Rainbow Bridge

Travel Guide - Rainbow Bridge


Rainbow Bridge is a 798 meters long and 120 meters tall suspended bridge which connects Odaiba area and Shibaura area.
The bridge is one of the largest bridges in Tokyo and is also regarded as the entrance to Tokyo Bay Area (Odaiba, Ariake and Toyosu).

The double-deck bridge can be crossed by Yurikamome Line, by car, or even by walking on the promenade.
It takes around 30 minutes to cross the bridge on foot and the view of Odaiba and Tokyo Tower can be enjoyed while walking on the bridge.
The bridge is lit up at night, and one of the best view points to see the bridge is Odaiba Kaihin Park.

Opening Hours

  • Promnade: 9:00 – 21:00 (April - October) *admission until 30 minutes before closing
  • Promnade: 10:00 – 18:00 (November - March) *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • The 3rd Monday of each month (or the following day when it falls on a national holiday)

Access / Public Transport

  • Shibaura side: 5 minutes walk from Shibaura Futo Station on the Yurikamome Line (U05)
  • Odaiba side: 15 minutes walk from Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station on the Yurikamome Line (U06)

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.
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I’m watching all the Marvel movies (because why not) and I know it’s all fiction and needn’t make perfect sense but… https://t.co/nYM3YQVH9L
Claude McDonald @ClaudeAMcDonald - 2021-09-17
@AdamParkhomenko Charlie was my Rat Terrier. Both my dogs have crossed over the rainbow 🌈 bridge. https://t.co/PpoVdl98mw
Cookie Masterson Bot @CookieMasterbot - 2021-09-17
When pets die, they're said to go over the Rainbow Bridge, somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge. But, let's be honest,… https://t.co/SwwzLFIEMX
Debbie Clifford @debbielynnc - 2021-09-17
@servicerotties So sorry for your loss of Roxy, run free over the rainbow bridge beautiful girl 💔🌈
Jean Bota @Bota28 - 2021-09-17
@servicerotties So sorry for your loss Mr Kuno 💖 tears flow as I write these comments but know Roxy is r… https://t.co/aRHY2IZh4l
Laura Preczewski @Nuts4Paws - 2021-09-17
@ProudDoggieMom Your girl has crossed that rainbow bridge to join all those who have gone before her. You will nev… https://t.co/iSACTbE1nd
Mark Lockwood @marlockwood - 2021-09-17
@OutdoorGoldBoys Beautiful. I lost my Molson a golden as well about 5 years ago and not a day goes by without remem… https://t.co/XfndJmo56L
Martyn @MartynB60 - 2021-09-17
Today we've sadly said goodbye to our little Peke Kimberley. We loved her characterful ways and she has left her pa… https://t.co/YJNyUjda14
Mary Bell @marygb56 - 2021-09-17
@FergusGreatDane @dog_rates @dogcelebration Sending prayers and hugs. Beautiful videos, thank you for sharing your… https://t.co/JjzSwmKUub
Merribeth Herbert @beansi50 - 2021-09-17
@servicerotties Dear Kuno & Mom, I'm very sorry for your loss of Roxy. She's waiting on the other side of the rainb… https://t.co/SX4HrZwK46
Michelle Prinvale @mprinvale - 2021-09-17
@shawn_p_lyons You did the most unselfish thing a person can do. You let Lily go so she could be pain free and cro… https://t.co/uaapyMwc3q
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@FergusGreatDane @dog_rates @dogcelebration I know you were greeted by so many of our good fur friends at Rainbow B… https://t.co/ud1J8OK1yy
National K9 Memorial @K9memorialUk - 2021-09-17
Our dog of the day today is RPD Bomber.

