Senjojiki Rock

Travel Guide - Senjojiki Rock


Facing the Pacific Ocean, Senjojiki is a plateau of huge rocks created by the erosion of the ocean's waves.
The name "Senjojiki" comes from the fact that it looks like several thousand Tatami mats joined together.
By standing on top of the plateau near the ocean, you can enjoy the thrill of watching surging waves crashing against the rocks.
You can also visit Sandanbeki Cliff from here by walking 20 minutes on a path which leads to the cliff.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 21 minutes from JR Shirahama Station by the bus bound for Sandanbeki. Get off at Senjo-guchi Bus stop.

Address / Location

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James L @JamesLi01714808 - 2021-09-05
Sandanbeki Rock Cliff - Lot of stunning views to see. The Cliff of about 50m in height to tower over the South Coas…
Nedtek @djnedtek - 2021-06-24
I just uploaded 'LIVE FROM SENJOJIKI ROCK PLATEAU' to @mixcloud. Listen at
Connie @natto4breakfast - 2016-11-27
Winters in Japan are not that cold 😉 -If you're in the area check out Shirahama with its stunning rock formations:
Chris Maxwell @1chrismaxwell - 2016-11-11
Senjojiki. Is it just me or does the rock look like a fossilised dragon's head?
Chuckz @chuckzenriquez - 2015-12-30
Senjojiki (Rock Formation) is a broad, sloping sandstone formation that extends into the Pacific…
Chuckz @chuckzenriquez - 2015-12-30
Senjojiki (Rock Formation) is a broad, sloping sandstone formation that extends into the Pacific…
Mercuryw @Mercuryw_ - 2015-12-20
This is the Senjojiki rock formation in Shirahama. #みくちゃ #Mikuture
Welcome Kansai @welcomekansai - 2015-12-09
#Senjojiki, #Sandanbeki and #Engetsu are unique #rock #formations in #Shirahama
Katsu_ToddlingRunner @k8rd - 2015-08-08
Sunrise 5km #running heading to Senjojiki Rock Plateau. Awesome views make me happy!
Photo Of The Day @iPhotoOfTheDay - 2015-03-01
Photo Of The Day #Photography Senjojiki rock plateau by rsakaism