🍍…
🏄‍♂️はじめまして🐉🧜‍♂️ @papayat2 - 2019-10-19
Translation:Can the #PRODUCE101JAPAN Okinawa line (2Sho, Ageda, Tatsutoshi) dance to this, please?

NOTE: Nago Pine…
Ticket KD @ticketkd - 2019-09-28
[Sale] Nago Pineapple Park Ticket in Okinawa Sale 11% - - Do you love pineapples? Then go visit the Nago Pineapple…
neninunu @wuvuux - 2019-09-26
day 2!! i went to churaumi aquarium 🐟 & nago pineapple park 🍍 the travelling time was craaazy long & expensive tho…
@wuvuux - 2019-09-26
day 2!! i went to churaumi aquarium 🐟 & nago pineapple park 🍍 the travelling time was craaazy long & expensive tho…
JAMES @KrIoP7zyNBtLgQG - 2019-09-02
“Nago Pineapple Park” is a pie with sweets using pine!

Here ↓

Ticket KD @ticketkd - 2019-08-23
Okinawa Hip Hop Bus One Day Tour: Cape Manza, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium - - Tour route: Nago Pineapple Park - Kouri…
Dante @Devilslayer0079 - 2019-07-09
...I must share this with the world. In Okinawa their is a theme park based around pineapples... And it has a son…
Heidi Martin St Jean @WomenWarriors - 2019-07-02
This little hand painted Moosehead Lake Traveling Rock has gone from the shores of Moosehead to Nago Pineapple Park…
👻 Sophiroth 👻 @sophieinc - 2019-06-21
@BlessRNGee I personally don't think the aquarium is worth it if you've been to the one in Osaka. They're known for…
ドン | Dawn 💜 | 華珍 @aubadeaurore - 2019-06-04
First stop, Nago Pineapple Park. It’s sort of gimmicky but I finally learnt how the fruit was given the name pineap…
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