It’s with a heavy heart that we share with you that Bomber recently crosse… https://t.co/r4w7E7mfm9
Sarah Russell 🦗 @blindbat84 - 2021-09-17
Oh gods, those poor cats. Run free little ones across the rainbow bridge. Hello tears. https://t.co/7IJLUbXXSI
Susan Warlow @suzulu2 - 2021-09-17
@AllotmentCat I am so so sorry about Gloria Glover 😥😥😥. You will miss her. May she rest in peace and be with Ken ov… https://t.co/7F2QX8nswu
Tammie Gearhart @tammdawg - 2021-09-17
@ProudDoggieMom I’m so sorry to hear that your fur baby has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Wolcano🌎 | Metaverse Community Pixel Art Canvas @wolcanolab - 2021-09-17
[16 September 2021 Wolcano Lab Daily update]
Anyone wants to complete the rainbow bridge?
A clearer picture:… https://t.co/CnWyecyc9Y
ann rovetto got vaccine, still wearing mask @annrovetto - 2021-09-17
@servicerotties Sorry you lost a friend, Kuno. I'm sure she's went over the rainbow bridge like all service dogs do
hourly loona lyrics - 4 years with kim lip @lyricsbyloona - 2021-09-17
A bridge decorated with a rainbow of twinkling stars Hold on to what’s between us, don’t miss it, let go
karen wolf @karenkaren69 - 2021-09-17
@shawn_p_lyons @hotfiretees Sorry 😹Will visit and await you at Rainbow Bridge
picnichawaii @picnicinhawaii - 2021-09-17
@AllotmentCat @HoudiniMeow So sorry to hear GG passed over the rainbow bridge.
rat queen🐀 @DELUSIONALLAIN - 2021-09-17
The boy who made me a rat mama has made his way across the rainbow bridge. My heart is shattered today https://t.co/NlXN736F1k
tay 🎠🎠 @hyungusgf - 2021-09-17
please rainbow bridge company open your ears 📢📢 https://t.co/nxFGhWJQKz
ty, in a normal state of affairs @squishpad - 2021-09-17
not pictured: me jamming out to Across the Rainbow Bridge
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@DDMythical rainbow bridge 4
◇~Ana 2~◇ @ANAisnotmyname - 2021-09-17
@seowoongie @official_ONEUS Rainbow Bridge World indeed
⚒♡ L a u r a 👩🏼 & J i n j a h 🧸♡⚒ @lozziepop89 - 2021-09-17
@AllotmentCat Such sad news, a little part of the allotments has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Rest peacefully GG
🌙Leyoto✨ @Leyoto - 2021-09-17
One of my birds suddenly passed away last night. Wish her a safe trip over the rainbow bridge 🥺 https://t.co/5GUbiiVLvM
David is building the future of retail! @polinchock - 2021-09-16
Our sweet, 10 year old Bailey, unexpectedly crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight. He was fine earlier today and then… https://t.co/2Liltrtvri
Debra Smessaert @Spirit91Wolf - 2021-09-16
@BaronThePBGV Yes friend I do understand, sending much love ❤ and peace be with you and your family. 🐾🥰🤗🤗🤗 Snoopy i… https://t.co/9zY7HdGnNI
Dog Lady @DogLady94258081 - 2021-09-16
@JudgeJeanine, I love you and @DanaPerino because you make good sense, but mostly I love how you love your pups. I’… https://t.co/6V1ZgLjGdq
HeatherinTas#NFB @mercvchevy - 2021-09-16
@servicerotties Wishing you a good journey over the rainbow bridge Roxy.🌈
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@HeyDoryen No, they can. Web colors #s can be transposed into Pantone #s. Pantone is the rainbow bridge between al… https://t.co/ej0NC97Gut
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Julie Dutto @julie_dutto - 2021-09-16
@reddogsusie Poor Boy😓So sorry beautiful Mountain 💔 Run free sweetheart over the rainbow bridge 🌈out of pain & sorrow.
Karen Howard @KarenHoward42 - 2021-09-16
@AdamParkhomenko This is Revan Dark Lord of the Sith, who had to cross the rainbow bridge on 9/13 due to an inopera… https://t.co/6BP9XxkXmq
Kelly Green aka SWM @SeaWorldMommy - 2021-09-16
This is heartbreaking. So many people work tirelessly to find homes for these animals. I can’t imagine the emotions… https://t.co/7D66CtOJ0Q
Laurie Gerrard @gerrard_laurie - 2021-09-16
@ProudDoggieMom I’m so sorry. When they cross the rainbow bridge, it’s so hard for us.💔❤️💔
LouiseH604 @LouiseH604 - 2021-09-16
@servicerotties I’m so sorry to read this news. Just as you and your Mistress have been blessed to have Roxy, she h… https://t.co/oqVe2RshgR
MP Board Solutions @MPBoardSoluguru - 2021-09-16
MP Board Class 10th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 18 The Bridge Builder
Mae Andersen @MaeAndersen123 - 2021-09-16
@ProudDoggieMom I am so sorry 🐾🐾🐾🌈! Your girl is crossing the rainbow bridge!! My thoughts are with you.
Marc Minagh @marcx666 - 2021-09-16
@servicerotties Ahhh I'm so sorry Kuno. I wasn't around earlier so had no idea. Mine and Lyras love to Roxy and you… https://t.co/ilAWwQDsIM
Michael Smith @Peacefuldog - 2021-09-16
@TheOvalPawffice We know how you feel - our Piglet crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and her sister, Georgie, (yes, a… https://t.co/zPPyKpaBlh
Monica @MonicaSchemmell - 2021-09-16
@servicerotties Oh Roxy you beautiful girl. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge. You'll be very much missed.
OurAutismLife @OurAutismLife - 2021-09-16
Our sweet little baby Tia, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday. We’re all heartbroken, and missing her dearly… https://t.co/zbPcen2Jtz
Randøchi 🐐 @randuechi - 2021-09-16
@m_crouton 😭 may they rest in peace and meet each other again at the Rainbow Bridge. 🌈🙏
Ruth Sofaer-Morse @themiillinermom - 2021-09-16
@ProudDoggieMom I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope your babe is running over the rainbow bridge and sniffing lots o… https://t.co/gVUJQwvAZv
Sharon A Hill @SharonAHill1 - 2021-09-16
@IanMoore333 Please accept my condolences of the passing of dear Klaus. He was so handsome. May you meet together at the Rainbow Bridge.🙏💔🌈
ShibeGallery @ShibeGallery - 2021-09-16
21 year old Mya Moon crossed the Rainbow Bridge today😭 https://t.co/rCYXuKUxv2
Susan @suzyqgrace - 2021-09-16
@AdamParkhomenko This is my Chloë. She went to the Rainbow Bridge tonight & I’m gutted. https://t.co/H8rjJ9nlji
Tonnie 🇺🇸 🏁 @2INTMD8 - 2021-09-16
@servicerotties I am so very sorry I know you will cherish today & give her all your love to carry across the Rainbow Bridge with her
alex ardeshir farahmand @AlexArdeshir - 2021-09-16
The original rainbow bridge and the Chinvad Portal of the Zoroastrian sacred lore | Authentic Gatha Zoroastrianism https://t.co/yGpM3SeC9B
greg jackson @therealgregjack - 2021-09-16
@kstew70 @Fitz_Bunny Trying to work out how to make him a leather jacket.Only half joking.Was a very expensive woun… https://t.co/NpS9pxj1EY
hourly loona lyrics - 4 years with kim lip @lyricsbyloona - 2021-09-16
A bridge decorated with a rainbow of twinkling stars Hold on to what’s between us, don’t miss it, let go
momshie.M @momshie_M - 2021-09-16
@SecretService Rest In Peace Kewin. Run free now the Rainbow bridge awaits you❤️
tessy @ GET IN THE CAR @anaminesis - 2021-09-16
cw// animal death

