Narita-san Park

Travel Guide - Narita-san Park


Narita-san Park is a huge garden-like park of 165,000 square meters located behind the main hall of Shinsho-ji Temple.
The park was completed in 1928 and was largely remodeled in 1998.

The atmosphere changes over the four seasons, with the blossoming of Japanese apricot trees, cherry trees, and azalea, and with new green leaves in the spring and changing colors of maple leaves in the autumn.
The park is popular among devotees as a place for relaxation.

There is a pond, waterfall and fountain that create natural beauty.
Among these beautiful settings are the Great Pagoda of Peace belonging to Shinsho-ji Temple, Calligraphy Museum, Literature / Haiku Monuments including that of Matsuo Basho's, Suikinkutsu (a unique garden ornament for the enjoyment of listening to sounds of falling water), a tea ceremony room, etc.
In the park, there is also a vibrant waterfall called "Yuhi-no-Taki" flowing with water that originates in the rocky hill where sunlight streams through the trees.
This 20-meter-high water fall is one of the most striking sites of the park.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 15 minutes walk from JR Narita Station
  • 15 minutes walk from Keisei Narita Station on the Keisei Line (KS40)

Address / Location

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i once dreamed Narita stole a pick up truck(to pass a exam..?) and kinoshita was in south…
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@Spencerjohn7 You can walk from Sakuranoyama Park. There is a little bus to Sakuranoyama Park.
There point is No.3
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<#AshikagaFlowerPark> TopPage

About 2 hours from Tokyo Sta., Narita AP. n Haneda AP.

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Looks like someone at Bushiroad finally remembered to release the staff list too:
Script:Jun Narita
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There were few people at a park near #Narita airport, because of the Emergency declaration.
By Eddy
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Tokyo Disneyland's sponsors wishes the park a happy 38th anniversary
Disneyhistory Air 🕊
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A park on the Narita International Airport side. There is no takeoff and landing of the plane.…
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A park on the Narita International Airport side. There is no takeoff and landing of the plane.
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@jamesplloyd 'Mr. Harris, welcome to Park Hyatt Tokyo!! ' Never really understood though why he arrived at Narita though 🤔.
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In search of good Japan.

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It is a park that you can enjoy regardless of the…