Sandanbeki Cliff / Sandanbeki Cave

Travel Guide - Sandanbeki Cliff / Sandanbeki Cave


Rising to a height of 50 meters along a 2-kilometer stretch of the Pacific Ocean, Sandanbeki Cliff has been created by the erosion of its waves.
There is a walking path to the edge of the cliff where you can enjoy the spectacular views.
There is also another path which leads to Senjojiki Rock.

You can also take an elevator down to a cave located 36 meters below.
The cave is said to have been a hideaway of Kumano-suigun navy, which ruled the Seto Inland Sea and participated in the conflicts between the Taira and Minamoto clans during the late-Heian period (794 - 1185).

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours
  • Sandanbeki Cave: 8:00 - 17:00


  • No closing days
  • Sandanbeki Cave: Irregular

Access / Public Transport

  • 23 minutes from JR Shirahama Station by the bus bound for Sandanbeki. Get off at the last stop.

Address / Location

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BujinkanYotsumeDojo @yotsume - 2017-01-21
Sandanbeki 三段壁 (Three Step Cliff) - This cave was a secret base of the Kumano Suigun in old days. Cliffs along...
kampungboycitygal @kgboycitygal - 2016-08-04
Spectacular view from the edge of Sandanbeki Rock Cliff. Visitor can also take elevator down to a cave located 36...
Mercuryw @Mercuryw_ - 2015-12-20
This is the Sandanbeki cave in Shirahama. #みくちゃ #Mikuture