my dog cooper passed away last night. he was 17 so it was only a matter of time. he was a very g… https://t.co/GAgjUYVFnw
wyatt @wyattpilled - 2021-09-16
@ecco4k120fps errrr semetary rainbow bridge 3 https://t.co/97nHukXGOM
zenavï @zenaviart - 2021-09-16
September has been a tough month and we are just half way there. Had to say farewell to my doggo🐶😭 who has crossed… https://t.co/bKYRUWWw1I
✌🏽 @CuthbertSykes92 - 2021-09-16
@AdamParkhomenko My 14 year old dog who crossed the rainbow 🌈 bridge this week https://t.co/L65C0yaXsj
❃𝑳𝒂𝒅𝒚 𝑺𝒊𝒈𝒚𝒏❃ @Deam_Fidelis - 2021-09-16
Rainbow Bridge and jumped off of her horse just in time to hear Odin yelling at Loki. Something was very wrong. She… https://t.co/XtHGK1juWE
Adam @juniorsgonewild - 2021-09-13
@daniellloyd1 Good speed to the rainbow bridge, faithful and loyal hound.
Badgeraz 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🍃 🌈🇪🇺 @Badgeraz - 2021-09-13
@daniellloyd1 Such sad news Dan, our furry heartbeats really do take a piece of us when they go. Run free at the rainbow bridge Ronde 🌈
Charlotte @Charalice_ - 2021-09-13
4 short years of loving you, but forever will be in our hearts, no other doggo like you! Hope you cross the rainbow… https://t.co/5ONtjox7tZ
Cookie Masterson Bot @CookieMasterbot - 2021-09-13
When pets die, they're said to go over the Rainbow Bridge, somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge. But, let's be honest,… https://t.co/AlXpWBdDdP
CrazyIsContagious @is_contagious - 2021-09-13
@MaryGulag @nasty_canasta 23 years is good run, but doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier.
We put our awesome, go… https://t.co/Q4njX5zCIK
Gabby Kawaii♡ @GabbsNava - 2021-09-13
That rainbow bridge poem makes me sob every time I read it like ugly cry I don’t even have a pet
Gel B @Gel_MrBsLegacy - 2021-09-13
@DebHazeldine @chloeMrBsLegacy The memory of end of life care for my husband is is nobody told us my husband was ac… https://t.co/8uCSLkwj6L
Gina Donovan @Floridaitis - 2021-09-13
@MaggieandKoko I’m so sad and sorry for your loss. I hope Maggie plays happily forever over Rainbow Bridge 💞🐾
Kate *Elijah Cummings* told you to vote 🤬 so VOTE @originlbookgirl - 2021-09-13
@TheSiouxfan Always 2. That's Loki. She's one of my favorite kittehs! She went over the rainbow bridge last year, b… https://t.co/2qqu48BSJ7
Kaz @kazlovesbooks1 - 2021-09-13
@cox_tom That is a fantastic picture and a fine memento to remember him by, sorry for loss, he will be playing over… https://t.co/b2jpPFLocl
Kripp Toki @KrippToki - 2021-09-13
@Tobber_TV @ZssBecker Bifrost = burning rainbow bridge that connects asgaard (kings/gods) and midgaard (humans).

