Ojika Island

Travel Guide - Ojika Island


Ojika Island was made by an undersea volcano and is called a museum of volcanic activity.
This island can provide the visitor with many interesting ways to relax in the warm embrace of nature such as camping, swimming and fishing.
Among the programs on offer is the opportunity to rent a whole old country house.

In Madara Island, which is connected with Ojika Island by the bridge, there is a national natural treasure called "Pothole".
It is a deep hole with a round stone inside rolled and ground in a torrent for ages.

Access / Public Transport

  • 1 hour and 30 minutes - 3 hours and 15 minutes ferry ride from Sasebo Port *varies according to the ferry
  • 5 hours and 20 minutes ferry ride from Hakata Port (23:30 - 4:50)

Address / Location

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Unzen Nita-toge Pass
Nita-toge Pass, the tourist Mecca of Unzen, is filled with the sight of 10,000 glorious pink Miyama-Kirishima, or Rhododendron kiusianum, in  ...  more »
Uji Park
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Goro-goro Water
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Kuju Mountain Range
Kuju Mountain Range, at a level of 1,700 meters, stretches from Kokonoe town to Takeda city. The mountains are beautifully adorned with pink ...  more »
Horikiri-toge Pass
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Norikura-kogen Plateau
Norikura-kogen is an immense plateau, which lies to the east of Mt. Norikura. From the highest pinnacle of Kengamine (3,026 meters), the plat ...  more »
Mount Kurodake / Oike Pond
Located in the corner of Aso-Kuju National Park, Kurotake Mountain is a treasure trove of old-forest growth and alpine flora. Its rhododendro ...  more »


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Staying in a Kominka, a Traditional Japanese House on Ojika Island
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Ojika Island is located in North of the Goto Islands, Nagasaki.
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【公式】長崎県立北松西高等学校 Hokushounishi Highschool @ojikahighschool - 2020-08-25
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【公式】長崎県立北松西高等学校 Hokushounishi Highschool @ojikahighschool - 2020-05-14
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