'… https://t.co/MMxZramJ1V
@tweetingcatsss Yes, I do like cats and he past away back in July. Now he's in an urn that states Until We Meet On… https://t.co/mQAiIivvfD
Mary Minnesota Tundra Conservative @MaryGulag - 2021-09-13
@nasty_canasta @is_contagious He will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge!

I just lost Oreo to the same thing not to lo… https://t.co/sLnRS5YTuB
Meow @Skin0fTheNight - 2021-09-13
I really miss having a cat. Last one of mine that crossed the rainbow bridge left me so heartbroken, that I'm just not ready yet to own one.
Nati 🦩🌴Ⓥ (they/them) @TheZombiUnicorn - 2021-09-13
My sweet boi Rufio turned 17 ❤️
But he's been struggling a lot, so he's got another quality of life check at the ve… https://t.co/s2pnZPlKOZ
Nearians @Nearians_ - 2021-09-13
4/ There are nearly $8M stablecoin on Near through Rainbow Bridge!

When will we achieve the $10M milestone? https://t.co/T2dUV1uZTs
Nearians @Nearians_ - 2021-09-13
5/ We already reached the $30M milestone on Rainbow Bridge a few weeks ago. Half of the asset is $OCT token from… https://t.co/0HsGMqDm1g
Nigel Jackson 💙 @Biker_Nigel - 2021-09-13
For the first time in over 25 years we don’t have a Rottweiler in our lives, we lost Roxy last year and Jax passed… https://t.co/VPZcSOLDTK
Nutmeg's Crew @catgirl321 - 2021-09-13
@ProfNoelFitz Dear Keira’s Daddy, I so terribly sorry adored and cherished Keira has left you, because it was time… https://t.co/GsXjsmB0NA
Nutmeg's Crew @catgirl321 - 2021-09-13
@ProfNoelFitz Please know that when Keira arrived at Rainbow Bridge in the arms of one of God’s Angels, me (Angel N… https://t.co/gUrkRYM7Qn
O. P. Lovelorn @OPLOVELORN - 2021-09-13
@CixLiv All I know is, I bring up Google Photos on the phone, sometimes it randomly pops up a timeline 'Relive your… https://t.co/QAz8YaNBsB
Simon Race @SimonRace - 2021-09-13
@daniellloyd1 I’m sorry for you & the family. A tough time, but Ronde had the most marvellous life with you I’m sur… https://t.co/suKuarScG5
Six Sigma @jerrydouglass8 - 2021-09-13
@MaggieandKoko Rainbow Bridge
TXT LYRICS BOT @txtlyricists - 2021-09-13
Let's play forever until we cross the rainbow bridge
Vegan Khan #pigoneer🐖🐷 @ForeverChestnut - 2021-09-13
@cox_tom Rainbow bridge is happier for having such a wonderful addition rip angel
honorthybruce @honorthygreen - 2021-09-13
@LakelandWoof ✨✨Sweet crossing, beautiful soul, over rhe Rainbow 🌈 bridge✨✨
hourly loona lyrics - 4 years with kim lip @lyricsbyloona - 2021-09-13
A bridge decorated with a rainbow of twinkling stars Hold on to what’s between us, don’t miss it, let go
sheik 🧚‍♀️ @sheikpls - 2021-09-13
Copped Rainbow Bridge 3 CD by @SEMATARYGRAVEMN great purchase 🌲🌲🌲 https://t.co/DYWGkCLfpS
서린 ☾ 🐢 @KSEORIN_b71 - 2021-09-13
🐥 반포대교 🌉

#JIMIN’s photo is at the banpo bridge rainbow fountain, in Seoul over the Han River. it looks so pretty… https://t.co/X2oKiISoNy
🐕🌈robin🙏 ✝️ @robingatorgirl - 2021-09-13
@MaggieandKoko So sorry for your loss. My dad passed on this day many years ago and he loved animals. Somehow I kno… https://t.co/pEHDldpY8H
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